Author Topic: Rem-Age Barrels, for Remington Model 700 Rifles.  (Read 692 times)

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Rem-Age Barrels, for Remington Model 700 Rifles.
« on: April 05, 2019, 06:55:37 AM »
Txhillbilly gave me some of this information about how to install a Savage type barrel system and nut on the Remington Model 700 action. just got finished doing some reading up on it and found it very interesting. using a Criterion barrel and barrel nut from Northland Shooters Supply, and a Savage style barrel wrench and a set of go-no-go gauges, a person can replace or exchange barrels without the requirements of  gunsmith or a lathe.

this article discusses a gentleman doing a conversion on one of his rifles. very informative and well written article.

with the price of the barrels, barrel nuts and various other items, this seems to be a very reasonable way of replacing a barrel on a Model 700 without having to resort to an expensive trip to the gunsmith and the down time involved. and imagine finding a very rough and abused M700 rifle in the gun store or pawn shop that could use a new barrel or one that just isn't in a caliber that appeals to you. this is very appealing to me.

the prices seem rather reasonable and appealing as well to build a rifle up from scratch. the finished results are very appealing as well. and with the aftermarket support for the M700 platform is great as well.

I thought this might be of interest to others with M700 rifles or actions who might want to replace or change to a different caliber.