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Action Shooting Sport nuts take notice!!

Shiloh Tactical Shooters is hosting an outdoor IDPA match this Saturday, 2/21 at the Pacleb Ranch gun range.  Click here to Pre-register.


Hammer down at 10:00.  Final setup and target stapling starts at 8:00.  Help is always appreciated. 

Pacleb ranch is located near Cochran, TX near Oilfield Road and School road.  The range doesn’t have an actual address that any of my devices can find but Google Earth will get you right there.
Download this Notepad doc. 

Hit <Ctrl> A to select everything and copy.  Make sure to not alter the document on any way. 
Open Google Earth and right click on one of your “Places” directories and <paste> what you’ve copied.  You now have the Pacleb range in your directory. 

Click on it and you’re at the gate.  Drive towards the big piles of dirt and look for all the gun nuts.

When and where might the next IDPA classifier be held in the Houston area? Preferably on Sunday...


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