Author Topic: 'Republicans are coming for our guns!': 1st dead during Gun Confiscation visit  (Read 583 times)

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I highly recommend you read the full article before giving your take on this subject.

[ . . . . ]

On Monday morning, police officers in Anne Arundel County, Maryland showed up confiscate 60-year-old Gary J Willis’ guns. A family member had called police and asked them to suspend Gary Willis’ gun rights, and the local police department was more than happy to oblige.

When the pounding on the door began at 5:17 am, Gary showed up to his door holding a firearm. When he saw it was police, he put the gun down to talk to them. But then, the officers informed him they were there to confiscate all of his weapons.

Imagine how you would feel. You wake up out of a sound sleep to pounding on your door. You grab a gun in case it is a criminal, but it turns out that the police are there to confiscate your guns without even accusing you of committing a crime…

Gary Willis refused to comply with the confiscation order. That is when the fight broke out. During the struggle, one of the weapons discharged. Police, fearing for their lives, opened fire on Gary Willis, killing the 60-year-old man in his own home.

Gary Willis was not charged or even accused of committing a crime. All of this happened because one extended family member told police she was worried that he was dangerous. No evidence, no proof… just one person’s word. And now, an innocent man is dead.

This is the future if Paul Ryan and the establishment Republicans get their way. They are working with Democrats on a nationwide “red flag” bill authorize these kinds of gun confiscations across the country.

And once the midterm elections are over, they are promising to ram it through!

[ . . . . ]

What do you all think? Theoretically, any one of us could become victims of such a report method merely by some random anonymous busy-body stranger reporting each of us to our respective LEA's because we're all on one convenient, easy to report website.

EDIT: I think this subject is more relevant now than ever given what happened in Kommiefornia. In fact, I believe a member here in that thread said part of the cause of the problem might have been a friend or family member who lacked the balls to report the guy before he could become a threat. Well.... What now? Suppose your ex or an in-law you don't like reports you. Are you going to end up a bloody colander of a human being over a false allegation? Certainly some of you ex-military would trip the police 'oh s***!'-o-meter something awful.

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That is truly tragic.
Red Flag laws are a multi edge sword. 
BSCrazies shouldn’t have guns, knives, cords or cars, but who decides?

I’d also note that some believe  Chicago and Maryland are probably worse at gun grabbing than Kali.

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And yet the Thousand Oaks, CA situation was just exactly the opposite situation.  Cops/Mental health folks had consciously made the evaluation/decision there was nothing to hold the ex-Marine on.  And then look what happened.

The so-called Red Flag laws are doomed to fail just like the background check laws.  I’m sure that “extended family” relative, is now proven and equipped to say, “see, I told you so”!

The fact a ‘family argument’ was apparently at the core of this leads me to believe the older gentleman (rightly or wrongly) should have, at some early point in the discussion/argument, kept his mouth shut so the ‘extended family’ member would not have had the thought to call the police on him.  Doesn’t make it right, but the guy would still be alive!  [For instance only my wife knows I have a CCW or that I own a number of firearms.  I certainly don’t get into heated arguments with family members over this topic like apparently that guy did.]. Ya gotta ask yourself, how much of this bad situation did the guy bring on himself by arguing with a Left-wing nut?  Again, doesn’t make it right, but he likely would have avoided the whole police knocking on his door at 05:15 thang!

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And yet the Thousand Oaks, CA situation was just exactly the opposite situation.  Cops/Mental health folks had consciously made the evaluation/decision there was nothing to hold the ex-Marine on.  And then look what happened.

These anit gunners are SOooooooo desperate to get their anti gun and confiscation schemes through, they INTENTIONALLY try to create bad situations like this.

They have no rules, and nothing too low to pull, no trick too dirty..

Can you say "Fast and Furious",,,, and I aint talkin bout that stupid movie either,,,  :th_thicon_idea:

So the reasoning the republican politicians are a part of this nonsense is solid.
WHY else wouldnt they investigate Holder and ATF selling guns to drug dealers?

These mass shootings always seem to stink of rotten eggs and LE's prior involvement with the shooter when the TRUTH finally comes out..
Politicians are like diapers, they should be changed often, and for the same reason.

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