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Synthetic Stock Tips and Tricks.
« on: March 17, 2019, 03:17:47 AM »

Synthetic Stock Tips and Tricks.
a lot of rifles are coming with synthetic stocks on them from the factory. here are some quick and easy mods to make them better.

don't like that hollow sound the buttstock makes if you bump it with something? easy trick. get a can of that spray expanding foam, used for sealing up cracks around the house. remove the recoil pad or butt cap, clean the inside of the hollow cavity out and wipe down with alcohol. fill the entire cavity up with the foam. it will expand and ooze out the top. no big deal. let fully cure then with a very sharp blade, just remove the excess that oozed out and re-install the butt cap or recoil pad. easy peasy!

a lot of factory synthetic stocks have flimsy fore ends. on a hunting rifle, not really a big issue. but for some it just makes the rifle stock seem a bit cheesy and cheap. easy fix. remove the stock from the action. (remember to make sure the gun is unloaded!) clean the barrel channel with brake cleaner or alcohol and then with a dremel tool, a cordless drill, rough up the areas where you are going to end up laying and epoxying a 5/16" or 3/8" piece of all thread cut to fit in the bottom of the barrel channel. using J-B Weld epoxy, mix some up and epoxy the ends first and them apply some in the middle of the all-thread as well. let cure well and then re-install the action. fore-end is now stiffened up quite a bit. if you plan on using a bipod, i highly recommend this trick.

got a synthetic stock and a harder hitting caliber that is bruising your shoulder when you shoot it? well i got a fix for that. downside is, it will be adding more weight to the rifle. this might be a concern for some who use them for hunting and carry them a lot. need a tube of concrete epoxy and a caulking gun and something to used for weight. i used some very large nuts and bolts, (very, very large nuts!) epoxied into the buttstock and barrel channel of the stock. first step, remove the stock, after checking to make sure the gun is unloaded. clean the barrel channel well. and also remove the recoil pad and clean the cavity well also. work one end at a time. i do the buttstock cavity first myself. break the tip on the tube of epoxy and fill in some of the cavity with epoxy and then start filling with large nuts and bolts or whatever you decide to use for weight material and alternating adding epoxy until the entire cavity is filled. let cure and then re-install the recoil pad. then move to the fore-end and this would be a good time to use my all-thread tip as well. laying in more all-thread will add a bit more weight as well. let cure, then re-install the barreled action. try it out. i'll bet you notice a huge difference in felt recoil. i did.

just some quick tips for synthetic stocks. hope this helps someone out. any questions and i'll be glad to answer them
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