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I agree with others, I didn't care if he was gay or not.  I just got tired of his anti-Trump rhetoric.  Maybe someone from their fill-in anchors they plan to run will click and it'll all fall back together.

In hindsight, there always seems to be a "sweet spot" in life, for jobs, media, music, that sort of thing.  And then one day its gone and you have to wait for the next spot.  So it was with Shep and Fox.  Now, I'm just waiting.......

I was honored once to view the NRO musuem in Chantilly, VA, while I worked in the Pentagon.  I only lived 5 miles from their main offices and was invited to a "non-classified" area for a promotion ceremony for someone I used to work for.  If you get the chance, it's really interesting to see what they de-classified for the displays.  Never had a clue on some of it.

On 9/11, my wife was in the Pentagon and I was working in a near-by office building.  God looked out for both of us and we got home safely, although it took hours in the traffic and we didn't know if each other had made it since the cell phone service shut down.  We watched Sheppard Smith on Fox during the whole aftermath of the event and enjoyed his coverage.

Then Roger Ailes passed and we watched Shep talk about what a kind man Roger was and how Roger helped Shep when he was being blackmailed as a gay man, who was still in the closet then, to fight through the blackmail and come out.  Shep never saw the alleged sexual predator side of the man like so many women stated.

Then Trump ran, and Shep showed his true colors.  A "Never Trumper" and quasi liberal.  His reporting was and has remained so tainted that my wife and I stopped watching Fox anytime Shep was on.  Shep says he can't report for anyone else for a short period of time.  I figure we'll see him on CNN or something just as left-wing soon.

Man, getting old sucks.  Why can't I just watch Bobbie Batista on CNN like in the 80's before it became the Clinton News Network??!!!

Gun News & Laws / I am sooo glad I don't live in California!
« on: October 11, 2019, 05:49:55 PM »
Just read where Kalifornia Governor signed more anti-2nd amendment laws today.  It's got to be really bad living there.  Now just about anybody can swear out a Red Flag complaint and the poor person on the receiving end doesn't know anything until the police show up.  The police also get search warrants if the "flagged" person doesn't give up all firearms immediately.  Those "flagged" will have a one or five year suspension of their Constitutional rights "but can appeal for a reduction".

An honest constitutional judge in CA?  Now that is delusional and grounds for a red flag for anyone who believes it.

Handguns and Revolvers / Re: APX Experience
« on: September 29, 2019, 08:00:55 PM »
After some deliberation, and a general desire to thin the herd for my kids, I decided to put my APX compact on consignment with Blackjack Gunsmithing in NW Austin.  In fact I put 11 of my firearms there.  At least AJ will be doing the advertising and transfer paperwork.  I've grown to hate that part of selling.

On the good side, I did increase my Beretta's by 4.  I guess that's counter-productive??!!

Politics, Gripes, Complaints / Homeless People and Liberal Bigotry
« on: September 13, 2019, 09:00:15 PM »
I was just reading an article in the Washington Post that President Trump sent Ben Carson and others from HUD to LA to see what the Feds could do to help the Homeless people there.  There's an empty 6 story FAA building owned by the Federal Government near Manhattan Beach that was mentioned as possibly having a major impact for relief.  BUT, 2 gated communities of LA's finest Liberals are already trying to block any thought of having a Homeless Shelter anywhere near their gated communities.

In my 60+ years of life, one axiom appears over and over.  The most "blue" Liberals I've ever met or read about are closet bigots.  They all want homeless people to have a place of safety, but not in their communities.  They want Section 8 housing expanded, just not in their communities.  The "rich" should pay more in taxes, but the "wealth tax" affects income earners who don't hide their income.  Remember John F. Kerry's acknowledgement that he moored his new $800,000 boat in another state to avoid his home state's taxes.  Or his  $6 Million tax-free dividends income he acknowledged.  Just good financial planning!!!

How about if everyone with a Net Worth over $20 Million dollars, liquidate half their income and give it to the government.  I wonder what Democrat will champion that move?????


Handguns and Revolvers / Re: New to me Sig P239 in 9mm; shipping this week
« on: September 06, 2019, 07:06:27 PM »
I took it to Shady Oaks range this week and fired about a box of ammo though it.  I like it!  The DA pull sucks, but with practice I probably could manage it for Concealed Carry.  I fed it 147 grn HPs from Winchester Ranger and old style Federal 147.  I even ran 6 of the Colt all copper hollow points my 9mm 1911 wouldn't run consistently (too low a recoil I suspect) with zero malfunctions.

