Author Topic: SG Ammo (on-line retailer) has re-opened their website (1900 26 Mar 20)  (Read 156 times)

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I'm not affiliated with SG Ammo in OK in any way.  I just buy most of my ammo stock there.  Their website was shut down for a while so they could finish shipping orders and figure out whats left.

I just checked (1900 local) and their website is open.  I only looked at 9mm, .380 and 223/5.56.  They are selling just about everything in case lots.  And, I don't think they jacked up their prices.  The shipping cost has always been fair and when you check out they will tell you if you can add anything else for the same shipping price so you can maximize you shipping dollar.

Just thought I'd put that out. 

I'm on the 7 day weekend plan.  I'm retired!!