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A new play thing
« on: April 07, 2018, 12:31:20 PM »
I was bored last month so I went to a gun show to pass the time. Not really looking for anything,I stumbled across a S&W M&P 15-22 Sport. Priced at $349,I just had to buy it. I also grabbed a couple extra magazines for it.
I love shooting 22's,and have over a dozen of them. I don't think you can have any better time shooting than with a suppressed 22,it will make you laugh out loud at how quiet they can be.

Back to the gun,As with all new firearms there are likes and dislikes.
I like most of the things about this little gun,but what I don't like is this.
1. You can't "Easily" put a solid butt stock on it. The "Buffer tube" is part of the polymer receiver,so you can't swap out a rifle length buffer tube on it.
2. Why do they thread the muzzle for a Rim fire rifle like a Center fire rifle? Rim fire suppressor's don't screw on a barrel as far as a Center feed suppressor,so you need a spacer in order to take up the extra space in order to secure a suppressor down tight on the barrel threads. SilencerCo makes a spacer,but it cost $17!
3.The trigger. We all know how stiff factory trigger's are,and this one is no different,but it's an easy fix since this rifle takes most any AR-15 aftermarket trigger.

What I do like.
1. The M-LOK handguard,you can attach anything you want to it easily.
2. The Magpul flip-up BUIS sights come on the gun. I always scope my rifles,but it's nice to have these in case the optics fail or if you just want to shoot it with open sights.
3. It's just a whole lotta fun to shoot.

I swapped out the trigger with a 3# drop in trigger from Delta Team Tactical,so now it has a nice trigger,and installed a QD riser and my spare Sightron SII 4-16x42 AO scope on it for precision shooting.
This little rifle has eaten everything I've fed it so far,and hasn't had a hiccup yet,I really like this thing!

The spacer/suppressor installed-

The trigger I installed in it-

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Re: A new play thing
« Reply #1 on: April 07, 2018, 12:48:42 PM »
Nice.  My sister in law has one and loves it.