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Title: Prepared not Parinoid
Post by: papabear on February 08, 2018, 05:19:01 AM
I carry 24-7 and train, not just punch paper, on a regular basis.
As a retired instructor I emphasized the need for regular training and spend at least 80% of training time on the most probable assaults that are faced today.
Contact distance robbery w/ a weapon.
Home invasion. In Texas this is the fastest growing violent crime. Not the most committed crime but fastest growing.
My experience training people was that MANY would not carry on their person or carry very "under armed."
It is in my truck.
380 in my pocket. Some w/o even a pocket holster.
When you need this thing there is no time to go to your truck and get it. To access a pocket gun requires distraction of some sort and a LOT of practice w/ the short barrels. Yes I have seen many completely miss at 6ft.

I carry on my person. 24-7 unless posted. OWB. Ruger GP100 in .357. 2 speed loader reloads. It is my experience that regular forum members are the most prepared and most consistent in carry.

What is your "carry criteria?"
Title: Re: Prepared not Parinoid
Post by: dred on February 08, 2018, 08:47:17 AM
Day to day - 1 5/8" North American Arms Holster Grip loaded with 22 Mag clipped to my strong side pocket.  I'm in my customers' back yards so my biggest threat is their new puppy or the neighbors' dogs.

Out and about - Sig 938 IWB appendix or OWB 330/4oclock or 1911 (45ACP, 10mm, 9mm or 22TCM) same location; 1911 10 round spare mags for 45 and 10mm in truck.

Woods - Doublestack 1911 w/ 14+1 rounds of 460 Rowland.

Home - whichever I came home wearing.
Title: Re: Prepared not Parinoid
Post by: Alte Schule on February 08, 2018, 09:55:30 AM
I consider a firearm(s) at home to be just another layer of protection for my me, my family and property. Outside I have  motion detection cameras mounted outside and will have a couple inside soon. Some outside you can see others you cannot. I get an audible alarm on my I phone if triggered which means I get to see a lot of Texas wildlife such as possums, raccoons and birds but I can also see who's walking up my driveway. I can also bring up a live view from any camera on my phone.
Dead bolts on all doors as well as door security bars https://www.amazon.com/Master-Lock-265DCCSEN-Dual-Function-Security/dp/B0002YUX on the front and back doors. Tamper proof window locks are also installed.
I carry a Colt Detective Special in .38 SP and one speed loader when I'm out. I keep a Beretta 84 FS double stack .380 in my car. I'm now pricing car video cameras.
Being cautious isn't being paranoid. There is evil in our world.  By keeping your head on a swivel and being prepared to confront evil with the tools available to you is, to me, just the sensible thing to do.
Title: Re: Prepared not Parinoid
Post by: DCD327 on February 08, 2018, 11:11:36 AM
The wife and I both carry 9mm CZ's as our EDC's.
She has a Rami BD, I have a PCR 95% of the time.

Since all CZ 75 series mags work in all CZ 75 series pistols,, I have my full size 75 series
 16 round mags stashed all over the place. Spares in vehicles, around the house, and we both  carry a spare mag as well.

I live rural which also gives me carry options as 4 legged critters are more likely than 2.
So I sometimes carry a .45 or .357 revolver when messing around home or at camp.

Last year I shot about 6000 rounds in multiple weapons platforms.
 So Id say I keep up with my training enough. :P

We also have (3) German Shepherds. So our home has multiple layers of protection. We also mostly take one of  them along on trips to town.  Usually the  87 lb female since she not only listens so well, she is in protection mode 100% of the time and not shy about letting people know it.  :th_thicon_idea:.
Title: Re: Prepared not Parinoid
Post by: Axxe55 on February 12, 2018, 07:24:15 PM
being prepared is not being paranoid. how many people have fire extinguisher, or smoke detectors? JIC they might be needed.

same reason people carry a firearm for self defense. JIC.

now i live in very rural part of our county. LE response times could range from 15 minutes to an hour or more, depending upon time of day, where the deputies are, and how many are on duty, and what other calls they may be involved with if i had to make a 911 call for an emergency. so in many ways, our personal safety does pretty much fall upon my shoulders.

crime in very area is pretty much simple things for the most part. maybe some minor thefts of various things while people are away during the day at work. mailbox bashings occasionally on weekends by i'm assuming drunk teenagers. (ours has been trashed three times in 13 years now.)

but about three maybe four years ago, not maybe even three miles from where we live, an elderly lady was robbed, beaten and killed by three or four young men. while granted, a very isolated crime, it did drive home the reality, that it could, and did happen. while remote that it would happen again, i choose not to take any chances. not taking such a heinous crime like this serious IMO, is acting foolishly, and not accepting responsibility for one's own personal safety.

so yes, i'm prepared, by being armed with something at all times, or at the very least within easy reach if not on me.
Title: Re: Prepared not Parinoid
Post by: DCD327 on February 12, 2018, 09:09:52 PM
The ONLY question you really need to ask yourself is this,,


If the answer is YES, then fine, make your funeral arrangements now so your stupidity does not continue to affect those around you after you are dead.

If the answer is NO,, then take the simple steps needed  to STOP it,  BEFORE it happens.

Title: Re: Prepared not Paranoid
Post by: TXAZ on February 12, 2018, 09:20:30 PM
One of the best managers I ever worked for gave some sage business advice that is applicable in any situation where a business, or in this case potentially lethal threat, is present:
"Be a little paranoid".  You know what should happen and prepared for what could happen.  But what might happen under the wrong conditions?  Who might be out to get you?  And what's the unlikely long shot that could put you out of business?  Technically a bit paranoid, but in reality a pretty good test strategy.

Just a thought.
Title: Re: Prepared not Parinoid
Post by: satx78247 on February 12, 2018, 11:17:41 PM
To All,

We are NOT paranoid. -  We won't & don't go out looking for trouble. Otoh, we are prepared for trouble, should trouble come looking for us.
(Having had to defend our family farm from 4 murderous, drugged-up,  thugs about 15 years ago, I promised myself then  that we would never be heedless of the possibilities for grave danger again. = Had the county patrol not been about 15 minutes away, I would likely not be on this forum. Instead, I would likely be DEAD.)

yours, satx
Title: Re: Prepared not Parinoid
Post by: Axxe55 on February 13, 2018, 12:05:06 AM
i think some would think if a person carries, for protection that they must be paranoid. like as DCD327 asked. well i have no desire to be a victim, or to have to rely on others to assume the responsibility of keeping myself or my loved one safe from harm. that is my job, and i feel i am better able and equipped to handle it on my own.

i also think that those in LE are tasked with that responsibility to protect and defend us. well from my own past experiences and observations, (and this is not a condemning of those in LE by any means.) that LE officers are reactive to a crime, rather than proactive. usually they are on scene after the bad has already happened, or while it's happening in some cases. and they are also just outnumbered by the citizens to LE officer ratio. they just are not able to be everywhere to be able to protect everyone. it's just not possible.

and my thoughts are if the cops show up to draw a chalk outline around my dead body, i sure as hell hope there is pile of empty brass at my feet, and at least a few of the bad guys dead as well!  :wave1: