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Rifles & Shotguns / Any 17 Rim-Fire Fans Out There?
« on: Yesterday at 02:06:44 PM »
My love for the 17 Rim-fire started in about 2003 when I bought my Savage Model 93R17 in 17HMR. I bought it not long after they were introduced to the market after doing a few months research into them.

Bought mine at Gander Mountain over in Corsicana for about $280, with a 3-9 scope included. At the time, I had already pretty much gotten away from hunting, just not having the time to devote to hunting anymore, so I was transitioning more to rifles suited for target shooting. Part of that was the reason for choosing the heavy target barrel version of the Savage 93. At the time, I also was debating on whether to go with the 17HMR or replacing the 22WMR I had sold a couple of years prior. After doing my research, and deciding that I was leaning towards target shooting than hunting, I really like the promising ballistics of the 17HMR over the 22WMR. It was faster and flatter.

At the time I bought mine, the only version available with the heavier target type barrel was synthetic stocked version. Didn't really want the synthetic stock, but that's what I got anyways. I decided at some point in the future I would correct that. LOP was horribly short for me, and it felt like I was shouldering a gun for child. Now I did fall in love with the cartridge. Recoil was almost non-existent. Just a little louder than a 22WMR, but not too terribly bad.

First order of business was seeing about correcting the LOP, so I made a spacer for the stock using a 1"x4" piece of board. Not perfect, but way better. I used it like that for a couple of years, before a member on another gun forum suggested I check out Boyds Gunstocks, which I did. I found a nice laminated nutmeg in style that was appealing to me, and ordered it. a few days later when it arrived, it took me about 20 minutes to change it out. A whole world of difference! It now felt more like a rifle suited for a grown man! It shouldered so much better.

Next was replacing the scope. I ended up going with the BSA Sweet 17 scope in 6-18x40 for it. Much better scope. Now I was really able to reach out beyond a 100 yards!

Next step later on a couple of years later was bedding the rifle stock, and doing some minor trigger work. (mine was the pre-Accu-Trigger version.) Accuracy was increased a bit from these mods as well.

All in all, several times I have thought about selling the Savage, but I just can't bring myself to do it. I love that little rifle!

Off Topic Discussion (NON FIREARM RELATED) / Chuck Norris Sayings!
« on: May 19, 2019, 02:08:14 PM »
I love the Chuck Norris sayings!

The boogey-man looks under his bed for Chuck Norris!

Chuck Norris's tears could cure cancer, if Chuck Norris cried!

It's not true that Superman is vulnerable to Kryptonite. It's Chuck Norris!

Politics, Gripes, Complaints / Trump's Tax Records?
« on: May 17, 2019, 08:19:15 AM »

And Trump's tax records will prove exactly what? That we already know he's rich? Or that the liberal Democrats think the tax records would prove Russian collusion?

On personal note, I'd fight anyone every step of the way if they wanted to see MY tax records!

I was wondering if it was just me, or does anyone else see a decline in participation on forums?

I don't deny, nor make apologies for the fact that I'm a post whore, and have been for over twenty something years since I first discovered forums. I think the first forum I ever joined was a MOPAR enthusiasts forum, and couple of now defunct gun forums, and even a boating forum as well. Some years ago, I even belonged to a few forums that I used to gain technical knowledge of various types of equipment that I had to work on and maintained, that were staffed by people that were factory trained technicians.

But over the last year, maybe more, it seems like various forums I belong to are declining in participation. I wonder if people are gravitating to a different medium instead of forums or something?

Just wondering........

Doris Day passed away on 5-13-2019 at the age of 97.

Tim Conway passed away on 5-14-2019 at the age of 85.

Off Topic Discussion (NON FIREARM RELATED) / What If?
« on: May 14, 2019, 01:14:34 PM »
I have used this idea for a thread quite a few times on other various forums, and found it very entertaining and informative.

