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Swiss army, kershaw, Dont tread on me and others for sale.
« on: February 28, 2016, 05:43:59 PM »
Some knives for sale. Most likely will need to be shipped because of schedule. $3 for one knife. If you want more ill get you a quote. I think I can fit several into flat rate boxes.

All are never carried unless noted  and have boxes in various conditions. The knives have been handled but not abused. Kershaws ( except the custom dtom) have lifetime sharpening and warranty

This is a custom laser engraved Kershaw leek. It is new $65

Esee candirue ( I have two) one was opened other is new in box. Carried once never left the case or used $48 each

Punisher spring assisted knife ( its generic but a nice knife ) $10 each or if you want the 3 I have $24

Confederate theme $11 each or both for $20 ( generic)

Marines spring assisted rescue knife $10 Might have a navy one that looks like this theme as well but with a sub instead of a tank

Victorinox ( swiss army) Gadsden don't tread on me. These are a bit smaller like a guys keychain. they were supposed to be a gift for nephews in boyscouts, but........$17

Kershaw Freefall $21

CRKT I have a lift off 2 $33

Thanks for looking and hopefully funding my next gun (1911 Kimber with night sights)
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