Author Topic: What firearm did you use for your first CC/LTC class  (Read 4267 times)

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Re: What firearm did you use for your first CC/LTC class
« Reply #20 on: October 24, 2018, 12:30:39 AM »
I used a rented DAO J-frame 38 with pink grips & a horrible trigger. That wasn't the plan. I was told I couldn't carry a semi-auto if I used a revolver for the class. At the time I only had a Ruger LCR but was looking for a semi-auto so I decided to rent one & leave the LCR at home. I get to the class & they say "Oh that changed! You can now qualify with a revolver & carry either!" Great. But I didn't bring my LCR, which I shot well. I had less experience with semi-autos at the time so I rented the only available revolver. Skinny grip sucked, trigger felt like 15 pounds & nowhere as smooth as my LCR. But I qualified. Instructor stared at my target & said "You shot that with the snubbie?" One of the better scores in the class so Murphy's Law did a 180. Was happy to return that little pink P.O.S. before leaving. I told several people "This isn't mine." They laughed like, "Eh, right. Sure. Wife's?"
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