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20-year-old man sues Dick’s, Walmart for age discrimination after stores set new gun sale policies

A 20-year-old Oregon man is suing Dick’s Sporting Goods and Walmart over their newly-imposed age restrictions on gun sales.

Both Dick’s and Walmart announced in February that they would be raising the minimum age to purchase firearms in their stores to 21 years old.

Tyler Watson, the Oregon resident suing the stores, says that the companies are discriminating against him based on his age.

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Maybe they won't bake him a cake either.

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I hope success for Mr. Watson  :rocknroll2:

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Mr. Watson will lose.  The elderly are a protected class.  Tide Pod Eaters Youth are not.

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Maybe they won't bake him a cake either.

it's actually similar to the Cake case. the OR one where they won... Not the latest in CO where the gays lost..
The huge differentiation is that one was on the shelf and one was not made.

I would assume dicks and wally world will loose... IFFFFFFFFF the kid has deep enough pockets...

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Tide Pod Eaters ...

That's funny Dred.

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strictly some of my off the cuff thoughts on this. i actually mentioned this on another forum several days ago about age discrimination, and when i saw this case, i had had a feeling someone would try to challenge their decision to raise the age limit to buy a long gun.

i did some internet searching, and i couldn't find anything that was even remotely close as to them raising the age limit as being discrimination. so my best guess, is there isn't a precedence to judge the merits of the case. and if that's true, there have been no other cases of similar discrimination, and there isn't any precedence set forth before, then this case of a lawsuit against Dicks', is entering uncharted legal territory.

and here's the rub as i see it. anyone can file a lawsuit against anyone else for just about anything, real or perceived in actions against them. so it might be dependent upon the judge whether he's inclined to even hear the case or just toss it. which means, it would either die right there, or have to be filed in a higher court IIRC.

and IMO, setting an age limit would have to be considered discrimination, and proven to be. many business' set age limits all the time and get away with it. now, does that make it legal, or just that no one has ever challenged the practice? huge difference IMO.

now here's another point to consider. i suspect that Dick's either has in-house counsel, or a firm they rely upon for legal matters, i would have to think they have run this change in policy before them to make sure that changing the policy of upping the age limit on long guns to be legal for them to do, or as i mentioned, there isn't, or has never been a challenge to such a policy change so far in the past that unless it's challenged in the courts, and judge makes a ruling it could go forth until such time.
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An FFL license holder can refuse to transfer/sell to anyone even if they pass the NCIS check.

Kid's gonna lose.

Unless of course he is gay and wants it as a wedding cake topper.
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