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Handguns and Revolvers / I just bought a Canik TP9-V2
« on: July 03, 2020, 06:55:11 PM »
Years ago I bought a Canik TP9-V2 because it was a clone of the Walther P99AS at half the cost. Had lots of fun shooting it, but one day I saw something else and sold the Canik.  I've always regretted it.  Recently, I had some money from selling something else and went looking. (deja vu?)  The TP9-V2 isn't made anymore and the closest thing to it was a Walther PPQ M2 with 4" barrel.  I almost bought it, but at $600 when I could find one on GB, it was a little more than I wanted to spend.

So I went looking for sales, missed the CDNN sale of the Navy version at $550 and it went back up to near $600, plus sales tax of course.

Off to GB again, still no luck.  Then, I thought, why not search Century as the manufacturer since they are the Canik importer versus looking at just Canik as the manufacturer.  Blind luck happens and there is a New, Old Stock TP9-V2 for $313 plus shipping.  Bang, dropped the hammer and it's mine now.  Believe it or not, I had a Blackhawk Serpa holster for a S&W M&P9 lying around and it fits almost perfectly!  Locks up tight.  Not that I'll ever carry it, but it's nice to know good, clean living has prevailed once again.  Now for the virus to subside so I can shoot it without wearing a mask and messing up by breathing.

I just wanted to tell a good story today with all the crap happening in the world.  I'm not posting pics because all you have to do is look at a Canik TP9 SF and except for the decocker on the slide top they are the same.

Enjoy the 4th!


I've been looking for a Model 92 clone for a couple of years.  Rossi has the least expensive and I've read where over time, their manufacturing has gotten better.  So, I found one and bought it.  But my timing sucks; "due to COVID 19 shipping times are 20 to 30 days after purchase".  That was a bummer.  But if it keeps one employee from getting sick, so be it.

I have a Uberti clone of the Model 1873 in .357, but I had it set up for cowboy action shooting with .38spls when I did that type of competition back in Virginia.  At $1,100 new with action work, I don't shoot it for fun anymore.  Also I'm too old and in less that great health to be competitive and it's a long drive to the nearest club from here (funny, I thought Austin would be full of SASS clubs when I decided to retire here to be with family, but no it's too liberal apparently).  So, that '73 sits in retirement waiting for me to cross the river Jordan when it'll go to my youngest daughter. 

Anyway, I've seen a bunch of videos on how to make the Rossi run better, but I'll wait until I can finally shoot it.  I'm going to try some .357s but will probably shoot the 1,000 or so cowboy loads I have left thought it along with some .38 +Ps just so I can get the "kick" of it.

If anyone knows of a good '92 smith in Austin, let me know.  I probably won't get any work done until winter anyway.

Thanks for listening.

I couldn't help it.  I need to rant or vent or both.  I read the article, at least the headline and first paragraph which is all I could stand.  Then started reading the comments.  My god some people can be so ignorant (can be educated) or stupid (can't be educated) and they have to show everyone which one they are in on-line comments.  One "patriot" commented that he swore to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, while he was obviously in or may still be in, the US Military.  Reading between the lines, he believes Trump to be an enemy and issued "unconstitutional orders" involved with the lead up to the Impeachment.  Others were just as anti-Trump as you'd expect.

I suppose no one paid any attention to the public trial in the House where there wasn't a single fact witness (there were plenty of opinion witnesses) who could say what law or laws the President broke.  And I'm sure you noticed that none of the Democrats "knew" who the whistle blower was, but always stopped witnesses short of mentioning all the people in phone calls or memos, or conversations but allowing some to be named.  Duh!  Who did Shiff know who to not allow to be named?

Sorry for the rant/vent.  I served in the military, was a federal civil servant (we swore a similar oath to the military one I took) and couldn't find a single Constitutional violation in anything Trump did.  Other than perhaps not firing everybody on the National Security Council as soon as he took office.  400 people in an office that, before Obummer, held 125 at most. Come on now.

Thanks for listening, or not listening.

