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I had fun last night. But man, it was a late night. It was about 11:15pm by the time we got back from Houston, and it was midnight by the time I got to bed. 6am came too early  :facepalm:

I did better this time around (my 2nd time) over last time - IMHO. In my division, I came in 3rd of 8 (production). I'm happy with that. Overall, I was 13 of 25, but with the guys in limited with more rounds in the mag and lighter triggers, I don't think that's bad. Obviously, I like my standing results in my division more  :P

In stage 2 of the 4 stages, I came in 1st in production. That's cool.

I don't get to go very often, unfortunately. I rarely can get away on a Thur evening because of my son. I'm honestly not going to show placement results (although, obviously when I place decently, that's kinda fun in itself). I'm really going to get to get some practice with multiple targets and a little bit of pressure. No range where I live at lets you do that kind of shooting to increase your skill. So, I'm really doing it just for that.

I love the Warren 2 dot sights I have on the Glock 17 I am using for the matches. I wish they made those sights for a Beretta 92 and my HK P2000, but they don't. Too bad I have such a hangup for DA/SA on a defensive gun, because the Gen 4 G17 shoots well with those sights.

Anyway - thanks to Dom for answering my endless questions and to Sean for his help too!!!!

USPSA nights usually run a bit late due to the bigger stages and slower scoring which delays taping.
Glad you are enjoying it, and yes you did quite well. Finishing in the top half in your second match is very good.
Hope you can keep finding opportunities to make it.


--- Quote from: Domineaux on August 07, 2015, 08:53:41 AM ---
Hope you can keep finding opportunities to make it.

--- End quote ---

Yes, I hope so. Unless my wife is off on a Thur afternoon, though, there aren't many chances. They were out of town this week, so I made sure to block time off from work and leave early for the day. Not sure when I can do it again. But, hopefully soon.

When it gets cooler, I will try the outdoor match thing. It's just too damn hot to be out there for that much time right now.

Finally I get to see some results from my endless years of paper punching trying to shoot smaller groups but never being satisfied with it. Fun to see some sorta "real world" results for all that time...

I see your point on that last stage, Dom - if I put 3 rounds into one hole at the end, then yea - I should have shot faster instead.

 :rocknroll2: :rocknroll2: :rocknroll2: :rocknroll2: :rocknroll2:


--- Quote ---but with the guys in limited with more rounds in the mag and lighter triggers,
--- End quote ---

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Dry your eyes B... :thumbsup1:


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