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What I'd really want, but can never afford, is a LNIB S&W Md 27 with a 3.5" barrel.  I've seen them at gun shows and at the National Firearms Museum at the NRA Headquarters.  I have owned a couple Md 28s, a 4" and 6" and sold them both because of their weight and 6 round limitations.  But a Md 27, so shinny and soo pretty.  I'd never shoot it, at least not much.

Handguns and Revolvers / Re: Ordered a Beretta APX
« on: June 17, 2019, 08:58:08 PM »
What holster are you going to use for it?  I'm looking at an AZULA OWB leather paddle holster.  Never had one of this brand.  The paddle is even leather, which is kind of a throw back to the early days of paddle holsters.  I like to use paddle holsters or snap-on holsters because I usually switch to a smaller gun in a pocket holster around the house.  And with so many doctor appointments for my wife and I (old age ain't for sissies) it's easier on the me to use a paddle than a belt holster (every medical place I've been to here or in Virginia is a "victim hunting ground" if you know what I mean).  Never got used to an inside the waist band or clip on like so many skinny guys do.

Anyway, just wondering about the holster.  I like my compact (just got it) as the factory sent it too.  With the other two backstraps staying in the box with that stupid trigger lock.  That's what them make safes for.

Handguns and Revolvers / Re: Ordered a Beretta APX
« on: June 09, 2019, 08:55:50 PM »
I was looking for a smaller gun and ordered a APX Compact.  It'll be a week before I can get my hands on it.  I've got a Glock 19 but really don't like it that much, even after I had it modified for "glock knuckle".  But, I have a nice MTR holster for it and others so I keep it for those times I feel "blockish".   :th_thicon_lol:

Congrats on your buy and I hope its as great a gun as all the reviews say it is.

Handguns and Revolvers / Re: Any Beretta fans?
« on: June 06, 2019, 08:42:37 PM »
I'm not sure if I'm a fan yet.  I had an older 92F police trade in from Louisiana over a decade ago and eventually sold it.  I just picked up a used M9 and had Blackjack gunsmithing install a decocker kit from Beretta.  I watched the YouTube video on intallation and decided it was easier to pay the $35 for someone else to do it.  Especially since I don't have a dedicated work shop in the rental we're in now.

One of these days I'll get out to the range with it, but for now I have so many other guns that need to be shot.  Like the S&W Model 30 3inch I just bought.

Handguns and Revolvers / New to me S&W 15-3 with Tyler T-Grip
« on: May 31, 2019, 10:27:30 PM »
I picked this P&R Md15-3 off a well known auction site.  I was the only bidder and it went for a very low price.  I was surprised.  I bought it for nostalgia since my 10 years as a USAF Law Enforcement Spec. I only carried a Md 15-2.  Well before the M9 generation.

I posted some pics on the Smith and Wesson forum to see what folks had to say about the finish.  I thought it might be NP3, but Robar said no.  Other options were thrown out by forum members.  I settled on original nickle someone had bead blasted.  But I'm not willing to spend $75 to find out with a SWCA letter.  Besides, I intend on shooting this along with my other 3 Md 15s.

I know the grips are new reproductions and fit okay but I wanted something old school.  So I found Tyler Mfg. and ordered a T-grip in aluminum.  Took about 7 weeks to get to me even though the website said 3-4 weeks. At least they are still manufacturing them.  I just installed them and although they aren't quite what I hoped, I think the gun looks nice with them on.

Now to the range one day to see if it shoots.

Thanks for listening.

Politics, Gripes, Complaints / Re: Trump's Tax Records?
« on: May 31, 2019, 08:25:55 PM »
In my considered opinion, which has absolutely no value, I'd fight the tax records request from Congress.  The tax laws are so complex that even I don't grasp the complete fundamentals and I've been paying taxes for 45 years.  I doubt anyone in the Congress could figure it out either.

In my younger years when I was working on getting my BA (1980s) I took a personal tax class as part of my required accounting classes.  The text book was written by 10 IRS agents.  The course was taught by a Revenue Agent.  We never got a straight answer in class and always had to wait a week for the instructor to check all the implications.  Short story is; I had the 2nd class highest average; in the low 60's.  I got one of two A grades given out (hell of a curve).  He failed anyone below a 40 average which was about half the class. 

Now I wonder how Nancy, Chuck, Nadler and AOC would fare in a personal/business tax test???????

A final word.  I received my LTC today in the mail.  That makes it 11 workdays from the application submission/prints done to issuance and delivery.  The shortest time it ever took me in VA was 30+ days for a renewal. 

So, I'm a happy camper now and carrying my R51!  (plus spare ammo of course!)

I bought a Uberti "clone" 1873 with short octagonal barrel more than a decade ago for SASS back when I lived in VA.  Had it locally slicked up for competition.   It's in .357 Mag, but I've only shot mid-range loaded cowboy .38spls.  Its a fantastic gun and one day my youngest daughter will get it.  Assuming she doesn't go full-liberal on me and swear off firearms (she already has 3 of my handguns).

I also own a Marlin 1894 in .44 Mag.  Only shooting cowboy loads in it for now.  I have some hot .44 Spl defense loads I'll try out one of these days.  Don't know if this is a Remlin or not, but it works fine for me and is relatively accurate at 75 yards considering my eyesight.  I mean, I can hit the 8" black circle all the time, but the grouping is like buck shot.  That's on me.

