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New 1 second penalty IDPA Rule

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Does anyone know when the new 1 second penalty IDPA rule will take effect?

Lone Rider Leather:

Not in effect yet and no specific ETA:

--- Quote ---Last week at the World Championship awards banquet, I announced that the IDPA Board of Directors has elected to increase the Point Down penalty from a half second to 1 second. The BoD is comprised of two MA shooters (both Founders of the sport) and one EX with a combined total of more than 57 years of IDPA experience. This decision was made to keep the sport aligned with the founder's intent of valuing accuracy over speed. As concealed carry holders, which many of our members are, we are responsible for every round that leaves our gun, and IDPA needs to reflect that in our practices. I met with some of the Area Coordinators recently to share this information and the feedback received from them was very positive. There is no hard timetable for this change. Classification scores and other areas will need to reflect the change, and we are already working with some of our scoring vendors on this change. More information will be available as the work progresses and we will make updates on this via the Tactical Journal and Tactical Brief.

--- End quote ---

It only kicks in when you are the winner and you at least 1 second ahead  :P :P

Lone Rider Leather:
One of the reaons I quit SASS....stupid RULES  :scream3: :scream3: :scream3:


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