I'm not affiliated with SG Ammo in OK in any way.  I just buy most of my ammo stock there.  Their website was shut down for a while so they could finish shipping orders and figure out whats left.

I just checked (1900 local) and their website is open.  I only looked at 9mm, .380 and 223/5.56.  They are selling just about everything in case lots.  And, I don't think they jacked up their prices.  The shipping cost has always been fair and when you check out they will tell you if you can add anything else for the same shipping price so you can maximize you shipping dollar.

Just thought I'd put that out. 


I bought the plain jane 911 for $345 shipping.  Its a new gun and it was the lowest price I found,  Keely firearms on-line had it a $339 with free shipping but they didn't have my preferred FFL on file and I couldn't finish my order unless I picked one of theirs.

If worked out because I found out the next day that I could upload an FFL for this purchase but the price went up $30 overnight! 

So off to GB.  I talked to my LGS guy here in Austin and he's closing the shop tomorrow for unknown length of time.  But he'll be there between normal deliver times to get deliveries.  He's been going a mile a minute selling just about anything related to 9mm, a few .380s, and all his AR models.  He mostly has used/consignments on hand. 

I didn't realize how bad things were until I stopped by Academy and found the ammo shelves just about empty and the handgun displays nearly devoid of anything in 9mm.

Looks like it'll take awhile to get this new gun and go to the range with it.  I did buy 2 7 round mags from Springfield.  Everyone else was out of those.

Glad I have enough TP and freeze dried food!!!

Sold.  Thank you for looking.


Just got my ballot for the NRA Directors election (1/3) elected every year.  Having followed the very troubling way Wayne LaPierre has been running things, the corruption of many of the current Directors, and having followed the gun press that has been reporting on the NRA, I don't know who to vote for.  If I don't vote, then I have no voice, if I choose any of the proffered candidates, am I throwing my vote away?  Should I write in some?

If any of you have a sound idea I'd love to hear it.  I thing I'll write in Rob Pincus just because he's been vocal about fixing the NRA leadership.


I'm in Travis county and actually don't read the Austin paper.  Too much liberal crap for me to handle in my old age.  But, I read with interest Todd Woodard's editorial on  House Precinct Two Commissioner Adrian Garcia's attempt to get support for "universal background checks" as sensible gun control in Houston.  I don't know if there's a prayers chance of going anywhere, but 20 years ago VA was a true red state.  Now, it's true blue with the huge metropolitan areas out voting the small towns and rural areas. 

In my old age I still get out and vote.  Sadly, I'm a life member of the NRA and their behavior of late is disappointing at best.

To all you young folks out there, keep fighting!  If you wait on someone else to do it for you, you'll be sad when they get the upper hand on you (and for the short time I have left on this earth, me).

Politics, Gripes, Complaints / Anti-gun Bloomberg "buys" Virginia
« on: November 07, 2019, 11:02:23 PM »
In the Virginia state election on 5 Nov, the Democrats, who received a fair amount of money from Bloomberg's organizations, were able to take the Commonwealth's House and Senate.  They had already taken the Governor and both Federal Senators less that 10 years ago.  That means for all intent and purposes the Dimms control VA now.  Already, there's talk of law abiding gun owners being part of the problem of gun violence in VA and Dimms have given notice that new, far reaching, "common sense" gun laws are coming.  Look for one handgun a month or less, backtracking on "shall issue" and possibly reciprocity which the Dimms tried but failed before.  I also see the repeal of the preemptive law allowing municipalities to enact more stringent laws like waiting periods (killing gun shows as they have already said they would).  I am so glad I don't live there anymore.

But a word to the young among us, it only took 20 years of increasingly well organized Dimms to turn a solid Red State Virginia into a now solid Blue State.  Who's next in their sights?  Carolina's, FL, Texas????? 

Who would have ever thought Beto would become a household word around the nation? 

