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Dem candidate in Kansas slammed for poster of Wonder Woman lassoing cop

The Democratic-backed candidate running for Kansas State Attorney General has been called on by her own party to drop out because of a poster hung in her law office that depicts Wonder Woman lassoing a police officer around the neck.

Attorney Sarah Swain apologized after she was criticized heavily by law enforcement groups, who argued that the image promoted violence against police officers.

The state Democratic Party agreed, adding that the poster is grounds for disqualification for the attorney general’s office.

“We strongly condemn and reject any depiction of violence against law enforcement, including the image from Swain’s law firm,” the party said in a statement. “We did not recruit or encourage Swain to run for attorney general, nor have we had any contact with her since she filed.”

Man with gun face tattoo arrested for unlawful possession of a firearm

Michael Vines has his alleged crime written all over his forehead.

How many handguns do you guys use for carry? Just 1? You have 3 or 4 and rotate depending on the circumstances?

New Florida program will train ordinary people to be affordable armed security guards for schools

The current crop of guardians-in-training come from all walks of life. In addition to former teachers like Hall, former police officers and a minister have signed up.

Freedom Munitions & Parent Company File for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

In a surprising turn of events, OutdoorHub has just learned that Idaho based Freedom Munitions appears to be traveling down a similar path as other brands, such as Remington, have this year. Bankruptcy filings have been submitted on June 8th, 2018 for Howell Munitions & Technology and multiple companies under the HMT umbrella. The firearm industry has had a rocky road over the past two years, with the daily threats of gun control under President Obama having slowed under the Trump Presidency and a Republican held house.

FS in Texas (Bryan/College Station area)... Will ship!

Two Galati Gear Magazine Pouches.

I sold my SCAR 16S today to cover some medical bills. Now, just selling off the rest of the related items... Each pouch is double sided and stores SIX 30 round magazines.  (3 on each side). Each comes with a strap, and a padded shoulder piece.

These carry great (great amount of ammo, and not too heavy), but I actually used them to store my PMAGS while stores.

These are for sale here:

They are $26+ each, new. I will sell both for $25.

Local pickup, or I will charge actual shipping.

Please email me at and the first "I'll take it" with an exchange of information and exchanging address/payment info gets it.

FIREARM ACCESSORIES / FS in B/CS: 178 rounds of .223 Fusion MSR
« on: June 02, 2018, 08:45:32 PM »

I sold my SCAR 16S today,a nd all my 5.56 FMJ rounds. I have these left - I had used these for self defense rounds in the SCAR...

Located in Bryan/College Station!

160 Rounds of Fusion .223 MSR (8 Boxes) + 19 more rounds of Fusion .223 MSR = 179 TOTAL

PRICE LOWERED - $90 for the Fusion! This is over 1/2 price!

Please email me at and the first "I'll take it" with an exchange of information gets it.

FACE TO FACE sales only.

FS in Texas (Bryan/College Station area)... Will ship!

Mepro 21 reflex sight with triangle reticle!.

This is actually my favorite rifle optic. I have owned 6 of them over the years!

Optic uses fiber optics in the daytime - tritium for the dark. This is the newest revision - it has solved most of the washout issues past reflex sights have suffered from (I have another one that I am keeping, and I love it).

The optic comes with included picatinny rail mount, box, manual, removable kill flash and the included protective cover.

This version is the TRIANGLE reticle. Sight it in with the tip of the triangle... This way it doesn't block your target.

PRICE is: $350 local pickup or $370 shipped!

Please email me at and the first "I'll take it" with an exchange of information and exchanging address/payment info gets it.

FS in Bryan/College Station area (I'm not that far from Houston).


5.56/.223 caliber. Looks new!

I love this gun. But, I have suffered with neck issues for the past 9+ weeks, and I've spent a fortune in medical bills. I am slowly getting better, but I cannot twist my neck to shoot rifles any longer, unfortunately. So, I have to sell the gun, and I need to cover some medical bills.


It has EXACTLY 733 rounds fired thru the gun. I have not fired it since 2014 because it is zeroed at 50 yards, and it is difficult to find a 50 yard range in this area.

09-28-13   287 Rounds
10-25-13   140 Rounds (20 Fusion MSR and 20 Winchester PDX1)
11-02-13   025 Rounds (20 VMAX)
01-11-14   120 Rounds
05-24-14   081 Rounds
12-06-14   080 Rounds

TOTAL   733 Rounds

Gun has worked 100% with NO issues at all.

Items I am including with the gun for free:
- I am including several rail covers on the gun.
- I am including a new Urban ERT 2 Point Sling with the gun ($60 value) - Best sling in the world.
- Gun had a Magpul forward grip and a TROY Battle rear grip already installed
- GG&G Quick Detach rail piece for sling already installed on side rail.
- Factory rear grip included.
- Factory 30 round Magazine
- Factory box and manual

Once again, my price is $1800!!

**** Already installed is a Mepro 21 Reflex Sight. It uses no batteries - It is powered by tritium and fiber optics. It is already sighted in at 50 yards. Just grab and go - no switches to activate to turn it on. I will include it with the rifle for $350. Otherwise, I will remove it when the rifle is sold, and sell it seperately. Includes original box, cover and kill flash!

