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LTC With Pretrial Diversion
« on: May 12, 2019, 11:49:25 PM »
Since there really isnt that much info out there to help others who may be in the same situation as I am, I will be detailing my experience in obtaining my Licence To Carry with a criminal history. Way back in November of 2014 when I was 21, young and dumb, I was arrested for possesion of a contolled substance. A class B Misdemeanor. At that age I was still fairly immature and didnt know the importance of keeping oneself in check. Though that shouldnt be an excuse, my carelessness nearly lead to the abolishment of any gun rights. I didnt really care much about firearms then, but looking back I realize how easily my future could've been ruined. I did very little time in a county jail and LUCKILY was given a chance to go through a Pre-Trial Diversion program for first time offenders. I underwent 6 months probation and community hours in order to meet the qualifications of having the charges against me dismissed. I met the standards and received the dismissal. My attorney recommended that I get my record expunged because the arrest would still show, but I never went through with it. A few months after the dismissal I purchased my first handgun, a Smith and Wesson SD9VE. I originally got it for home defense because of burglaries that would occur in homes adjacent to me. I already had a shotgun which is more than enough, but I wanted to have diversity and convenience. After the purchase I had seen a couple ads at a local gun range about concealed carry classes and was interested in maybe doing something like that. Then my arrest came to mind. I went online and checked qualifications and disqualifications in obtaining a licence. I assumed, wrongly, that my arrest record was a charge against me. So when reading that if you had been charged in the last five years for a class B Misdemeanor you would have to wait 5 years, I immediately gave up hope, shrugged my shoulders and waited for time to go by. Four years later, early in 2019, I decided to just give the whole process a shot. Afterall, what was the worst that could happen? They deny me and I waste time and money? So what? I went ahead and read the qualifications again and learned that if you underwent Differed Adjudication, you were still considered to be charged for the crime in the eyes of LTC standards. I will admit that I hesistated greatly, thinking Differed Adjudication was just another name for Pre-Trial Diversion. But I was incorrect, they are entirely two separate things. In fact, a dismissal of charges which a Pre-Trial Diversion program accomplishes, does not disqualify you nor is it recognized as a charge. An arrest is not a prosecution. I decided to continue with the LTC Certification through my local firearm dealer and I passed my certification with flying colors. The list below is the timeframe of my LTC process:

February 15th 2019: LTC Certification Obtained.

February 19th 2019: Submitted fingerprints. Submitted LTC application and Court related documents.

February 27th 2019: Application received. Background and Fingerprints under review.

May 2nd 2019: Background and Fingerprints Complete. Print Pending.

May 6th 2019: LTC Mailed.

May 8th 2019: LTC In hand.

The entire process took 11 weeks and 3 days. I was beginning to become worried because of how long my background and fingerprints were taking. It just seemed uncanny that in 2019 the background process would be as slow as the internet in the 90s. It got to the point where i would've actually been okay with them placing a rejected indication somewhere just so I could sleep in peace. But to my surprise, it all actually worked out nicely. So the whole point of me posting this is to perhaps encourage those who have been in my shoes and are interested in carrying, to go ahead and give it a shot. In no way am I saying that your circumstances will end up the same as they did with me. Nor am I giving any legal advice, but here is a little word of advice. Dont let your past mistakes define who you are. Do not allow them to dictate who you will become. Move forward and realize how important your rights really are. I am now Married and a father of two beautiful children. A baby boy and a baby girl. The whole reason why I absolutely gave in to the CHANCE of receiving an LTC. I have a wonderful wife who really truly saved me from the path I was on. Your future is bright, the potential for your greatness to come forth is bound to break out once you change yourself for the better. Keep your rights, stay on the good path, you just might live a long unforgettable life. Thanks for your time.

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Re: LTC With Pretrial Diversion
« Reply #1 on: May 12, 2019, 11:57:51 PM »
Many times people just don't fully realize just how precious our rights, and freedoms are, until they lose them, or come very close to losing them.