One of my favorite themes in science fiction movies and books is time travel. I find it fascinating and a way to stimulate the thinking. So the concept or idea of this thread, is what if you could go back in time and change something? Like going back to prior of WW2 and kill Hitler, or Musollini, or even Stalin, or Lenin? Or step into 1963 prior to the Kennedy assassination and stop Oswald from firing those fatal shots? Or even back to 1865 and stop Boothe from assassinating Lincoln?

What is part of the discussion, are if we COULD go back in time and change any of these events, should we, (based upon many different reasons, even the moral implications.) and IF we did change these events, what are  some of the possible alternative timelines that could have taken place?

General Survival Discussion / SHTF Preparedness........
« on: May 13, 2019, 10:16:00 AM »
SHTF Preparedness. I'm not talking about an end of the world event or major catastrophic failure of our economy or society. But natural occurring events that can and will happen to most of us at some point in time.

Back in September of 2005 when Hurricane Rita hit Texas, we were not directly affected by the hurricane, but our electric COOP was, so we were out of power for almost two weeks here at the house. Thankfully were fairly well prepared and it was of just more of a minor inconvenience, or aggravating at the worst.

For myself, it was almost like camping out! We had a generator, plenty of food and water, and means to cook by. The worst for me at that time was not being able to run the A/C and the humidity. Humidity in East Texas can be miserable. I was still able to go to work since the company I worked for had power, and I was able to do my service calls and get my jobs done. We still had water at the house, and so I was able to still take showers. Which after about the second day or so, the hot water had ran out, but in September of that year, it was  still plenty warm and humid, so taking cold showers were not the most unpleasant thing!

But having the essentials, for a short-term SHTF event is needed in order to make it through. Or to have some sort of plan in place in how to deal with one. And a person has to make a decision as to whether they are going to hunker down and stay put, and ride it out, or to make plans to go elsewhere until things come back to normal and stabilize.

Well lets see what fun we can whip up for Saturday night!  :wave1:

Well around Casa Axxe, the wife and I usually do pretty much the same thing. Find something interesting to watch on TV, sit back and talk about just about whatever may come up worth discussing, aggravate the pets, and fix a nice meal to enjoy. Tonight she is making salmon patties, homemade french fries, some French bread toasted, and green beans.

Gun News & Laws / Kirsten Gillibrand, Proposes New Gun Laws.....
« on: May 11, 2019, 07:15:08 PM »

Any time that there is another senseless shooting or massacre, involving guns, another liberal gun-hater has to get the drum beating again about stricter gun control laws and more gun restrictions. Typical crap.

Off Topic Discussion (NON FIREARM RELATED) / Lost Pets.....
« on: May 11, 2019, 01:20:30 AM »
Over the past five years or so, we have lost many of our older dogs and cats due to old age, or various things. I sort of thought about this yesterday when we lost "Buddy" a little orange cat we had for almost 12 years. She was bit sickly and the runt of the litter, and like to have died the first month. The vet didn't give her very good odds of making it, and offered to put her down for us. Nope. WE brought her home and she never got very big, but she hung around here for almost 12 years.






Marley and Mattie.


I'm just wondering how many would be up for a shooting meet in late summer or early fall here in East Texas?

I could probably host a small meeting and shooting fest here at the farm, if enough people are interested in getting together.

Gauging interest at this point.  :wave1:

More details to follow. :P

Ant questions will be answered.  :wave1:

I watched a movie last night, and it got me to thinking about what I might do in the same situation.

So here is the hypothetical situation to consider, and what would you do in that situation?

You were out hunting, or camping, or hiking in a very, very remote area, and came across a crashed plane, and upon exploring the plane, found it had been there for some time, the pilot has been dead for some time, say at least several months. So apparently the plane hasn't been located if anyone were looking for it to begin with. Now during the exploration of the plane, a couple of duffel bags of money are found, containing several millions of dollars in them in used bills, along with some bags of contraband drugs like cocaine or marijuana.

Now, more than likely the money is drug money, so it's not like if you took it, it would be really stealing, or like the drug runners are going to declare it to the cops as being stolen! And from appearances, the plane has been sitting there not found for quite some time.