I have a kydex holster for it and might consider carrying it if I can keep my pants up.  Problem with having no hips or ass to speak of and a pot belly.  Belts don't always cut it.  I have lost 30 pounds from my high point weight but still need to drop 20 more to get to my AF retired weight (which seemed to be best for me).

So, this "no longer made" orphan has found a home and I'll treat it with respect.

Thanks for listening.


I use Walgreens a lot for our many prescriptions (it sucks getting old with a bad family gene pool).  But I have my LTC and always go in  concealed.  I don't intend on being a sheep especially since I've been mugged before (a long time ago).  This time I'm fighting back.  I think the SeAL motto is never quit or something like that.  Its worth remembering.


I'm guessing that to most, it means nothing.  But to me, it means a few more rounds in a regular looking shotgun which I can appreciate since I bought a cheaper model and not the 2 to 3 times expensive Remington 870 that has the magazine extension.  But I have a nice Remington 870 and a Winchester 97 clone and few other shotguns too just in case.  So, that is its purpose to me.  Same as me still using a Sig P229R with light as my house gun instead of some polymer gun with a light/laser.  I just prefer....


Thanks for the inquiry though.  And sorry to see you passed away last week.  (avatar)

Went to Shady Oaks range in Cedar Park today to function test my 12 ga. pump gun with the OPSol 2.0 mini-shell adapter.  The adapters only fit Mossberg 500 series and the Maverick 88.  Currently they only make adapters for 12 ga.  They don't work in Remingtons et al because the lifter on those shotguns are solid but the Mossberg 500/88 is skeleton.

So  I ran slugs, which is all you can use at indoor ranges near me.  The Mini-shell slugs fired flawlessly.  No jams what so ever.  I was able to get 8 rounds in my magazine tube.  Not a huge increase in capacity, but with one in the chamber that makes 9 in a regular looking shotgun.

I have the 7.5 shot shells for home defense.  I haven't seen anything other than slugs and 7.5 offered in the minis.  I read somewhere that Remington (?) is producing mini-shells but I haven't seen any at Academy.  As it was, I bought mine at AIM surplus and even with shipping saved about $7 a box plus no tax.

I'm a happy, yet sore, camper since I cranked about 20 rounds though the gun pretty quickly.  And they're accurate at 20 yards.

Just sayin'

« on: August 21, 2019, 08:19:55 PM »
I sold my M&P 45 compact (first gen) a while back but the buyer didn't want to pay for the extra used magazines.  Guess they had some already?????  They are the 8 round double stack.  All I ask is $5 for mailing.  Or, is you are near the HEB on McNeil and Research Blvd in NW Austin, I can meet you in the afternoon is I'm not busy.

First PM with a definite "I'll take them" will be honored.

Check or cash preferred.

NW Austin, TX

Handguns and Revolvers / Re: Newest Pistol - Custom One of Thirty Made!
« on: August 21, 2019, 08:12:50 PM »
That is one fine HP!  I only wish I could afford one too.

Gun News & Laws / Re: S&W brings back the Model 648 in .22 WMR
« on: August 15, 2019, 08:18:48 PM »
Now that is a sweet gun!  I have a 351PD which is great with Gold Dot short barrel hollow points.  I might have to mortgage my cat to get a 648 though.

Arrived today.  Looks like it has hardly been out of the box (which it didn't come with unfortunately).  Grips in great shape almost no wear.  Very little if any metal wear.  Came with 3 factory mags and I added 2 from the P225-A1 with Galloway plus one floor plate (gotta slap these in to seat but they work) which is in the gun in the pictures.  Sig night sights are a little dim but usable.  Overall a great gun for a decent price.

Photos suck but it's the best I can do indoors.  A steal for $435 including shipping and transfer fee.  Glad I bought it.

I have no idea why the photos have been turned 90 degrees to the right, sorry.

Handguns and Revolvers / Re: ..AIM Surplus..
« on: August 14, 2019, 11:10:56 PM »
Classic Arms has a new shipment of Beretta Md 81's and they're priced $20 less than AIM surplus was.  They had an unboxing video on YouTube about 10 hours or so.

