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Disney Planning To Reboot The Die Hard Franchise

....we’re now hearing that Disney is planning to reboot the franchise entirely. As a result, McClane – a sixth film which was to serve as a prequel and origin story – has been scrapped, and instead, the team heading up this new project will be resetting the clock on the series.

Samsung Said to be Readying Graphene Batteries, Capable of Insanely Fast Charge Times

According to a recent tweet from @evleaks, graphene batteries are on the horizon. Said to be working on the lithium-ion alternative is Samsung, who reportedly hopes to have at least on phone in either 2020 or 2021 with a graphene battery.

As @evleaks tweets, “Samsung is hoping to have at least one handset either next year or in 2021, I’m told, which will feature a graphene battery instead. Capable of a full charge in under a half-hour, they still need to raise capacities while lowering costs.”

'Get a real job': Thieves target West Houston gun store — for the 30th time

The owner of Full Armor Firearms James Hillin said his store has been the victim of about 30 robbery attempts in the eight year's he's been in business.

Police: Man held against will in Aransas Pass then given grilled cheese sandwich

Four people are accused of holding a man hostage in an Aransas Pass home and then offering him a grilled cheese sandwich before letting him go, police said.

Cars, Trucks, Bikes, Atvs / I hit the milestone on my car
« on: August 07, 2019, 08:03:41 AM »

Woman, 65, thrown to Ground and Tasered after Driving off to Avoid $80 ticket

The Oklahoma woman believed by driving off without signing the ticket, she would not be arrested. She learned otherwise.

Upset over an $80 ticket for a broken tail light, a 65-year-old Oklahoma woman refused to sign the citation, locking herself inside her truck before driving off, sparking a pursuit with the police officer who had pulled her over.

Debra Hamil is now facing a felony charge of assault on a police officer as well as a charge for misdemeanor resisting arrest over the incident which took place last Tuesday in Cashion, Oklahoma, according to KOKO News 5.

CA judge rules semi-auto rifles not protected under 2nd Amendment

A federal judge in California ruled last week that banning semi-automatic rifles is not a violation of the right to bear arms as afforded by the Second Amendment.

U.S. District Judge Josephine Staton of Santa Ana, Calif. ruled on July 22 to uphold the current state law banning the ownership, manufacture, or sale of “semiautomatic rifles and the bullet buttons that alter a conventional rifle into a rapid-fire weapon,” the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

A shocking number of delivery drivers admit doing this to your food

According to the survey of 2,015 Americans, some of which identified as having worked as a deliverer for at least one food delivery app, 20% of consumers suspect that their driver has eaten some of their food, which is charitable considering 28% of delivery drivers confessed to nibbling on an order here and there.  Fifty-four percent of these said they simply couldn’t resist the smell.

Gunman's weapon jams twice as he tries to shoot woman, NYPD video shows

New York City police released stunning video Monday showing what could have been a fatal encounter -- except the masked gunman’s weapon jammed twice.

FS in Bryan/College Station area (I'm not that far from Houston).

FN PS90 Carbine with several upgrades

- The gun has two aluminum extended charging handles
- Two aluminum picatinny side rails
- Low mount MPF Tech Optic rail
- One 50 round factory magazine

I love this gun, and I am only selling this gun because I of medical bills I need to pay and catch up on

Gun has worked 100% with NO issues at all. Gun looks great

Here is the round count:

09-03-16 - 190 Rounds
09-10-16 - 109 Rounds
10-01-16 - 150 Rounds
10-29-16 - 050 Rounds

TOTAL - 499 Rounds

Gun comes with factory box.

I am offering 2 prices for the gun:

$1100 for the weapon with side rails/optic rail/1 magazine/extended charging handles.

$1500 for the weapon (with included accessories I just listed) and the Aimpoint T1 Micro. It was purchased new, specifically for the PS90. I have the original box and accessories for the optic, and itw as only ever mounted on the PS90. If you buy the set, it will already be zeroed for 198 ammo

** Note - I am not selling the optic separately until the weapon is sold first

Please email me at and the first "I'll take it" with an exchange of information gets it.

FACE TO FACE sales only. You must legally be able to own a firearm!

*** I also have extra mags, a sling and lots of 198 and 197 ammo that I will be selling once the weapon sells.

** TRL1 light shown in the photo is not included

Florida is selling drivers' personal information to private companies and marketing firms

LAKELAND, Fla. — Records show the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FHSMV) made $77 million in 2017 by selling drivers' personal information to more than 30 private companies, including marketing firms, bill collectors, insurance companies and data brokers — and made

A state spokesperson said there's no way for drivers to opt-out if they don't want their personal information sold.

OK Google, are you listening? Tech giant's smart speakers eavesdrop on private conversations, investigation finds

Google's smart speakers allow contractors for the tech giant to listen to excerpts of private conversations, including some with potentially sensitive information, according to a new investigation from a Belgian public broadcaster.

FS in Bryan/College Station area (I'm not that far from Houston).

Beretta 92FS with Trijicon tritium night sights!!! (night sights for this are another $200 for a Beretta 92FS - installed by Tooltech, which is the only place that would install night sights on a normal 92FS)

Also comes with Elite II hammer installed!

I am only selling this gun because I of medical bills I need to pay.  I love this gun and would not be selling it otherwise.

Gun has worked 100% with NO issues at all. Gun looks great, and the tritium sights have perfect white circles around the tritium.

Special Hogue rubber grips with Bronze Medallions! These are like $50 grips!

Gun comes with factory case, manual and two factory 15 round magazines.

My price is $550! This is actually a steal for a 92FS WITH night sights. Be aware that Tooltech will NO LONGER install night sights on a 92FS. You can't get them installed at all any more on a regular 92FS model!!!

Please email me at and the first "I'll take it" with an exchange of information gets it.

FACE TO FACE sales only. You must legally be able to own a handgun!

Mom caught cruising with 2 kids riding in an inflatable pool on top of her car

An Illinois woman was arrested for allegedly driving her SUV while her daughters sat in an inflatable pool on its roof.

Off Topic Discussion (NON FIREARM RELATED) / Crazy tactical backpack
« on: July 04, 2019, 04:06:32 PM »
Not sure if this is cool or crazy:

Parents and police are begging you: Please don't fire your gun into the air on July Fourth

"Shooting a gun into the air is not only reckless, it’s extremely dangerous," Indiana State Police Sgt. John Perrine said. "A bullet that is fired into the air will come back down with enough velocity to seriously injure or kill someone."

As Independence Day approaches, local police are reminding people to refrain from the dangerous practice of shooting their guns into the air as they shoot off fireworks.

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