Author Topic: Useless question of the day: 10-1-18 -- How were you punished as a child/teen?  (Read 508 times)

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How were you punished as a child/teen?

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You mean as a perfect child?  :)

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depending on what stupid thing i did.
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My name is Jesus.
Just saying.

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I had my fair share of spankings, from hands, belts, boards, and switches.
Spent some time standing in corners, doing extra chores, and grounded as well.
Took a while, but seems to have worked.
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I was a heathen as a child and my father was a career military officer that played baseball in college. He had incredibly quick hands so I learned to duck at an early age. For minor things like teaching my baby sister mumbly peg with my boy scout knife I got a swat on the head with his college ring turned backwards. For major offenses I got the belt across the backside. Not just any belt a GI issue cotton web belt.
The worst wuppin I received was after I read that hornets go to sleep at night. I knew where there was a paper wasp nest in a cedar bush so late one night I went out to see if that was true. Yup it was real quiet. So I got a large paper bag and got me a wasp nest.
The next day I went to my Catholic school with it wrapped up like my lunch and put it in the coat room. I could hear them popping against the bag so I thought I would take it out at recess and throw it somewhere. Didn't last an hour. Just as we were lining up to go to morning mass they got out and they were pissed. Nuns are covered pretty good clothing wise so Sister Mary whatever only got a couple of stings. Other kids not so lucky. As I was aware as to what was going on I bolted out of the room w/o a scratch. Someone ratted me out and I got the strap several times. 
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Spent a lot of time in one corner of my aunts kitchen when I was in first to forth grade.
My folks divorced when I was two and got farmed out to an aunt while my mother worked.
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