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Tacticool Timmy Wants To Shoot Long Range!

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I think many of us see this all too often on various other gun forums. Tacticool Timmy wants to learn how to shoot long range!

And it usually always start with, he wants to either build, or buy a rifle to shoot at 1000 yards or more. LOL! You ask them what is the longest distance they have shot at, or what is their experience with rifle shooting, or any other numerous questions that might arise.

I think many just don't appreciate the commitment it takes to shoot as such distances. myself, I am no expert on the subject, but do have at least some ideas as to what it takes to pull off accurate shots at long ranges, and it's not a skill that is just acquired by buying or building a rifle to shoot at such distances.

They see such BS on TV or in the movies and think it's as easy to buy a rifle, a scope and some ammo and start slinging lead long distances. Wow. I wished it were that easy. Long range is about consistency and every part of the equation needs to be consistent in order to achieve accurate shots at long ranges. And the person pulling the trigger is most usually the most inconsistent factor in the equation.

Then there is the question of whether that have range, or the place to shoot long distances. Seems like overkill to build, or buy a rifle, and to limit it to shooting at 100 yards or so, if that's all you have. Kind of like having a really fast Ferrari, and leaving it in the driveway!

It just makes me laugh when i see some of the replies to the questions. They just don't seem to get it!

So lets hear ya'll's stories on Tacticool Timmy!

Disclaimer: This post is more in humor than being totally serious!  :wave1:

Long range is easy.
I have 2 rifles Boomer and Blaster that always achieves a ďfirst shot hitĒ at 1,000 yards plus. 
(As long as the target is bigger than a 2 acre lake, or you donít care what the something is you hit, youíll hit something.  Gravity guarantees it. )

In a more serious tone, itís pretty easy to get close at long range if you donít have to worry about the wind along the entire path to the target, your heartbeat and muscle twitches (which you can see in the scope at distance), vibrations, or anything else touching the rifle.

But youíre dead on, every error and side effect past 600 yards gets magnified big time. 

And on a very serious note at 1,000 yards, it is not always clear what is (way) behind the target, which you are also responsible for:  There is an angry lawyer and a blank check attached to every bullet you fire, particularly at long range.  The lawyer is not yours, the blank check is.  Donít screw up.

"Hey, hey! You should go talk to Gilgondorin about it! He knows a lot about guns!"

Seems like those are the magic words are all that's needed to summon a Tactical Timmy out of the mists.

The guy I work with (temporarily, thank god) has been telling me he believes in Big Foot, and was actually asking for advice on what caliber I think he'd need to get to be able to safely take Big Foot down if he ever ran into it while out 'living off the grid'.

"You'd agree a .223 is enough to take down a Grizzly bear, right?"

"I think there needs to be a bigger round invented than a .22 Magnum. Maybe not as big as a .308 or a .270, but kinda in between."
". . . ."
"What kind of round do you think that would be?"
"It already exists. It's called a .223 dude."
"Oh! Yeah, you're right!"
*Gilgondorin mentally facepalming*

"What do you think if I put like a scope on my home defense AR?"
"Why would you be putting a scope designed for use at 'across the battlefield' distances on a weapon intended for use at 'across the living room' distances, possibly in the dark?"
"Huh. So you think I should put like iron sights on the side then?"
"Red dot sights are typically most often used for home defense, because irons aren't as easily visible in the dark."
"Yeah, guess you're right. I could go long range hunting with a red dot though, right?"

"I dunno dude, I can't seem to make up my mind which I want more, an AR or an AK."
"Depends on what you want it for."
"I wanna have something you can survive the end of the world with dude."
"Then you want an AK-47. They throw them off buildings and run over them with tanks to prove they're still reliable even after being abused."
"Awesome, that's it then! And then I could put a scope on it and be good to tag stuff at like 800 yards!"
"Uh... No. That's not how this works. For long-range accuracy, you'd be better off with an AR. Wouldn't be as rugged, but it would be more accurate."
*loading circle spinning*
*loading circle spinning*
*page slowly beginning to load*
"So... Which of the two of them would be good for both though?"

"I think I want an M-1 carbine for a SHTF rifle. You know about M-1's, right?"
*Gilgondorin silently remembers about the sad, sad story of Pvt. Siber Speer and sighs to himself, shaking his head*
"...Yeah. They're apparently not much more than a .357 Magnum with a longer neck."
"Dude! That sounds badass! I think I'm gonna get that instead! .357 is badass!"
"Not really. And wait a minute; didn't you say you wanted this for a disaster rifle? Do you have any idea how difficult finding .30 carbine is even right now compared to .223, which is literally everywhere in this country? Finding it in the middle of a disaster is going to be hell!"
"Oh, yeah, I didn't think about that. Huh."

That's just from conversations with this ONE guy, from this week alone.

"Your honor, I'm sorry about what happened, but I wasn't in my right mind anymore; it was temporary insanity -- I cannot be held legally responsible for it. You would've done it too if you had to listen to that type of malarkey day in and day out for 6 days straight."
"Good point. I find the defendant 'Not Guilty'!"


The sad part is that basic common sense probably has cemented in his mind the mistaken belief that Gilgondorin is probably somehow possessed with the ghosts of Samuel Colt, Horace Smith, Dan Wesson, AND Oliver Winchester, or something.

I haven't a doubt in my mind that if I showed up to a barbecue at this guy's house, I'd be set upon on all sides with questions by a storm of his drinking buddies like flies on a fresh hatched fudge dragon.

"Hey man, I work with Gilgondorin here, he knows a lot about guns dude!"
"Really? Wow! Do you..."

I hit a mountain goat at 833 meters (910.97 yards) with a Romanian PSL

The cross wind was only 5.7 MPH

The thing that I find funny, or ironic, is that too many of these personality types think that such a skill can be bought. Au Contraire! Not so. This is a skill only to be obtained by time spent behind a rifle putting rounds down range.

My father many years ago, use to hang out with some fellows learning to shoot accurately, that were bench-rest shooters. I did even at a very early age, learn a few things myself. These guys were very anal about reloading, building rifles, and shooting. The put lots of time behind a rifle shooting and learning from that shooting.


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