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« on: January 30, 2013, 08:56:52 AM »
Updated classified rules as of 01-21-14!

1. No FFL may post firearms for sale here. These ads are for members and not for classified entities who are not sponsors here.

If you are a FFL, pay for your own website and hosting, or open an online auction account at gunbroker or texasguntrader. Then, you can contact the admins here for placing a banner ad on this site.

2. You must have a minimum of 25 posts AND have been a member here for 30 DAYS before using the buy/sell/trade section of this site. If you violate this rule, your ad will be automatically deleted. You can repost it after you have 25 posts.

Do NOT join and reply to 25 threads in 30-60 minutes (or less), simply so you can post an ad! The ad will be deleted under these circumstances.

The ONLY exception, on a case by case basis is WTB (Wanted to Buy) ads. That is admin discretion as to whether it will stay if you have less than 25 posts or have been a member for less than 30 days.

It should be noted that the point of these rules is not to be a pain to people wanting to post items for sale -  but to eliminate issues with people who NEVER participate in the forum, and simply post an ad (but never has the intention of joining us in real participation). Not really fair to the forum for these "drive by postings." Also, people who do such a thing generally never return to mark the ad as "sold" or "no longer available" because they had no intention of participating anyway.

3. Include your location in the title of your thread. This is now a Texas Wide forum... Also include WTS (want to sell), FS (for sale), WTT (want to trade) or WTB (want to buy).

Example: WTS - Glock 19 in Dallas

Failure to abide by this rule could result in deletion of your ad.

4. Please post a complete ad here on our site if you want to post a forsale ad. Do NOT simply put a link to an ad you posted on another site/forum.

5. No classified ads that link to an auction site are allowed!

Therefore, DO NOT post a classified ad with a simple link to your auction on Gunbroker or Ebay. Also, if you DO post a complete ad here, DO NOT also include a link to an auction site if you already have the item up for auction. 

Ads posted here cannot also be up for auction somewhere else. Sorry.

Note - There is one exception. The owner of this website owns a gun store. As he is the OWNER, he is allowed to do this. DO not complain that we enforce this rule on everyone else except him. He owns the forum and his gun store.

6. Please do NOT post negative comments about someone else's forsale item and/or price. If you think they are off the mark on their price, then send them a PM privately and suggest that they lower the price (or whatever other suggestion you have for the seller). Also, no posting on someone's forsale thread - telling people where they can get that item cheaper some place else. do not wreck someone's ad!

Messing up someone's for sale thread will not be tolerated. Any such reply to a for sale ad will result in that comment being deleted automatically. Repeated violations will result in removal from the forum!

7. The asking price of the item listed for sale MUST be listed in the ad.

8. A Photo of the item MUST be included for any item listed for sale. A person should be able to see the item that they are making an offer on.

9. Don't clutter up someone's forsale ad with all sorts of silly or random talk/replies. No "chit chat" either. Please keep it on topic - it is a forsale ad, after all. Sometimes, replies do provide a "bump" - which helps the seller. But lets be reasonable. 

Replies that fall into this category will be deleted - especially if the seller complains to site management and requests such post be deleted...

Note to sellers - if this occurs, PM Shipwreck and he will take care of it!

10. Classified ads not updated or bounced will be locked after 90 days.  Updates that the item has been sold (either here or on another forum) or is still available once every 3 months is not too much to ask.

Provide periodic updates, and the ad can remain for however long it takes to sell the item.

11. Do not post a link to YOUR classified thread in someone else's classified ad.

12. It SHOULD go without saying that Classified posts made in non classified sections of this website will automatically be deleted. For example - do not post a handgun for sale in the general Handgun discussion forum. It should be in the Classified section.

***For help on how to post photos IN the actual forsale ad, see our "How To" on photo posting:

- Shipwreck
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