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What Is The Maximum Distances Used For Practice?

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I have a pistol range here at the house I use for practice, (when it's not under water!) that I have marked off at 3, 5,10 and 15 yards.

Now this is mainly for pistol shooting, to stay in practice for SD and carry purposes. I don't get into a bunch of tactical training, just really concentrating on the basics.

Does any one else use the same distances? If not, what distances are you using and why?

Iíve seen some 25 yard pistol ranges but itís an angle issue.  If you can hit a dime at 5 yards you can hit a quarter at 10 yards, or a silver dollar at ~20.

pistols at the range - I use 10 yds mostly, sometimes stretch it out to 15 - pistols I haven't shot in a while I'll start at 7

My home pistol range is 25 yards and 50 yards.
Then the 50 yard can also be used to zero rifles, and the family shoots 22 lr's & 22 mags.

I do move up close for some sidearm SD practice & point shooting when I feel I need it.
I DONT EVER do any quick draw crap.

My theory has always been,, do it right, practice it right, stay accurate, stay consistent, and the speed will come naturally when you need it. So will the muscle memory. You will do it without even thinking about it,, which makes speed naturally . Nothing creates speed like muscle memory. Practice SLOW,, and practice practice practice.   Just like they trained us in the Army.  :thumbsup1:

Fast is fine,,,, but accuracy is  EVERYTHING.   :thumbsup1:

Rereading this thread, I thought about a weekend shoot we had last year in central LA on a 7,000 acre farm, practicing to repeatedly get past a mile with pistols.

On a mile+ long finger lake, several of us were able to hit the far end with our pistols.

About 12-15 second hang time, but a very clear splash. 


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