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Tacos in Brownsville.
Granddaughter turned 1 today.
That's awesome. Something about my grand kids, have three, that puts a smile on my face. Youngest, 17,  came over a couple hours ago and asked to borrow my 5.0 Genesis for a date tonight. Gave him $20 and told him to take his grandma's new SUV.
Before you know it TXAZ that same day's a comin'.

Daughter in Laws Philly cheese steak with peppers and onions on Asiago cheese bread.  :th_thicon_idea:

Handguns and Revolvers / Re: ..replica 1885 Army Colt..
« on: Today at 04:33:38 PM »
What does he favor? Replica 1800’s Cavalry,0ld West gunslinger/cowboy type or something more modern? Maybe something inexpensive that just works?

Cars, Trucks, Bikes, Atvs / Re: ..2020 corvette article..
« on: Yesterday at 07:40:17 PM »
I've had a C3 '72 454 4 sp manual CI Ragtop, C5 '03 350 CI 4 sp auto Ragtop  and a '11 Grand Sport 6 sp manual with the targa (removable) hard top. Don't believe I had a problem with any of them.
Want a '15 - '18 C7 for around 45k and less than 20k miles.

Outdoors / Re: ..another Project..
« on: Yesterday at 05:29:42 PM »
I have Fred Flintstone flat feet and have had some type of foot/feet problems since I can remember. I haven't had a flare up of Plantar since I retired two years ago and can only share with you what worked for me. I bought two pair of these for my work shoes and put two in my right work boot. These worked fairly well but wasn't a magic cure. Did alleviate the pain noticeably when walking.

The best thing, bar none, were these Sonuk yoga mat flip flops. Going on three years now with the same pair. I wear these everywhere that casual dress is allowed and when the temperature is above fifty. A little pricey but they helped me more than anything else I tried.

Cars, Trucks, Bikes, Atvs / Re: ..2020 corvette article..
« on: Yesterday at 12:28:51 PM »
I like Corvette's and have had a few but this one, to me, looks to much like a Camaro. That's not necessarily a bad thing but although the new C8 design is OK I prefer the previous model(s) styling. Chevrolet going to a mid engine sports car is a pretty radical step so it remains to be seen what, if any, mechanical problems that sometimes plague new model vehicles are reported.

From what I have read the majority of the first production models have been sold to buyers that have been on a waiting list since last year and that dealers will be tacking on a $5k to $10k  "premium" to the MSRP of remaining stock. I am waiting to see if the the C7 & C8 models will be discounted. Should find out by the beginning of the year.

Gun News & Laws / S&W brings back the Model 648 in .22 WMR
« on: August 14, 2019, 07:26:19 PM »
I have always liked the .22 Magnum round. Whats not to like (except the internal lock) about a 6 inch 8 shot stainless revolver. The previous discontinued Model 648 brings $1200 or more nowadays. Will be going to my LGS tomorrow to see if I can order one for half that or close to it.

Handguns and Revolvers / Re: ..AIM Surplus..
« on: August 13, 2019, 07:25:59 PM »
Out of stock. By the time I entered my CC number I was too late.  :bangheadonwall:

Tech Zone / Re: ..heart monitor..
« on: August 12, 2019, 06:46:02 PM »
Did they check you for plantar fasciitis? I have had it a couple times and symptoms are just as you prescribe. Pain in the heel w/o warning, slowly fades away until you start walking.

Politics, Gripes, Complaints / Re: ..ref Epstein suicide..
« on: August 11, 2019, 05:48:27 PM »
Most health services for large city and county jails belong to a national certification program that pretty much sets the standards for medical and mental health services for inmates.
I don't know everything but I do know this. You can't keep a prisoner on suicide watch forever. When a inmate is deemed a suicide risk all of his property is taken from him, stripped down, given a tear proof smock and placed in a special cell. He has to be reevaluated every 48-72 hours.
Reevaluations are, at best, an educated guess. Epstein is a classic manipulator and honed his craft when he was in a Florida prison for a couple of years. For him it was probably pretty easy to get off suicide watch. Answer the questions right. Be sincere and convince staff he is in no danger to himself. Smile a lot.
If someone wants to kill themselves there is only so much a person can do to prevent it if at all. Once off suicide watch he was given his clothes back and probably placed in a management cell where he was eyeballed every fifteen minutes or so. That's more than enough time to do what your going to do.
But then again there's the Clinton angle Trump has been tweeting about.........


