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Coastal Bend Challenge 2011


A ton of Houston folks made the trip to Corpus Christi (I'd bet one third to one half were from the Houston area). It was a fun match.

Got video of myself and 2 friends:



Thanks for the vids! I would love to shoot that match, but I'm not classified yet (been shooting IDPA for a couple of years now). I really need to shoot a classifier this year. Seems the work schedule always gets in the way!

It was a really fun match. 8 stages, I shot somewhere around 170 rounds. A few moving targets, one interesting stage where your hands were "bound" and you had to stab someone (a blue square) before getting your gun, two completely blind targets (nobody was a fan of those). And my junk steel case Monarch ammo ran flawlessly :thumbsup:

It was a little rough as we decided to drive up that morning, shoot, and drive home that night (so 8 hours of driving plus 10 hours at the range). Other than that, it was a good day.

Also looking forward to 3gun at WHIDPA this weekend and Texas Tactical IDPA regional match in May in Austin.


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