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Handguns and Revolvers / Uberti Cimarron SAA Colt Clone
« on: May 31, 2018, 05:09:05 AM »
Picked up a 5.5" Cimarron by Uberti Evil Roy edition in .45C. I'm a Ruger fan but I actually like this gun more because of the "real" hammer with firing pin, etc. It still has the coloring I prefer on the Vaquero, better grips, smoother action and I couldn't find an original full size Vaquero locally.

Some may know I have been looking for an original full size version of the Ruger Vaquero in .45C with the 5.5" barrel in CCH color scheme and for sale locally by an individual for a price I can afford....too many caveats.  Instead I got this.  One of the main attributes of the upscale Evil Roy edition (as compared to the standard model P Cattleman) is the professional action job and spring selection they receive in addition to the hand-checkered grips.

I've had brass, dies, and even two molds for .45 long before I got this so it was an easy step to come home with this gun for the first time yesterday and cook up a cylinder's worth of first meal. Not an ideal mold for the cartridge but for now it will do. Lyman 452374 (better suited for .45ACP) at 225gr, Used brass with 6.8gr W231 and a WLPP at 1.600" OAL and crimped with a Lee FCD.

I plan on getting the Lee 452-255-RF mold and use some Titegroup too.

$160 cash each or get the pair for $300.  Face to face for cash to Texas residents who can own a firearm legally.  Your response to this post is your affirmation of legality. 

I can meet as far east as Sherman, as far south as Denton, as far west as Nocona.  I could possibly trade as well so send me offers.

1983 Marlin 75C (short barrelled version of a model 60).  Late '80's wood stock I refinished to look better than original. New trigger guard assembly from Brownell's. No name 3-9X40 scope (the kind that used to come with Marlin package guns) with new tip off rings.  Freshly cleaned and oiled inside and out.  Sights reinstalled.  Bluing is thin on barrel but is not pitted.  It was a mess when I got it but it's pretty nice now.

2015 Marlin Model 60. All OEM with exception of wood finish.  Previous owner did some experiments with the finish and I re-did it with TruOil.  Looks very nice.  Have to get very close to see any of the various minor bumps.  Blueing is very nice. No rust or pits. No name 3-9X40 scope (the kind that used to come with Marlin package guns) with new tip off rings.  Freshly cleaned and oiled inside and out. 

Introduce Yourself / New Old New Member
« on: April 22, 2018, 04:13:35 AM »
First post.  Joined nearly two years ago.  My interests are limited to:
    single action revolvers
    repair and tinkering
    auto-loading pistols
    rimfire rifles
    AK platform rifles
    lever action rifles
    double action revolvers
    rimfire pistols
    AR platform rifles
    rimfire revolvers

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