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Introduce Yourself / Hello all from Little Elm
« on: May 23, 2014, 11:54:26 AM »
Hey fello gun enthusiasts.  I'm happy to be here on this forum.  My family moved out here right at the beginning of the year.  We came from CA (don't worry - no blue votes) and we LOVE it here.  It's my wife, 9 month old girl and 4 year old boy.  In CA I worked in TV (like everyone else out there) as an editor for NBC Universal for 10 years.  The entertainment industry was good at times but not consistent enough to plan for a future (house, schools).  We have plenty of family here in TX (none in CA) so after our boy was born we headed to TX. 

Yes!  I am a gun enthusiast, collector, admirer, MINOR gunsmithing and of course shooting the darn things.  But get this, since I have been in Texas I have not shot a single round.  Kids,..  Kids,..  I love em.  About once a week I'll take em out and fiddle, switch my bedside, clean and even add parts so that the next time I shoot,...  it will be more awesome.

This was my latest little project on my Win 1300.  This was the very first firearm I purchased.  I love the birds head grip.  I shaped it out of a full stock.  I also like the long wood foregrip.  The wood was really smooth and provided little grip, esp if your hands are a little sweaty.  So I added the grip tape.  I love it.  Nice and light. Next project is my AK. 

I am eager to post here because I have a very nice AR15, mags and ammo set I want to sell and I don't have the required posts. 

Happy to be here!  Also if there is any way I am able to help anyone in any way (not only guns) please do no hesitate to ask.



Introduce Yourself / New and excited..
« on: January 02, 2014, 11:11:38 PM »
Hi guys/gals,  My wife and 2 small children (3 yo and a 5 month old) just moved to Frisco.  I am excited to remove the CA mandatory junk from my rifles and shoot in a state with responsible and knowledgeable shooters.  No more bullet button, barrell extensions and no more 10 round limit on mags.  Nice.   :th_thicon_idea:

I either hope to meet some of you at the range or would even like to make a time to meet someone there.  I have some nice rifles and a few different pistols that you may enjoy shooting. 

For those not familiar with CA laws: imagine only getting to put 10 rounds in your AR mag and needing a tool to remove the mag to reload.  What a pain.  Even on the .22's!!  But to hell with that... when you shoot you want to spend more time shooting, not fussing with your 'CA legal' rifle.

VERY glad to be here.  Happy to be aboard.


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