I decided I'd get one just because.  With shipping and insurance, it was the same retail price as the Serice grade from AIM.  DK in Bowling Green, VA, has(d) some too, but they were more expensive.

Anyway, if you missed out an still want one......

BTW, Classic's video showed them with a whole pallet of guns in boxes.


Handguns and Revolvers / Re: ..AIM Surplus..
« on: August 13, 2019, 09:44:39 PM »
I just visited AIM's website and they had the "Service" grade of these guns still in stock.  I actually got all the way to the checkout before I cancelled just to be sure. I wonder what is going on?  I ordered one earlier today, but the only reliable source of new mags is Beretta and they want $48.50 plus tax.  Free shipping since I bought 2 mags.


Handguns and Revolvers / New to me Sig P239 in 9mm; shipping this week
« on: August 11, 2019, 07:59:23 PM »
I've wanted a Sig P239 off-n-on for many years.  They were always too expensive, even the used ones.  I finally gave up.  Until this past week.  I was surfing the GB and saw on that had a ridiculously low opening bid.  So low in fact I just put that amount plus $25 just to see what would happen.

Then the hammer fell.  The gun would come with 3 factory mags but I started looking for a few extras.  That's when I found out that Sig had dropped that gun from their line up a few years back and stopped selling anything for it.  Including new mags.  I panicked and did a web search.  The few I found were being price gauged.  In fact, I saw several going for a $100 or more.  I logged into my Sig Forum account and saw that the moderator, some time back, had deleted several "For Sale" ads where folks were price gauging and wrote a long missive about not allowing that type of activity on the forum.

What also was mentioned, later in the thread, was that the 9mm magazine for the Sig P225-A1 would work and had the same body, just a different floor.  It also mentioned that Galloway Precision sold a plus one floor plate that is attached to the P225-A1 mag body and their photos looked good.  So I bought two mags on e-bay with free shipping and two new floor plates.

Oh, BTW, I won the auction at the $375 mark and will soon be the new owner of a gun that has come and gone on the American gun scene.  I can't wait to shoot it.  It fits nicely in my lineup of P229R in 9mm and P226 in 9mm.  Kind of like a G26, G19, and G17.  All of which I once owned but only kept the G19.


I'll post pics once I get this home.

I second the fear of "Red Flag" laws.  The Constitution requires "due process" but so many folks think that due process after the fact is okay.  When someone goes before a judge to get one of these confiscation writs, you better hope it's not an anti-gunner and is a "constitutionalist" judge.

As for the "loophole", what so many people tie their hat on is the personal sale between residents of the same state.  I always require a CHL when I sell a handgun.  Or first responder government credentials.  I'm counting on the government doing their part in checking these folks out.  I think you have to have a relatively clean record to be a police officer/ fire fighter/ EMT/ or Active Duty person.  I know as an AF enlisted I had to have a SECRET clearance as a minimum, which I hope still holds for GIs.

Anyway, with Trump backing a Red Flag law, it's going to happen.  I just pray it requires real due diligence on the part of the writ issuer and not just a knee-jerk reaction to a petitioner.

Gun News & Laws / Re: ..oh Frankie, say it ain't so..
« on: August 07, 2019, 08:39:03 PM »
Nobody cares anymore about violence in Chicago and the restrictive gun control on law-abiding citizens.  The sad part, besides the death and injuries, is that if at least 3 or more people were shot at once the left calls it a "mass shooting".  And God forbid any shooting was near a school zone, then the left calls it a school shooting.  At least in their "statistics" they push.

How much longer are we going to allow gangs to run cities???  Oh, that's right, in Democrat controlled cities they're the "under-served" and "most vulnerable" among us.  Which means until there isn't anyone left.

Politics, Gripes, Complaints / Re: You Want Fries With That?
« on: August 03, 2019, 09:54:10 PM »
When I was at the Baltimore Washington airport (BWI) waiting to pick up my daughter during a visit (I lived in VA but the ticket to BWI was cheaper for her) I coined a phrase (at least I started using the phrase) "I get paid the same whether I help you or not".  It came to me while I waited in line for a drink and sandwich.  The only counter person actually seemed to slow down the more people that stacked up in line.  I could have gone inside, made my sandwich and got me drink, before she finished serving the person at the counter who was getting a drink and a pre-packaged sandwich on the back counter.

Now, whenever my wife and I are out and I say "I get paid the same whether I help you or not" she knows I'm referring to the service!

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