So what would you do in that scenario?

I ask this as purely a hypothetical situation, based off watching a movie and some others, very similar in the past.

Off Topic Discussion (NON FIREARM RELATED) / Weekend Plans......
« on: May 04, 2019, 12:51:11 PM »
So what ya gonna do this weekend? Got any plans? Anything fun going on?

Meh? Well today, O'm just going to hang out here at the house, staying dry mostly as there looks like another chance of rain coming. At least I won't need to water the garden today! Probably just surf a few gun forums and the internet a bit. Going to fire up the grill later on and do some chicken leg quarters, some sausages and hot links, make some macaroni salad, and something else!

Tomorrow, we might attempt to catch the bull calves and try and get them castrated and ear tagged. Still waiting on the last of the new A/C parts to arrive for the tractor.

Climbing up on my soapbox and sharing my rants. JIC, anyone was interested!  :wave1:

I am astounded at some people in politics. The ran and were elected to a position, that many times they totally lack any experience in, or lacking of any knowledge, or ability to perform the job requires. So why are people who lack qualifications for a position being elected?

Because they look good to the people who voted for them, and they said all the cute little buzz-words that appealed to the masses.

And when they talk, to anyone with any common sense, and with an IQ above a turnip, they come off sounding like complete idiots! Many times they have no idea as to what they are talking about, and the more they talk about something, the more apparent that becomes. Reminds me of an old saying, "Better to remain silent and to be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt."

Okay, I'm climbing off my soapbox for now, and letting some else climb on up!  :wave1:

General Survival Discussion / Home Security, Or The Lack Of It.
« on: May 03, 2019, 03:48:45 PM »
Home security. I think people will think of different things when they think of home security. And to be honest, different strokes, for different folks.

What is needed or wanted is IMO purely an individuals specific or particular needs that will ultimately decide what is best for them. There are way too many various factors, that will make such decisions very personal for an individual. IOW's, what is best for myself, or someone else, may not be the best choice for another person. Too many variables means there is, or can be just one answer for everyone. Home security is personal, and needs to take into account the individual's unique circumstances in order to be effective and to work effectively for that person.

Some things I will touch upon are based on my own decisions, and from my perspectives and from my experiences and observations over the years.

First of all. Guns for part of the home security planning. Yes, of course! It is after all a gun forum! Okay, that aside, but what guns? First and foremost for myself, the regular old pump 12 gauge shotgun is my personal favorite for things that might go bump in the night. My reasons? Simple. The shotgun is very versatile weapon of choice for home security. The are for the most part very simple to operate, they don't require the same precision in aiming that pistols and rifle do, and they work very well in the close confines of shorter distances of what would be expected they would be used inside a house. In simple terms, they just work very well. Now, that doesn't mean a shotgun is the only, or the best weapon for home security, just what I consider the best choice for my needs and circumstances. Again, everyone has to factor in their own unique circumstances and environment to determine what is best for themselves.

The first line of defense in home security. Not letting the bad guys get into the home in the first place. One of my first lines of defenses are my dogs. The alert and let me know when someone has entered onto our property. Knowing someone is there is crucial IMO, as it leads to being better prepared. But again, not everyone can or wants dogs. So that should be taken into account. And here is where I will deviate from what some may think about dogs, or what some may tell you about having a dog as part of your home security planning. I don't need, nor really want an aggressive dog. They can be a liability of someone is ever bitten by them, and even if that person had some less than legal reasons for being on your property. Even if you have signs warning people of having aggressive dogs, you can still be held liable for damages if someone is bitten by them. Now what I like, are large dogs that bark. A stranger, whether friendly, or unfriendly, comes onto your property and encounters a large barking dog, is going to stop and think of what they should do! It's a large dog, and it's barking at their arrival and being there on your property, and they have no idea if this dog is aggressive or not. And that is the entire point nad the advantage you have.

More to follow!  :wave1:

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