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As some of you know, my "pet rifle" is a Model 760 Remington in .300SAV.

Charles Harris' FAMOUS "The Load" is specifically for cases that have a larger capacity than the .300SAV, so I'm trying to figure out a CAST BULLET LOAD for the .300SAV, that is about 1400-1500 FPS (a "clone" of the "old-school", standard velocity,  .32-40WCF) with the 150 grain CB, for small-medium game hunting & informal "paper-punching".
(My modern/2016 cast bullet book has NO listing for .300 SAV, as it's considered to be "semi-obsolete".)

yours, satx


I'm having evermore "issues" with my hands & thus have an "as new" 9mm Shield (with box,  leather holster, an 8-round magazine &  two  7-round magazines) for sale for 325.oo.
(I sometimes have trouble racking the slide, so I'm going back to a .38SPL/.357MAG revolver.)

FACE to FACE cash sale only. Responses to:

yours, satx
San Antonio


I've been asked to do about one  week of volunteer work for a HS archery competition in Belton, TX in March 2018.

Do any of you know of anyone near the Bell County Expo Center who rents rooms in a private home??
(ALL that I need is a clean place to sleep & cannot afford what the motels want for a week, since I'm a volunteer & on a small pension: Over 650.oo.)

yours, satx


I have seasons THREE & FIVE of LONGMIRE for sale for 10.oo each or  18.oo for both.

I'll mail either/both for 1.oo postage, if you wish. - PM me if you're interested.

yours, satx

Off Topic Discussion (NON FIREARM RELATED) / A CHUCKLE FOR ALL -------
« on: January 06, 2018, 01:53:50 AM »

I got an email from a boarding-school chum this AM, as follows:

Two good 'ole boys were having beer at the local bar,  when one said, "I heard on the Outdoor Channel on TV that elk have sex 10-15 times a day during the rut."

The other fellow said, "Well, that's a H of a note.  I joined the Knights of Columbus just last week. I could have joined the Elks Club here in town."

yours, satx


I'm planning on buying a MINT "1st Year of Issue" Colt's PYTHON for my Christmas present to me BUT "she who must be obeyed" says that I have to sell some things to help pay the BIG bill.

Thus, I'm selling my VERY NICE & ARSENAL REBUILT M1 Garand with OCT 1942 Springfield Arsenal  receiver &  July 1961 barrel (that measures "within tolerance" for a NEW barrel).

Serial Number:  10347XX

(NO photos, as a serious shooter/collector will want to inspect it.)

Included is a VERY NICE Government issue-type leather sling.

Responses to:

yours, satx


My lady is 60" tall, dress size 2 & has SMALL hands. = ALL of my handguns are too big for her to shoot adequately.

I'm seeking a USED Model 36, 37, 40  or 60 SMITH & WESSON RB revolver for her to carry concealed, when she receives her LTC from the DPS.

IF you have a S&W "snubbie" that is surplus to your needs, please respond with price/photos to:

thanks, satx


As I'm transitioning to all PUMP Remington rifles, my Model 7400 engraved semi-auto .243 is for sale at 450.oo cash only.  Face-to-face sale only.
(I would also happily trade for a Model 760 Pump-rifle in .257 Roberts, as well.)

I'm in San Antonio, between New Braunfels & Broadway about 1/4 mile  West of I-35 in 78208.

responses to:

THANKS, satx

Politics, Gripes, Complaints / The ANTIFA are the REAL neo-NAZIs
« on: August 28, 2017, 09:50:04 PM »

Inasmuch as "The ANTIFA" is now routinely assaulting peaceful demonstrators, breaking windows, fighting with the police, committing arson & committing all sorts of other felony crimes, it's PAST TIME for the group to be identified as the NEW version of the NAZI SS, GESTAPO or STORMTROOPERS.

I ask every reader of this thread to WRITE & CALL the WH & your representatives in Congress to DEMAND that these criminals be UNMASKED, IDENTIFIED & ARRESTED for the felonies that they are openly/routinely committing.

The ANTIFA, BLM (and every other similar armed/violent group on the radical left) also needs to be certified as  DOMESTIC TERRORIST ORGANIZATIONS.

just my OPINIONS, satx
USA, Retired

FIREARM ACCESSORIES / NEED: Leather Single Mag Pouch for S&W Shield 9mm.
« on: August 05, 2017, 10:25:07 PM »

I'm seeking a LEATHER magazine pouch in BLACK for (preferably) horizontal carry of a S&W Shield 7-round magazine on my waist belt.

