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1988 Honda ZB50 for sale - Collector's Bike

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I've been in the process of restoring this bike for about the past year and i'm contemplating selling it before i finish it up.

I have a 1988 Honda ZB50. This bike was only made for one year in 1988 and each Honda dealership at the time only got 2 of these bikes. A total of 3,058 were produced and it's estimated that there are only 1,500 left in existance. Most Honda collectors hail this bike as the rarest Honda ever produced. It took me years to find this bike locally.

Parts are VERY hard to come by and i've acquired about 95% of all the parts needed for a restoration. I also have extra parts like and extra tank and rear rack. The bike has wear and tear so what's left is a detailed cleaning and fresh paint. Those are my next steps. The bike runs and i've meticulously cleaned the carb after i started pulling the bike apart. I also have a running parts list of EVERYTHING that i've purchased for this bike as far as parts go so you can see exactly what's been purchased and where i'm at.

I do not have a title. I will be filing for a bonded title in the near future if the bike does not sell before then. Once I have that, I will be registering this bike, getting it inspected to make it street legal again as this bike was fully street legal off of the showroom floor.

If interested, please email me and i can send pics of the bike and can give you more information. I check my email frequently so please contact me via email.

This is a piece of history so once i'm finished with the bike, I will be selling it for about $2,400. The current price is based off of the cost of the bike, time/ labor put into it so far and cost of parts that i've acquired over months and months of searching. So please do not tell me what I should/need to sell the bike for. I promise you I don't need to sell this and will be happy to keep it for 20 more years.

Please PM or post up for any questions at all.



832-767-nine five nine two.

No calls after 9pm.

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