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All the deputies in my sons department have a PSA 300 Blackout AR 15 pistol in a headache rack above the windshield of their patrol vehicles. They all use the Sig Romeo red dot. Their about $130 on line.
Off Topic Discussion (NON FIREARM RELATED) / Re: Fireworks gone wrong
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All truth or not, it does put forth some very interesting things to ponder.

The whole Lebanese government just up and QUIT today.

2 years ago, 20 billion dollars disappeared out of the Lebanese treasury.

The country is broke.

The grain  Elevators that were destroyed, are not only the main supply point for all of Lebanon, but oddly, they were emptied out 2 months ago.

That certainly raises a few questions.

As of today, $250 million dollars to rebuild and help the people is available, but with conditions. The main condition is the Lebanese government cant have it. The money and aide must go to the Lebanese people, as it should, considering how corrupt that government has been.

The other wrinkle is Hezbollah in power, also a terroist organization and publically allied to Iran.

Sending medical and food aide should be fairly easy to get that into the hands of the people. but the simple fact of the matter is Lebanon is heading into a major famine in weeks, if not days.

Its going to be a bad, and very tricky  situation any way you slice it.

And I cant imagine ANY country that offers aide is going to do it without looking after their own  interest. Germany and France both offered help, but both no doubt want that easy oil and gas.

And Hezbollah is already threatening citizens not to accept help from outsiders.

This may possibly be the end of Hezbollah, because even if Iran props them back up, they cant feed the rest of the country, which will likely head right back into a civil war.

If dont look too good any way you slice it.
Didnít know that about EOTech... good to know...
Everyone can have their own opinion. I only buy military grade optics for my self defense rifles.

As for the Eotech 0 I owned sveeral years ago. I'll never buy one again. The company got caught lying and had a recall. And, the damn nitrogen gas leaks out of them every 3 years or so, and ya gotta pay for them to be repaired. I like the reticle, but I wouldn't buy one again.
With the shorter barrel my AR-15 kept kicking my EOTech off, the cheap chinese sight held on and kept on target. For self defense, Iím not looking to shoot farther than 50 yards from my truck. If my target is further away Iím driving away.
See, I count my guns as a self defense weapon, and I don't want any of those cheaper, Chinese optics.

But he is talking about a 308. I'd buy something that can handle that kind of recoil....

The 308 SCAR is known to eat optics... Even higher end ones.
If I shot competitively, which I don’t, or a serious big game hunter, which I’m not, I could see spending some money on a high dollar optic. The most expensive optic I have is a Burris Fast Fire 3. I think I paid $275 for it several years ago. It’s the only red dot that will work on my PMR 30. It's light enough with a custom rail to ensure the slide cycles correctly. I had to talk myself into it though but I’m glad I did. I have a friend that has optics on his several AR’s that cost at least as much as or more than the rifle. One is a quick acquisition scope that is cool as chit.

For all my long guns I have bought $50 to $100 optics off of Amazon. Haven’t been disappointed with any of them. Punching paper and steel is the game for me so these scopes are great for my needs. For my AR I have a budget scope/w laser on a half inch riser so I can also use the flip up sights. On my CZ Scorpion S3 Evo carbine I have a budget scope w/laser “co witnessed” to the iron sights. I bought a $50 Pinty brand 10x40 scope w/laser and three color lighted reticle for my new Ruger Carbine. Haven’t shot it yet but I ll be doing a “co-witness” alignment when I do. I should admit one of my favorite hobbies is accessorizing my long guns. What I have on them now might be different next week. I buy new rails, MLok attachments, lights, optics and grips all the time.

FWIW that high dollar optic you have on boomer is double awesome. That whole setup you have on that rifle is over the top. Go on Amazon and look around. If it looks decent for $100 or less I probably have or have had it. Shoot me a PM I’m always happy to talk accessories.

I am super, super picky about optics. I have tried numerous ones. I have eye issues, so it really matters to me.

My two favorite are the Mepro 21 with triangle reticle ($450) and the Aimpoint Micro ($750 range). You might want magnified for that. The Accupoint are my favorite magnified scopes. They are not very cheap, though.

My fav accupoint is: - MSRP is over $1k, but you should be able to find one for less than $900
I have a 7.5 inch AR-15 in the truck with a cheap red/green dot sight ($40) but also with back up flip up sights. Itís easy to turn on or flip up and itís accurate up to 50 yards with both sights (at least thatís as far as Iíve shot it).
It's all cool. Everyone has different musical interests. I just happen to be a huge fan of his and have been for many, many years now.
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