Gun News & Laws / Re: ..tar, feather, rail-riding..
« on: August 10, 2019, 12:45:20 PM »
Playing devils advocate here. Like Texas, Missouri is a constitutional carry state. You can openly carry a long gun or handgun in public as long as long as your not menacing anyone with it. Would also bet there is no law against wearing body armor. If he didn't threaten anyone what law did he break?
Being a dumbass in public isn't a law but it should be for this idiot. My bet is once the political climate cools off, like it always does, his lawyer gets him off or he pleads to some low grade misdemeanor gets a fine and picks up trash along the side of the road for a few weekends never to be heard from again. The Missouri legislator try's to pass or does pass some meaningless firearm law then pats each other on the back with shouts of a job well done.
Due to the world wide press coverage this guy received he just put another nail in the coffin, albeit a small one, for the anti 2A's to use. What he really needs is to be taken behind the courthouse and given a stern lecture about rights. Not the firearm kind of rights but the arm/fist kind.

Tactical Shooting / Re: PCC Pistol Caliber Carbine
« on: August 10, 2019, 11:55:43 AM »
Not exactly the Houston area but have two pistol caliber carbines. Freedom Ordnance AR FX 9 that takes Glock magazines and a CZ EVO Scorpion both in 9mm. Both great shooters. Looking to add something in 10mm or 45 ACP soon.

BTW happy birthday!

Love me sum chicken spaghetti.  :th_thicon_idea:

Cars, Trucks, Bikes, Atvs / Re: I hit the milestone on my car
« on: August 07, 2019, 05:55:48 PM »
Not to change the subject but I'm having a devil of a time (pun intended) trying to figure out what car 'ol Beelzebub is driving. Has an aftermarket tach on the steering column so I would guess it's got a little umph to it for street or drag racing. Blew up the photo to get a look at the emblem on the steering wheel but still to blurry.
My father had a '66 Mustang with the same color interior, same type of bucket seats and steering wheel so my guess is it is a mid 60's drop top Ford Mustang or Falcon.
308 Nato, Axxe or anybody else have a guess.

Off Topic Discussion (NON FIREARM RELATED) / Re: TV Worth Watching?
« on: August 07, 2019, 05:27:20 PM »
I prefer watching Sean Connery later in his career and think that Daniel Craig "works well" as 007 - but that could be (for me) that the movies that he's in are just plain better than the earlier Bond ones

I am a fan of the Borne trilogy and think that Matt Damon is a very talented actor

thinking that Connery, Tom Selleck as well as John Wayne were much better in their later acting life
Tango, in case you didn't know there is a fourth movie with Damon as Bourne. Came out in '16 "Jason Bourne" is the title. Pretty good.
Another movie I like is Damon's buddy Ben Affleck's The Accountant. Hate their left leaning politics though.


Politics, Gripes, Complaints / Re: Panic attack
« on: August 06, 2019, 10:01:41 PM »

Supply and demand works pretty well even when the markets are spooked.  It's like Trump and China negotiation.
You called it my man. Prior to the time of the artificial ammo crisis I had at least 4-5K of 22 LR. Most of it 20 -30 years old loose in big Tupperware bowls so I never ran out. Gave plenty to friends and family members.

Trump ain't going to cow to China. He wants a level field and I bet he gets it.

Cars, Trucks, Bikes, Atvs / Re: that 1 set of wheels
« on: August 06, 2019, 09:24:43 PM »
Thanks to all the replies. I did get a set of good wheels. Now I am looking for a pair of rear tires 225/60/15. They do not seem to be easily available.
Discount Tire is my go to store:

You know that had to hurt. Idiot.

Politics, Gripes, Complaints / Re: Panic attack
« on: August 06, 2019, 02:13:41 PM »
I have been through quite a few of these "gun and ammo panics" over the years. The usually always given some time stabilize then return to normal. The ones I really hate are the profiteers and scalpers who drive those prices even higher. They don't care about gun rights, just making a profit off the unknowing and ill-informed buyers.
During the manufactured ammo (.22 LR and 9 mm in my area) scare a few years ago I went to the big Houston Gun Collector show at the NRG convention. Not looking for ammo just going to see if I could find something of interest.
Walking in the door I saw a big "AMMO" sign towards the back. We worked our way through the dealers tables and about a half hour later ended up by the ammo dealer. These guys were selling 100 count plastic sleeves of CCI mini mags for $25, 500 count boxes of Thunderbolts for $60 and other over priced crap. What was sad was people standing in line money in hand, glazed look in their eyes, raised voices and jostling each other. There was a cop back there just to keep the peace. It was a circus.

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