Ammunition / Just bought some Federal 138grn "blue" Syntech hollow points
« on: November 01, 2019, 08:00:35 PM »
Saw some YouTube stuff on them and figured I'd give them a go.  The arrived today but I haven't shot any yet.  They're a little pricey for range ammo, but I try to only shoot self defense ammo (I don't get to shoot much these days) so it's not as big a deal as with someone who burns up 250 to 300 rounds or more each week.  I'm lucky to get 150 shot in a month.

I'll let you know if the function well in my Remington R51 or new Browning Hi Power clone from Regent.


Handguns and Revolvers / Just bought a S&W 6590 transitional RSR auto
« on: October 24, 2019, 07:22:43 PM »
It's true!  I don't have it yet and I ended up paying top dollar, but it's the first one I ever heard of or found.  I checked the Smith and Wesson 4th Edition by Jim Suprica and it said these were made of up of remaining Gen 2 frames and Gen 2 or 3 slides, sights, etc for RSR gun wholesalers.  According to a post I read on the Smith and Wesson forum, only 177 of this model were built with RSR serial numbers.  BUT, without the box and papers, they are only as valuable as the buyer is will to pay.  Mine will not have box or papers, but by golly, it is a 6590!

On 9/11, my wife was in the Pentagon and I was working in a near-by office building.  God looked out for both of us and we got home safely, although it took hours in the traffic and we didn't know if each other had made it since the cell phone service shut down.  We watched Sheppard Smith on Fox during the whole aftermath of the event and enjoyed his coverage.

Then Roger Ailes passed and we watched Shep talk about what a kind man Roger was and how Roger helped Shep when he was being blackmailed as a gay man, who was still in the closet then, to fight through the blackmail and come out.  Shep never saw the alleged sexual predator side of the man like so many women stated.

Then Trump ran, and Shep showed his true colors.  A "Never Trumper" and quasi liberal.  His reporting was and has remained so tainted that my wife and I stopped watching Fox anytime Shep was on.  Shep says he can't report for anyone else for a short period of time.  I figure we'll see him on CNN or something just as left-wing soon.

Man, getting old sucks.  Why can't I just watch Bobbie Batista on CNN like in the 80's before it became the Clinton News Network??!!!

Gun News & Laws / I am sooo glad I don't live in California!
« on: October 11, 2019, 05:49:55 PM »
Just read where Kalifornia Governor signed more anti-2nd amendment laws today.  It's got to be really bad living there.  Now just about anybody can swear out a Red Flag complaint and the poor person on the receiving end doesn't know anything until the police show up.  The police also get search warrants if the "flagged" person doesn't give up all firearms immediately.  Those "flagged" will have a one or five year suspension of their Constitutional rights "but can appeal for a reduction".

An honest constitutional judge in CA?  Now that is delusional and grounds for a red flag for anyone who believes it.

Politics, Gripes, Complaints / Homeless People and Liberal Bigotry
« on: September 13, 2019, 09:00:15 PM »
I was just reading an article in the Washington Post that President Trump sent Ben Carson and others from HUD to LA to see what the Feds could do to help the Homeless people there.  There's an empty 6 story FAA building owned by the Federal Government near Manhattan Beach that was mentioned as possibly having a major impact for relief.  BUT, 2 gated communities of LA's finest Liberals are already trying to block any thought of having a Homeless Shelter anywhere near their gated communities.

In my 60+ years of life, one axiom appears over and over.  The most "blue" Liberals I've ever met or read about are closet bigots.  They all want homeless people to have a place of safety, but not in their communities.  They want Section 8 housing expanded, just not in their communities.  The "rich" should pay more in taxes, but the "wealth tax" affects income earners who don't hide their income.  Remember John F. Kerry's acknowledgement that he moored his new $800,000 boat in another state to avoid his home state's taxes.  Or his  $6 Million tax-free dividends income he acknowledged.  Just good financial planning!!!

How about if everyone with a Net Worth over $20 Million dollars, liquidate half their income and give it to the government.  I wonder what Democrat will champion that move?????


Went to Shady Oaks range in Cedar Park today to function test my 12 ga. pump gun with the OPSol 2.0 mini-shell adapter.  The adapters only fit Mossberg 500 series and the Maverick 88.  Currently they only make adapters for 12 ga.  They don't work in Remingtons et al because the lifter on those shotguns are solid but the Mossberg 500/88 is skeleton.

