Author Topic: Anyone familiar with Pulsar DigiSight N750 Nightvision Scopes?  (Read 2612 times)

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I can't find much on them price-wise other than they're going for like $1,200 NIB, or $800 used off eBay. I'm hesitant to trust those prices because 1.) the scope has been discontinued, and 2) It's always been my experience that finding things like this on eBay means they're being sold at twice the actual street value because of scarcity.

I'm looking at getting one soon to use as trade fodder (it's cheap, I have absolutely zero opportunity to go night hunting, and I don't shoot rifles nearly as much as pistols), but can't decide whether to actually bite or not.

Does anyone have one, or anything else by them? How did you like it?'

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EDIT: I found one for sale on Amazon that's been factory refurbished and is going for $599, which I assume means the one I'm looking at would be worth $500 max, right?

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Re: Anyone familiar with Pulsar DigiSight N750 Nightvision Scopes?
« Reply #2 on: April 19, 2019, 04:54:16 PM »
Yea, that's a discontinued model. Since it is digital night vision, I would probably consider something newer. ATN has the 4k X sight, which is pretty good. Sightmark also offers good digital scopes. I use the Photon XT and it works great.