Please email me at and the first "I'll take it" with an exchange of information gets it.

FACE TO FACE sales only.

Off Topic Discussion (NON FIREARM RELATED) / Cool photo in Hawaii
« on: May 17, 2018, 09:32:01 AM »

Ex-student shot by officer during gunfire exchange at Dixon High School

A  police officer working at Dixon High School on Wednesday shot and wounded a former student who fired a gun near the school’s gym and later tried to shoot the officer Wednesday, officials said.

Off Topic Discussion (NON FIREARM RELATED) / This is ridiculous...
« on: May 16, 2018, 09:15:11 AM »
Qatar Pays $100K Fee to Keep DC Metro Open Late for Lightning vs. Capitals Game 4

According to Scott Allen and Matt Bonesteel of the Washington Post: "On Tuesday, [D.C. Council member Jack] Evans told the Washington Post that the tiny, wealthy nation of Qatar has agreed to pay the $100,000 fee to keep [the] Metro open until 12:30 a.m. on Thursday."

Oklahoma governor vetoes gun carry bill in defeat for NRA

OKLAHOMA CITY –  Oklahoma's Republican Gov. Mary Fallin vetoed a bill late Friday that would have authorized adults to carry firearms without a permit or training, dealing a rare defeat to the National Rifle Association in a conservative state.

Cops: Man Jailed For Beating Mom With Light Saber

Vargas told police that her son Andrew had “hit her repeatedly with what she called a light saber.” Vargas said she was sitting on a dining room chair when her son “began striking her with this saber in the head, on her back/neck area and on her wrist.”

“Joan could not say why Andrew struck her with the saber,” police noted. The 6’ 4”, 330-pound Vargas owns many other light sabers, his mother told investigators.

I thought this was super interesting...

How bacteria are changing your mood

It's an intriguing concept - that an imbalance in the gut microbiome could be involved in depression.

So scientists at the APC Microbiome centre, at University College Cork, started transplanting the microbiome from depressed patients to animals. It's known in the biz as a trans-poo-sion.

It showed that if you transfer the bacteria, you transfer the behaviour too.

Prof John Cryan told the BBC: "We were very surprised that you could, by just taking microbiome samples, reproduce many of the features of a depressed individual in a rat."

This included anhedonia - the way depression can lead to people losing interest in what they normally find pleasurable.

For the rats, that was sugary water they could not get enough of, yet "when they were given the microbiome from a depressed individual, they no longer cared", says Prof Cryan.

But Prof Sarkis Mazmanian, a medical microbiologist from Caltech, is building the case that gut bacteria are involved.

"Classical neuroscientists would find this as heresy to think you can understand events in the brain by researching the gut," he says.

He has found "very powerful" differences between the microbiomes of people with Parkinson's and those without the disease.

Studies in animals, genetically hardwired to develop Parkinson's, show gut bacteria were necessary for the disease to emerge.

And when stool was transplanted from Parkinson's patients to those mice, they developed "much worse" symptoms than using faeces sourced from a healthy individual.

What song is the ringtone on your phone?

Dick's Sporting Goods to destroy all unsold firearms pulled from shelves after Parkland shooting

Dick’s Sporting Goods announced on Monday it will destroy all of the unsold firearms it pulled off store shelves in February after the deadly Parkland school shooting.

The sports retailer decided to destroy the assault-style rifles instead of returning them to the manufacturer, the Pittsburgh Post Gazette reported. On Feb. 28, 2018, the Pittsburgh-based company announced it would immediately stop selling assault-style rifles and ban the sale of all guns to anyone under 21. It was not immediately clear how many firearms will be destroyed.

Could this product have saved your car from Hurricane Harvey?

"Every storm, I was worried about my cars because we live in a flood prone area. It even came to a point where I lost a food business due to flood in 2009," Dela Fuerte said. "I wanted to give myself the peace of mind that I do not need to worry about my vehicles especially when I travel abroad for work. I saw some concepts on the internet, but somehow I felt that the designs were lacking either the strength or the features that I was looking for when it comes to a bag that protects my vehicles."

A Pennsylvania school district is arming its teachers with 600 miniature baseball bats

After the shooting in Parkland, Florida, a school district in suburban Erie, Pennsylvania, began formulating a school safety plan. Among its measures: handing out miniature wooden baseball bats to all 500 of its teachers.
In an online message, Millcreek Township School District Superintendent William Hall said the bats "could be used as a tool against an active shooter just like any other item in the immediate room," adding that they will remain locked in the classroom and "are only to be used/available in a hard lockdown situation."

On social media, however, the idea is being roundly mocked.

A Third Of Millennials Aren’t Sure The Earth Is Round, Survey Finds

A new survey has found that a third of young millennials in the U.S. aren’t convinced the Earth is actually round. The national poll reveals that 18 to 24-year-olds are the largest group in the country who refuse to accept the scientific facts of the world’s shape.

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