I've been thinking of getting a Henry in .327 Mag to go with my Ruger SA, but they're expensive on Social Security.  And I don't know how practical it would be.  I'd love to fall into a Rossi .45 Colt at a decent price, but that hasn't happened yet.  Probably never will.

Anyway, my Italian clone 1873 and American made 1894 work fine for me.

Gee, that's like asking which one of my three daughters I love the most.  But since it's just a poll of well informed shooters, here goes.

Of all my many handguns I've owned and still own, I would have to say a S&W Md 10 4inch heavy barrel after the trigger job.  It's my go to range gun.  Actually, I have 4 plus a Md 65 heavy barrel so they all are my fav.

As for what's next or what if;  I wish I still had a S&W Md39 or 439.  I've sold both my Md 39's (one in '75 and the other in 2013).  I'd love for another, but they really aren't practical in today's market and they are expensive unless you want to settle for junk.  As for the Md 439, an internal piece of the frame that guided the firing pin block release cracked than broke completely rendering this fine gun useless.  It went for parts as a frame repair was never in the question as S&W actually forged the frame on those early models.

So, that's my answer.  Or answers or.....

PS:  I loved my Kahr K9 I bought as a LEO trade in.  The trigger was so smooth it was like not pulling it at all, but the gun was heavy and kept pulling my pants down when I carried it.  I sold it to a good trading buddy of mine when I live in VA who kept asking until I gave in.  That gun I wish I kept just because.

Hey, thanks for all the comments so far.  Watch that geriatric talk, I just celebrated my 66th and resemble that remark!  :-)   

I'd never buy another Glock 26.  Had one and fired it many times, but actually hated it.  Gave me Glock knuckle.  I finally got rid of it.  For 9mm carry, I prefer my Gen 2 Remington R51 or Kahr CT9.  Both single stacks and limited in ammo count for their size but each has over 400 rounds of HP through them with zero defects for the R51 and zero for the Kahr after the first 100 rounds.  I suppose if I were to carry a double stack again, it'd probably be a compact PX4.  I don't have one, but I've had a full-size and loved the rotating barrel concept.  I replaced it with a Cougar 8000F which is the metal forerunner Beretta made and sold off to Stoeger when Beretta went polymer with the concept.   It really helped the recoil.

I do have one Glock 19 that I had the trigger guard modified by Blackjack gunsmithing to help mitigate the knuckle problem.  But's kind of big for a short fat guy like me to carry.

Thanks again.

Just came back from Shady Oaks range in Cedar Park.  I had bought a used Taurus M380 revolver that uses .380 acp in moon clips.  I fired mostly Golden Sabre 102 grn. Stopped at 35 rounds.  Didn't like it at all.  Lots of recoil and the clips didn't always fit well enough to let the gun cycle.  This one will be cleaned and put in the back of the safe for another day.

On the hand, I shot my S&W 380EZ with the same ammo and loved it.  Also shot some of the Creedmoor .380 with the Hornady XTP bullet.  This gun liked it too.  Of course it's a bigger gun and meant for belt carry.  But it's nice to shoot at the range and the mags are so easy to load with their little buttons on the sides so you don't need a tool.

I can't recommend highly enough this S&W for anyone who wants a slightly larger semi-auto than the pocket bruisers but doesn't like the full 9mm recoil of the belt carry size single stack.  I've got half a dozen single stack 9mms and 5of the 380 "pocket" size and between them all, I'll take the 380EZ to the range first. 


Moved here from VA a year ago.  Had a License to Carry for almost 10 years there.  It was nulled and void the moment I registered as a Texan for my DL.  I finally got past some health issues and completed the class/test/shooting and submitted my paperwork.  According to the official website, it took them only 6 working days to approve my license.  It's in the "pending printing" stage.

As soon as I get it I'll go back to what I carried in VA, a Gen2 Remington R51.  I know, everyone  laughed in VA too.  But, it's slimmer than my Shield, slightly heavier which is okay, handles +P without a problem, and is flat.  Really flat.  And this Gen 2 has had over 400 rounds, all hollow points with 50 +P HPs and 50 +P Pow'r balls.  Zero, that,s 0, problems.  I can't say that for any other new gun I've shot or have to carry.

I also have a trusty Gen 1 S&W 380 Bodguard with laser for pocket carry when needed.  And zero problems with that either.  Maybe I'm just lucky.


Introduce Yourself / Moved here from VA last year
« on: May 27, 2019, 09:34:52 PM »
Hi,  Just moved here from Virginia last year to be near my daughter who lives near Elgin.  Did a little shooting back East.  Mostly range stuff.  Competed in SASS for about 6 years till my health made it too difficult to stay outside long enough to shoot a match.  Used the NRA indoor range mostly in Fairfax VA (in the basement of their Headquarters building)  Belonged to a local Izaak Walton club with an outdoor range, but I don't see any Izaak Walton clubs in Austin.  Don't see any SASS clubs in Austin either, close, but I still doubt I could shoot a whole match.

NRA Life member, Glock Shooting Sports Life member, Gun Owners of America member, and USAF (Ret E-7).


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