Author Topic: bought a Nikon P-223 ~ pros/cons?  (Read 730 times)

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bought a Nikon P-223 ~ pros/cons?
« on: January 24, 2013, 08:33:39 AM »
3x32, found it at a local pawn about a month ago, price then was $125 in spotless condition. My AR has some ninja sniper scope on it (a Barska 4-16x50) so I was curious about the P-223 but figured I would research first before spending the $ (if at all).

No box, a screw missing from one of the rings (and short rings at that), and the fact I already had a scope held me off from purchase. That and the fact I stopped in a few weeks later and it had sold so no big loss.

Fast forward to last night...visted the pawn, dude mentioned he was mistaken about the sale and that it was still around the shop somewhere. Said he'd take $80 out the door so I told him to track it down and I'd consider buying.

He dug it up, same scope/rings/labels etc and total was indeed $80 cash out-the-door so I went for it. Doesn't seem to be anything to really write home about, appears to be real clean and crisp in low light targeting 125yds down the street here in the hood.

Anyone offer tips/pros/cons? Probably nothing to debate, just a good utility scope(?)

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