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I'll be at Shiloh Thursday night to shoot my first IDPA event. I'm nervous about not remembering the sequence for each stage. Hope they have some forum stickers left!

Good luck!

A couple handfuls of regulars won't be there this week because they're driving to Arkansas for a state match that weekend. I'll also be out, but no state match for me, family in town. Should be a good night, and don't worry about messing up your first time. Everyone messes up their first few times - worry instead about being safe, keeping your muzzle down range, and worry about speed and sequence another time.

Also note that if you're in Tomball, SG&A is doing two IDPA nights on Monday and Tuesday nights now. Might be more convenient for you.

adam is there any chance i could come watch you shoot a match and study how it all works? i would love to run through a course following while you run and gun.

Heh, you don't want to use me as a model, but there are plenty of people who you could follow. My last match (partially due to bad ammo) was nearly as bad as when I first started shooting IDPA. That said, anyone's welcome to come and watch instead of shooting if you'd rather see it done first. Identify yourself as such, ask questions, come with us to Freebird's after and talk about whatever you want to talk about. I'm usually busy during the match itself (setup, teardown, running the clock, etc), so Freebirds is a much better place to talk for me.

PM me any day you're interested in going there, I'll let you know if I'll be there (I usually am there). If I'm not there, I can give others a heads-up to look for you.


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