Author Topic: Urban ERT sling on my SCAR  (Read 596 times)

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Urban ERT sling on my SCAR
« on: October 26, 2013, 10:22:06 AM »
I finally got around to taking a couple of pics of my sling setup on my SCAR 16.

I have used Urban ERT slings on every rifle I have ever owned in the past. This time, when I sold my Steyr AUG 3 earlier this year, to buy a SCAR, I held on to the sling. The sling itself is basically the same - it's just the mounting points that change.

I had already used  GG&G quick detach rail mount as my front point on the AUG, so I had the piece. It works great on the SCAR. And, I did look at the aftermarket GG&G rear attachment point piece - I had originally planned to get this. But, after using the built in stock slot, and comparing to where the sling would contact the rifle with the GG&G piece mounted on the receiver itself - I found that I really preferred using the slot built into the stock. So, I went with that.

I typically do not leave my sling on my rifles - so, I always want detachable mounting points. I find this works best. I'm very happy with the way this came out. And, it really isn't that big of a deal to have that small nylon buckle on the rear stock when the sling is not in use...

With just the rear attachment on the stock: