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3rd Saturdays at The Impact Zone
« on: January 18, 2013, 01:38:15 AM »
Shiloh Tactical Shooting Club shoots on 3rd Saturdays at The Impact Zone
Hammer down: 9am
Registration: 8:30am (new shooters arrive *before* 8:30 so we can get you checked in and attend a safety/rules briefing)
Setup: 7am (if you can get here early to help set up, it's a HUGE help)

Fee: $20 (if you are a STSC club member, you have a reduced fee - ask about it) (cash/check only)

There is an annual insurance fee of $10 due once per calendar year you shoot with us.

1) Here it is on the map: Link

Enter the gate covered in animal skulls, lock the gate behind you. Drive until you see the shooting bays and club house (ignore the first couple bays you see, we won't shoot in those). Park where you can. Note that there *may* be parking at a bay past the club house, but if it's close to 8:30 there probably won't be.

2) We operate a cold range on IDPA shoots. There is no gun handling at all outside a safe area or under the supervision of a safety officer. You can put your gear on (holster, mag pouches, etc) at your car, but please carry your gun bag (with gun in it) to one of the berms and while facing the berm put your gun on. Please do not do it at your car. You may handle ammunition anywhere but the safe area.

3) Don't forget sunscreen. Bring water with you as well. There is a small shop that sells water, but I'm not sure he'll always be open.
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