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--- Quote ---The first, and one of the biggest announcements, is on the flatfooted reload. While we thought we were headed the right direction with this, it became obvious that the membership at large did not like this new rule and that we missed the mark by implementing it. The members have spoken using the suggestion tool and we listened. When this version of the rule book becomes effective, the flat footed reload will not be gone. Big cheers all around we are sure.
Another announcement almost as big is the addition of a new division in IDPA. We actually have two ideas and again, we want your input. The final specifics of each option are yet to be determined, as we want the members opinion first on which option to peruse.
Option 1: Compact Carry Pistol (CCP) this would be for double action or single action guns. This division would be largely like SSP otherwise but the gun size would be limited to guns of M&P compact or Glock 19 size.
Option 2: Laser and Optic Pistol (LOP) this division would allow for the mounting of a laser or slide mounted optic on the handgun. The optic would have to be mounted between the rear of the ejection port and the rear of the slide. Both single action and double action would be allowed. We might also add revolver to this division.

--- End quote ---

Pretty sure they meant to say "the flat footed reload will not now be gone"
New divisions don't appeal too much for me, but I'm sure plenty of shooters will be interested in each.

Getting a new division whether you like it or not.

CCP sounds more in-tune with IDPA

So when are ya'll gonna get defensive shotgun division and stuff. lol

IDPA had a defensive multi-gun rulebook for a couple years (pistol, shotgun, rifle). Turns out, nobody wanted to use it.

Also- they sent an update shortly after that corrected the typo from "not" to "now". I'm curious how they're going to address it while maintaining the other rules.

Yup...gotta see what the screw up while fixing the rule.


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