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How much better are IDPA et al participants than the rest of us?

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Just curious, was at the range yesterday and shot a nice pattern with the .44 and 9mm.  There was a guy in another lane that was starting IDPA.
Question to Dom and you other tactical wizards, how much better do average and above average IDPA guys shoot than the rest of us?

Is it faster on target, more precise, or what?

Anyone of any skill level can start out with IDPA/USPSA/etc, as long as they can be safe.
I would say that newer competitive shooters are going to be about equal to the average gun owner who actually gets out and shoots a few times a year at least.
Most will get to the top 30% of gun owners within a year of competitive shooting, even if only competing in local club matches as little as once a month.
Pretty much anyone who shoots competitively for years will be in the top 10% of gun owners.

Now, the above average competitors, such as B or higher USPSA or Expert IDPA classifications are going to be better than 95% of gun owners.

Idpa peeps are just better at following rules.. :)

All competition teaches u skills that are advantageous for the street.

I don't shoot in organized competitions.
But frequent the range with some who do.
In general they seem to be quicker on target, smaller groups, and clearly outshoot most officers short of SWAT team members.
A few also seem to fire much faster and more accurately than the range allows during public sessions (1 second per shot).
I would also expect a very poor outcome for muggers and car jackers who unwittingly target IDPA shooters on the street. :)

would guess it's probably like anything else.....shoot hoops in your driveway but the guy who's into an organized league will be a better basketball player.....a couple of rounds of golf per month guy will probably get beat by the fellow who plays a couple of times a week and enters every tournament he can get in to.....find a good road to wring-out your sports car but get lapped by every mini on Track Day at the local circuit


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