IF any of you know of a source (at a reasonable price) for such a mag pouch OR you make them, please email me at:

THANKS,  satx

FIREARM ACCESSORIES / WANTED: 100 or more 5.56NATO US Military Brass
« on: June 14, 2017, 10:39:50 AM »

I'd like to buy 100-500 additional US Military "once-fired" empty brass cases. -  If you have any cases that are surplus to your needs, I'd be interested in buying the brass.

Responses to:

yours, satx

« on: May 20, 2017, 06:11:54 PM »

After a > 2 year search, I found a Model 760 Police carbine this PM at GT Distributers in Austin & in MINT condition. - It's ex-Temple PD property & seems to have been carried very little & shot even less.
(Decent price, too.)

The only flaw is that it came with a 30-round "generic" magazine, rather than the "stock" 10 rounder.
(IF any of you have a 9 or 10 round magazine for the AR15, I hunt enough in PA to actually need one.)

Note:  I've found any number of 7615 carbines for sale but until this one the ones that I've found  were VERY over-priced (like 700-800.oo)  AND/OR "beat to pieces".

The serial number is: B85340xx.  I cannot see well enough to read the "very dimly stamped" & SMALL barrel code.
(Do any of you have a Remington receiver serial number list & can tell me the date of manufacture??)

yours, satx


I went this morning to the Alamo & visited the BOWIE KNIFE display.

I recommend that everyone here who is interested in COL Bowie & his notorious knife check out that display. = It's WELL WORTH SEEING.

Btw, The Director of The Texas General Land Office will NOT allow any photos to be made of any exhibit that is inside any of the Alamo Park buildings. - I asked the curator that question about 1100 hours today

yours, satx


I've had good luck finding things that I've looked for on this forum & am now seeking a GOOD/USED Remington Model 572 pump-rifle.

PM me if you have one for sale. - I just don't like the new ones from Remington, as they just aren't the same as the 572 rim-fire that was made just a few years ago.

yours, satx

To All,

I replaced the "stock" magazine bottom plate on my carry magazine for the S&W 9mm Shield,  with a "finger hook extension".

Therefore, the "stock" piece is surplus to my needs. - ANYONE NEED IT??

yours, satx


Just this PM I received a new holster from "my_holster" at a total price of 28.79, with FREE S&H.
(The holster-maker office is located at 6391 Corporate Park Circle, Suite 1, Ft Myers, FL 33966-1409. - "my-holster" is also a vendor on

This "tortilla-style" OTB holster is NICE & an EXCELLENT piece of leather goods and leather-craft, especially for the LOW price that I paid. = The holster is at least as good quality as holsters that I've previously paid 3-4X as many dollars for.
(I do NOT have any "connection to" the vendor other than being a happy/satisfied customer.)

just my OPINION, satx

Politics, Gripes, Complaints / POSTING ERROR
« on: April 29, 2017, 12:35:23 PM »

Handguns and Revolvers / RUGER LC9S PRO or S&W SHIELD 9MM??
« on: April 20, 2017, 10:55:51 PM »

I've been offered a S&W Shield in 9mm  AND a Ruger LC9S Pro for about the same price.
(About 20.oo difference in price, delivered.)

WHICH handgun would you buy for every day concealed carry??
(I've NOT shot either handgun.)

yours, satx


Some members of the forum KNOW that I'm "addicted to" Model 760 Remington pump-rifles AND "combination guns" of all sorts/calibers.

This morning, I heard (by email from an "old Army buddy" in MD) that his 1st cousin has just bought a  FOUR-BARREL rifle/shotgun combination that was built in the late 19th Century by Shikari Arms of British India for tiger, gaur & elephant hunting.

The "monster" is a pair of 8-gauge shotgun barrels (4" brass cased), over a pair of .577  Express for Black Powder  (.3.5 inch case) rifled barrels. = The "two over two" weighs about 35 POUNDS.
(Note: To quote the famous professional hunter, Harry Selby, "Any rifle off any caliber is 'feather-light' when carried for you by a professional gun-bearer.")

I suspect that firing that rifle/shotgun would at least as much fun  as "going a few rounds with George Foreman", when he was prize-fighting.

yours, satx

« on: April 08, 2017, 07:25:10 PM »

Up for sale is my Abu Garcia Model TEN THOUSAND & SWEDISH-MADE saltwater casting reel in GREAT condition.
(I don't get to go saltwater fishing any more as my lady is now an invalid & thus weekend trips to the Coast are just impossible.)

Note that this is NOT one of the cheaply-made RED CHINESE-made "junk reels" that are now made & "branded" Ambassadeur. - It is one of the BEST surf-casting reels ever made, too.
(This Ambassadeur 10,000 is BLACK in color.)

125.oo CASH (firm) or trade for a PAIR of Ambassadeur 5000/5500 series reels.

email me to see/buy the reel:

THANKS, satx

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