Author Topic: WTB: basic used transportation in Houston  (Read 6393 times)

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WTB: basic used transportation in Houston
« on: March 07, 2016, 08:58:39 PM »
Hello, my son's 1998 model year car is dying. I need to get him a replacement, quickly. I am looking for anything without too terribly many miles on it (100k or less), and no mechanical problems, and a very reliable brand (Japanese or more recent Hyundai / Kia).

If I like your car, I will pay you more than you could possibly get in a trade at a dealer. I will pay Kelley Blue Book values for a private sale based on model, miles, condition. and a certified mechanic looks at it. Will pay cash or certified check.

Color, body style, number of cylinders, not important. Call or text (281) 630-8255.
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