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Greetings all!

I thought I'd post up a few links to some local IDPA clubs. This list is not all inclusive. I know there are a lot of clubs that don't have websites (The Arms Room in League City Monday night matches for example), so if anyone knows of some, post 'em up!!

West Houston IDPA
Thunder Tactical Shooters
Shiloh Tactical Shooters
Tactical Shooters

And of course, the IDPA national site:

International Defensive Pistol Association


Thanks for the list.

Heading to Shiloh tonight to check it out

Awesome Tex, let us know how it goes and what you think.

Lone Rider Leather:
I'm wonderin' if the IDPA clubs around Houston are friendlier than the one in Tyler? Went there twice and as soon as they found out I was a Cowboy Shooter it was like I had some kind of contagious condition!! I shot at West Houston club once while visiting Hou. a couple of years back and had fun! Didn't do very well but it was only the second time I had shot IDPA.
By the way, the Tyler club and the range they shot at closed up, a new subdivision started building houses right behind their berm!!


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