Author Topic: 4x4 guys only, no pansy sportscars here...  (Read 26009 times)

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Re: 4x4 guys only, no pansy sportscars here...
« Reply #60 on: November 30, 2018, 05:59:57 AM »
No doubt. I'm partial to Fords myself although I do respect Dodge for their SRT series of vehicles. I think dropping that power plant in a soccer moms Jeep Cherokee/Durango is pretty awesome.
I'm not a truck guy, never have been, but I do recognize the appeal. My current ride is a Genesis sedan pushing 430 H/P and matted to a 8 speed auto tranny. 0-60 is about 4.6 seconds. The last four cars I owned prior to the Genesis was a severely under powered '98 Ford Cobra, '03 Corvette, my favorite 09 Shelby GT 500 rag top w/520 HP and a '11 Corvette Grand Sport.
I see another Mustang or vette in my future. :icon_wink:

Cant bring myself to own a Dodge.
Corvette is nice but not a very practical car for anything except well going real fast.
Mustangs have been my car of choice since my early days and the beautiful 67/68 and 69/70 sports roof models really pulled me in. Ive owned about 10 different ones over the yrs.

Down to one I cant bring myself to part with. May not be fastest but until the put it out on the new platform Ill keep it. 04MACH1 just something about MACHs And Ill never own an early model.


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