Author Topic: DIY Camo Paint Job on Synthetic Stocks.  (Read 420 times)

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DIY Camo Paint Job on Synthetic Stocks.
« on: March 17, 2019, 03:20:37 AM »
this is not all inclusive or the end all methods doing a camo paint job on synthetic stocks, just my own methods that i know do work.

key factor is cleanlyness and proper prepping before ever putting the first coat of paint on.

make sure the gun is unloaded, then remove the action from the stock. (safety first) even if you plan on painting the action and barrel, and the scope, do them separately as to get a better finished job when completed. plus this allows you to properly clean the areas under the barrel and action of any dirt, oils or molding release agents that could affect the paint job.

first step of cleaning. hot water and Dawn or Palmolive dish soap, short stiff bristled brush and a red 3M Scotchbrite pad are needed. an old stiff toothbrush is a good item for cleaning under the action areas and the barrel channel. the short stiff bristled brush will be good for cleaning the checkering on the stock if it has them. scrub and clean the stock several times. then rinse several times with clean hot water. dry off with clean paper towels and blow off with filtered compressed air if available. if not, let air dry until completely dry.

the next step you need some latex gloves as from here on out, you don't want to transfer any skin oils to the clean stock. wipe down with plain cheap rubbing alcohol sever times with paper towels or a soft cloth. after this step, you need a tack cloth. these can be gotten at any auto parts stores that sell paint supplies, or any home improvement stores in the paint department. wipe the stock off with the tack cloth to remove any dust or fibers from the paper towels or cloths.

next step. hang the stock up at a comfortable level for painting. now you need some adhesion promoter. (i use Bulldog brand personally) this can be gotten usually at the same places as the tack cloths. mist a light coat over the entire stock inside and outside. let dry for about 10-20 minutes.

now you're ready for the first coats of paint. i like the Krylon Camo paints. they work great and are ultra flat in texture. so far they have held up very well for me. select the color you want for the base color of the camo finish. shake the cans very well, adn often during application. used several thin coats, opposed to a couple of thick ones. the end results turn out much better. put on as many light coats as needed to get full coverage.

now the next step. i make my own painting stencils for fogging on the camo patterns. sometimes i even use actual plants for stencils. i fog the edges, very much like an airbrush artist does. it leaves much softer and more natural edges and appearance than taping off. now if you elect to do a separate taping method of a camo paint job, use the higher quality blue painters tape. don't use the cheap masking tapes as they can leave a film that will ruin the paint job. aftet you have achieved the desired results, let the stock dry at least 24 hours before handling or re-installing the action and other parts to the stock.

hope this helps someone out it they want to do their own DIY camo paint job on a synthetic stock.
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