So  I ran slugs, which is all you can use at indoor ranges near me.  The Mini-shell slugs fired flawlessly.  No jams what so ever.  I was able to get 8 rounds in my magazine tube.  Not a huge increase in capacity, but with one in the chamber that makes 9 in a regular looking shotgun.

I have the 7.5 shot shells for home defense.  I haven't seen anything other than slugs and 7.5 offered in the minis.  I read somewhere that Remington (?) is producing mini-shells but I haven't seen any at Academy.  As it was, I bought mine at AIM surplus and even with shipping saved about $7 a box plus no tax.

I'm a happy, yet sore, camper since I cranked about 20 rounds though the gun pretty quickly.  And they're accurate at 20 yards.

Just sayin'

« on: August 21, 2019, 08:19:55 PM »
I sold my M&P 45 compact (first gen) a while back but the buyer didn't want to pay for the extra used magazines.  Guess they had some already?????  They are the 8 round double stack.  All I ask is $5 for mailing.  Or, is you are near the HEB on McNeil and Research Blvd in NW Austin, I can meet you in the afternoon is I'm not busy.

First PM with a definite "I'll take them" will be honored.

Check or cash preferred.

NW Austin, TX

Handguns and Revolvers / New to me Sig P239 in 9mm; shipping this week
« on: August 11, 2019, 07:59:23 PM »
I've wanted a Sig P239 off-n-on for many years.  They were always too expensive, even the used ones.  I finally gave up.  Until this past week.  I was surfing the GB and saw on that had a ridiculously low opening bid.  So low in fact I just put that amount plus $25 just to see what would happen.

Then the hammer fell.  The gun would come with 3 factory mags but I started looking for a few extras.  That's when I found out that Sig had dropped that gun from their line up a few years back and stopped selling anything for it.  Including new mags.  I panicked and did a web search.  The few I found were being price gauged.  In fact, I saw several going for a $100 or more.  I logged into my Sig Forum account and saw that the moderator, some time back, had deleted several "For Sale" ads where folks were price gauging and wrote a long missive about not allowing that type of activity on the forum.

What also was mentioned, later in the thread, was that the 9mm magazine for the Sig P225-A1 would work and had the same body, just a different floor.  It also mentioned that Galloway Precision sold a plus one floor plate that is attached to the P225-A1 mag body and their photos looked good.  So I bought two mags on e-bay with free shipping and two new floor plates.

Oh, BTW, I won the auction at the $375 mark and will soon be the new owner of a gun that has come and gone on the American gun scene.  I can't wait to shoot it.  It fits nicely in my lineup of P229R in 9mm and P226 in 9mm.  Kind of like a G26, G19, and G17.  All of which I once owned but only kept the G19.


I'll post pics once I get this home.

Handguns and Revolvers / New to me S&W Md 36 no dash; square butt
« on: July 31, 2019, 06:33:22 PM »
Just received via UPS and my C&R license an amazing, at least to me, S&W Md 36 Chief's Special.  It was made in the mid-60's and came in original "blue box" with the square butt grips numbered to the gun.  The seller even threw in a Tyler T-Grip which wasn't in the GB ad.  Very nice of him.  The gun will clean up nicely and it only has a few small blemishes that don't bother me at all! 

I already have a nice holster for it (I "lost" my Md 60 to my wife and she uses a different holster) so I'm ready to carry as a BUG during the winter when I wear a jacket or something more than a tee shirt on this old, fat man body during this heat.  (Still have a carry piece on me though).

Thanks for looking!

Paid more than I wanted, but I've been searching for too long to back down.  Social Security doesn't pay the bills but I squeezed some credit out of VISA and picked up this.  It's a 1952 post-war Pre-Md 17 known as a K22.  It's well used but the grips, barrel, cylinder and frame are all numbered the same.  It'll be a while before I get to shoot it, but at least I've got one!!!!


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