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Thursdays at Shiloh Indoor Shooting Range
« on: January 18, 2013, 01:42:20 AM »
Shiloh Tactical Shooting Club shoots every Thursday at Shiloh Indoor Shooting Range
Hammer down: 6:30pm
Registration: 5:30-6pm (new shooters arrive *before* 6pm so we can get you checked in and attend a safety/rules briefing)

Fee: $15 to the range, $5 match fee  (if you are a STSC club member, you have a reduced fee - ask about it) (match fee is cash/check only)

There is an annual insurance fee of $10 due once per calendar year you shoot with us.

1) Here it is on the map: Link

2) We operate a cold range on IDPA shoots. There is no gun handling at all outside a safe area or under the supervision of a safety officer. You can put your gear on (holster, mag pouches, etc) anywhere, but please carry your gun bag (with gun in it) to the safe area near the front of the range to put your gun on. You may handle ammunition anywhere but the safe area.

3) The range is climate controlled, so it's tolerable in both the summer and winter
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