Author Topic: Decided to build a few new suppressor's. E-file Form 1 style  (Read 427 times)

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Decided to build a few new suppressor's. E-file Form 1 style
« on: August 19, 2020, 10:20:10 PM »
Owning several suppressor's,and knowing the screwed up process that you have to go through buying a factory made suppressor and then the stupid long drawn out process that a Form 4 application takes,I decided to build 3 new suppressors using solvent traps.

Now,Before some of you start yelling that this is illegal. It is 100% legal to build a suppressor from a solvent trap kit,as long as you understand the rules. You can't modify anything on the solvent trap before you are approved for the Tax Stamp.
Buy it,put it in a closet,etc..

1. Set up an account on
2. Get some Fingerprint Cards ( I ordered mine off Amazon),Go to your local Sheriff dept.,and get fingerprinted.You need two cards done for each application.
3. Take a passport style photo of yourself and store it in your computer.
4. Then fill out a Form 1 application,download your photo,pay the $200 tax. The BATFE will email you everything else once they start processing your application. You'll get pdf files with your actual application,and cover letter's to send a copy of the application to your CLEO,and to send your fingerprint cards into the BATFE.

After that,it usually takes 1-2 month's to get approved,and they will email you the tax stamp's.

Since I made up my own Model #'s for my suppressor's,it adds a couple weeks to the process,but I didn't want to use a Model # that someone else had already used.

Once you get your tax stamp approved,then you have to get the suppressor engraved. You have to put your name or trust name,the model #,the serial# that you made up,and the city and state where you live.
Then,I'll drill out all of the internal parts,and end cap's,and I can enjoy my new suppressor's.
I'm building another Rimfire,a 6.8 mm for my 223/6.5/and 6.8 AR's,and a pistol caliber for my 45's & 40's.

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Re: Decided to build a few new suppressor's. E-file Form 1 style
« Reply #1 on: August 20, 2020, 12:05:41 AM »
Great post and very informative Hillbilly.  :th_thicon_idea: