Author Topic: Gun sales amid coronavirus pandemic spike 71% in April  (Read 317 times)

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Gun sales amid coronavirus pandemic spike 71% in April
« on: May 05, 2020, 11:22:14 AM »
Gun sales amid coronavirus pandemic spike 71% in April

Gun sales in April spiked by more than 70 percent from the previous year, with the purchase of more than 1.7 million firearms as concerns related to the novel coronavirus continued, recently released statistics show.

An estimated 1,797,910 guns were sold in April 2020 a 71.3 percent increase from April 2019. March saw an even higher surge in sales, with 2,583,238 firearms sold or 85.3 percent more than the previous year, according to data released late Monday by Small Arms Analytics and Forecasting.

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Re: Gun sales amid coronavirus pandemic spike 71% in April
« Reply #1 on: May 05, 2020, 11:45:48 AM »
I was in a gun shop the same week the stimulus checks went out. Doing my bro a favor.

Short story long,, my younger brother had shot my CZ 75 D pcr,  several times at camp and wanted one bad. It was his birthday present from his wife. We found the only one in Pa , I think, at a shop about 40 miles away. ( FYI, NO THIS WASNT STIMULUS MONEY, THEY MAKE WAY TO MUCH $$$. A couple years ago she bought him a Winchester mod 70, 300 ultra mag for his birthday.  :th_thicon_idea:)

Anyway, That place was jam packed.  We were in  mask and gloves the whole time. And that was before any mandates too.

I verified that CZ was  a PCR, since the phone call didnt seem to know, what specs actually makes a PCR, and then waited outside.  He was only about 15 minutes. I happened to know one of the salesman, since he worked at my local lgs for about 25 years. So that got us expedited out of there. When Sam sees me, he knows I'm there to buy, not look. So he came right over.

Funny thing was,, some HUGE  300 lb  woman, bought a barrett .50. Cal.
Everyone else seemed to be after the cheapest ARs they could get.

Oddly enough, most people were dressed really raggy. So, I assumed,  alot of stimulus checks went to the lgs.
And that's their business, not mine. That helps the economy too.  :P better the lgs than Walmart on a xbox  I guess.  :th_thicon_lol:

I didnt buy anything,,although, if they would have had another PCR, I may have bit.

CZ is supposedly shut down,, so finding CZ stuff is probably going to be pretty rough for a while.
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