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Handguns and Revolvers / Re: What handgun is next on your list?
« on: Yesterday at 09:50:20 PM »
Several on the bucket list. Most harder to find stuff.
Probably depends on which one I run across first when I have the money.

CZ 1911 A1.
CZ 97 BD.
Windham R20 GVT A4.
Beretta 87 ss cheetah.

All just bucket list stuff, nothing I ACTUALLY need.  :P

Handguns and Revolvers / Re: What was your first 1911?
« on: Yesterday at 09:40:50 PM »
I shot some Remingtons in the Army. They had a hard life, but ran OK.

The first one I bought was a Kimber.  Not even remotely impressed. It had failures constantly and accuracy wasnt even mediocre.  :facepalm: Im HUGE on accuracy, so.
Two others were about the same. Over  priced, mediocre accuracy, and undependable IMO.

The first REALLY DEPENDABLE  1911  I had that RAN without fail and was accurate as hell was a Remington R1. It held the tightest groups and was the most dependable one Ive had in my hands. It also Ran any ammo you stuffed in it.

 If I was to go buy one right now it would either be another R1.


I would like to get my hands on a CZ 1911 A1, but they quit building them.
A Dan Wesson would be much desirable too.

I AM NOT really a 1911 carry guy.
They are a safe queen/range gun for me and seldom carried.
I carried my R1 for about 2 years. Too big, too heavy. Bothered my hip.
I do like shooting them.
Just not a priority anymore. Too many others on the bucket list.

General Gun Discussion / Re: Romanian PSL'S
« on: Yesterday at 09:21:30 PM »
Neat looking gun. Never seen or shot one though.

I'am not a fan of anything polymer, if it ain't all metal I don't want it.
I have tried out a few and really don't like the feel of them .

Seems like the grip has a weird angle on most of them.


I got the "hot babe, strips, streaks, mounts, and yells checkmate" part.  :rocknroll2:

Other than that, the rest of the lingo  was just a little bit outta my league.  :th_thicon_funny:

IMO, watching a chess match, is worse than watching PAINT DRY.

And I play chess. LOL.

Our little league field here has a WW2 artillery cannon sitting about 50 feet behind the fence in center field. He hit it this year.

Last year me & my Dad went to a game. I was walking around taking pics of him pitching & hitting.
When he seen me, we got to talking a little and he ask me where I was sitting.
I said "Center field by the Cannon with BOTH of your Grandpaps." ( He didnt know we were all there,  we were  about 30 feet from the fence)  And added' I bet ya cant hit me".  :thumbsup1:

About 15 minutes later, he hit an outta the park homer and it landed about 20 feet to our right. LOL.
No 10 year olds had hit an outta the park run at that field in 2 years.  :th_thicon_funny:

I woulda liked to had that ball. But there is some old timer thats always there, and he pays ANY kid $20 for a home run ball, then he gives them back to the batter.

Since this has been ongoing for years, the kids watching scramble to get the balls.
He buys them an ice cream for a fould ball.
WIN WIN for the kids.
Pretty nice of him really.

Only watch if I'm having trouble sleeping

You need to watch TENNIS for that. LOL.

NOPE. No dog in this hunt.

But my 11 year old nephew went to states.
He is and exceptional hitter and pitcher.
1st draft pick in our area. NOT 1st round, He was THE FIRST pick period.  :th_thicon_funny:
He pitches around 73 MPH and had several 9 up, 9 down streaks with strike outs this year.
He also had a pile of homers with most out of the park homers in our region.

Im not in Texas, but Im rooting for them.
Im in PA, about 150 miles from Willaimsport and have been there a few times. 

I also helped coach Little League 20 years ago when my own son played.
I just really have been enjoying watching these games.
Its pretty cool they are televised now.

Most pro sports can kiss my hillbilly arse with their PATHETIC racial politics. .

Politics, Gripes, Complaints / Re: ..ah yes, hillary..
« on: August 16, 2018, 08:31:26 PM »
She NEEDS SHOT for treason. Period.

There is STILL a detectable slime trail clean back to Arkansas.  :facepalm:

Little League World Series.

Anyone else watching?

Texas beat Rhode Island and advance into the final 4.  :thumbsup1:

Defensive Tactics / Re: Stopping Power
« on: August 15, 2018, 07:57:11 PM »
These reports usually mean exactly nothing.
NONE of it matters if people cant hit what they are aiming at.
So in that perspective, it dont matter if you got a red ryder bb gun or a 155 howitzer.

A 22 lr between the eyes will kill sure as hell. So will a .45.

Fast is fine, but ACCURACY is EVERYTHING.  :th_thicon_idea:
Dont really matter with what.

Ammunition / Re: Hot ammo in a car? Dangerous?
« on: August 15, 2018, 07:50:29 PM »
Ummmmm YEAH...   WHat HE said.

TOTAL BULLSHIT.  :th_nuts:

Sounds like the you tube "pros" are running out of material.  :th_thicon_funny:

( and some incompetent reloader dont want to admit he pissed up".  :P )


I HOPE it works out for everyone involved.  :th_thicon_idea:

I was ALWAYS a DA/SA hammer fired metal guy.

I also carried a Beretta 92 for 20+ years as an EDC. So I got used to the weight and fat grip.
I did however discover CZ 75's a few years ago, and have come to love them. Much better ergos, and lighter. I also come to really love the decockers, and even have a Beretta 92 G. Now.

The little plastic polymeres,  while I WONT say they dont make good ones,,'
I actually dont shoot them well, and only mediocre without rubber grips or grip tape, I feel like Im going to drop them.

But its much the same with sub compacts like CZ Rami, Sig 938. Hammer fired metal, but to small. My wife has small hands and shoots them VERY well, even better than me. She rarely shoots, and I am a range junkie.  :P
About the smallest pistol I shoot really well is my 75 series compact CZ PCR. And on BOTH the PCR and P-01 ,, I must leave the factory rubber grips on to make them really stick good in my hand.

I tried a set of coco bolo grips on the PCR and changed them back. The gun was moving around in my hand too much. So now Im squeezing the hell outta it to hang on, and my NORMAL excellent accuracy is junk.

I really dont care for striker fired either.
So I just dont normally bother with the polymeres.

The only real single stack anything Ive ever shot well,  liked,  and been comfy with the grip was a 1911.

Kinda seems to me Im not only used to fatter grips, but used to the extra weight, and the grip vs weight vs recoil   is an integral part of my muscle memory and accuracy. 

Its "the old dog" thing.  :th_thicon_funny:

Off Topic Discussion (NON FIREARM RELATED) / Re: TXAZ birthday
« on: August 05, 2018, 06:24:16 PM »
Happy Birthday Txaz.  :thumbsup1:

I hope you had a great day.  :rocknroll2:

Hells Bells was actually done by Bonn Scott in july of 1979, but he died in Febuary of 1980 right when the song was really getting popular. No official video had yet been made either.

 So they included it on the Back in Black tribute album  sung by Brian Johnson ,as a tribute to Bonn Scott.

Knew a guy in the military who's last name was Baum, First name Adam.....

Me, I like Dirk as in Dirk Diggler  :wave1:

I served with a guy name  Baumer,,, He had a brother Adam.  :th_thicon_funny:

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