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Off Topic Discussion (NON FIREARM RELATED) / Burt Reynolds passes away.
« on: September 06, 2018, 08:18:12 PM »
Burt Reynolds passes away.

While not one of my favorites, I liked his early stuff.
The later stuff just didnt get my attention.

Burt had a rough start to a movie career.

MOST of the problem was, he looked to much like Marlon Brando and hollywierd DIDNT want any competition for Brando, one of their leading actors.
It is also said thats really WHY Burt grew a mustache. To change his appearance.
Which later kinda became his trademark.

Burt made several " spaghetti" westerns in Spain in the late 1960's, which really got him out there on the big screen.
Like Clint Eastwood, the spaghetti westerns is what really put him on the big screen and made him famous..

One of my favorite Reynolds movies was Sam Whiskey.
When I think of Burt, I always think of him singing Whiskey and Gin..

Whiskey and Gin
Mary McCarty was shy as a primrose,
Skin was as fair as the dew of the May.
And though she was tempted she never surrendered
Her virtue more often than four times a day!

(the Chorus)
Whiskey and gin, whiskey and gin,
Mary McCarty loved whiskey and gin.

The Girls in the city are skinny and pretty
Girls in the country have meat on their bones
But Mary McCarty could give them all lessons
In loving contortions and delicate moans.

Mary McCarty had one simple failing
She liked to love men 3 or 4 at a time
Mary McCarty jumped over the table
She liked to be chased in the days of her prime

Mary McCarty has gone up to heaven
She's mourned by her friends at her untimely fate
She perished one night in the arms of her lover
And passed from this world .... she was just eighty eight

RIP Burt.

Little League World Series.

Anyone else watching?

Texas beat Rhode Island and advance into the final 4.  :thumbsup1:

Politics, Gripes, Complaints / The daily briefing.
« on: July 19, 2018, 03:36:32 PM »
So I watched my first daily briefing in several months yesterday .

I guess I wont need to watch another one for the next several months, as this was the same circus it was last time.

I cant believe they put up with that kinda crap.

They all ask the SAME question, just re-worded it 100 times.
They just talked over top of everyone repeatedly and kept interrupting Sanders..

Id throw about half those libtard bums right the hell outta there on the spot and suspend their WH access for a week or so.
When the networks lie, throw them out for a week or so.
Then allow smaller news agencys to have their people in there on a type of rotation.

These major network reporters are ignorant, loud mouthed grade A butt monkeys.
They interrupt , disrupt, and  turn the briefing into a 3 ring circus so they can grandstand.

Collusion collusion collusion, racism racism, voter suppression,, etc,, etc. 

NOT ONE reporter ask a legitimate question about ANYTHING that didnt involve collusion, racism,minority voter suppression, FAKE made up crap about mistreatment of  illegal aliens,  or some wild conspiracy about Trump. 

I dont even know why the heck they have that press briefing.  :th_nuts:
They can scream freedom of the press all they want.
But IMO, they DONT have the right to go into the WH ,and act like that just to try and keep their major networks lie going, , or so they can go make up some NEW lie  on national television.

I would. PC be damned, Id throw about 1/2 those bums right the hell outta there.

Off Topic Discussion (NON FIREARM RELATED) / P 38 problem.
« on: June 02, 2018, 01:52:33 AM »
P 38 problem.

I walked into the courthouse here the other day to search a deed. The two normal elderly gentleman guards were not there. I live in rural northern PA. 
Some lady, probably 60ish  was there instead. Never seen her before.
I laid my keys & cell phone in the tray, like normal , then walked through the metal detector.
Funny thing was, it obviously was NOT working, as my steel toe shoes, and heavy belt buckle on my heavy belt I use for CCW ALWAYS sets it off.

When I came back around this woman starts crawling all over me about the P38 on my keys. For those that may not know, thats a tiny military can opener. Ive carried one on my keys ever since I got out of the Army in 1987.

I rolled my eyes, shook my head  and said " you gotta be kidding".

She says " DO YOU KNOW WHAT A PRISONER COULD DO WITH THAT? " practically screaming. Everybody in the damn place was looking.

I said " we aint in a prison lady, and I aint a prisoner"

Bout then, one of the older gentlemen guards  came in the door, just in time to catch one of the most off the wall libtard rants Ive heard in a while. She is claiming she has to have the sheriff come down and confiscate it, blah blah blah.

I mean to tell you guys, this lady went FULL RETARD.
Bout that time Im thinking, go ahead bitch, I know  the Sheriff..  :wave1:

Finally, The older gent tells the lady she needs to calm down and head back upstairs to her office, he would handle it. After he watched her walk off, he handed me my keys back and says,,

" Sorry about that. What the hell did she think you were going to do, have a mass can opening?"  Which got everyone laughing pretty good.

I thought his comment was Priceless.  :th_thicon_funny:
The old fella still has some pretty  quick wit.  :thumbsup1:


General Gun Discussion / Old guys at the range.
« on: February 04, 2018, 09:03:36 PM »
We just do things a little differently,, thats all.  :thumbsup1:

Politics, Gripes, Complaints / Imagine if they aired this today.
« on: December 03, 2017, 09:35:04 PM »
I would be busting a gut laughing at the dems loosing their minds.  :rocknroll2:
Worth the 85 seconds.

General Gun Discussion / xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
« on: October 26, 2017, 10:39:58 PM »
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

General Gun Discussion / Beretta 87 Cheetah 22 lr.
« on: October 24, 2017, 07:49:32 PM »
Today I was in the LGS,  seen a used Beretta 87 Cheetah 22 lr. Serial # C374xxU.  $ 499. OTD.  The thing was absolutely spotless. Not a mark, nick or scratch to be found. Comes with 2 factory mags, beretta box, manual, etc. Feed ramp was spotless. Mags dont have any wear marks. The thing basically looked brand spanking new to me. So I put it in lay away jail. 

  I have no kept up with the 87's any further than to come to the conclusion they were always about $700 PLUS,, and hard to find anyway. Although I ALWAYS want one.

Here is the kicker to me.  Its GOLD, with a black barrel, black safety, trigger, mags, mag base, take down lever. and really gold colored wooden  beretta grips.

The salesman claimed this was factory built.  I wondered, as I never seen one like that, and wondered if it really was factory, or just one someone tricked out? 

Any input greatly appreciated. Seemed to me is was a great deal.  :thinker:  I also wondered the year built. So I may head over to beretta forum to see if that info is available.

Thanks..  :thumbsup1:

EDIT to add,,

Serial shows MFG date of 2003.

And they said MANY came in duo tone , in multiple colors.

So the jury is still out on the gold with black trim.

Thinkin I just figured out WHY some people like the 50 BMG so much.  :thinker:

OVER PRESSURE.    :rocknroll2:

If you have NO sense of humor, or find cussing offensive,, DONT watch this.  :P

Not politics,, but a gripe and complaint for sure.

About 2 years ago, I had a new tranny put in the EXTRA  vehicle.  The warranty was 1 year, unlimited mileage.

Its a 4 x 4 ford exploder , which the wife generally runs in the winter time.
Being from PA,, 4 x 4 in winter is a must.
ANYHOOO,,, Here we are, 5,800 miles later, and the tranny fluid turns grey.

So I call the shop.  They CLAIMED the torque converter went out.
But CLAIM,, that since it only had 5,800 miles, they would do EVERYTHING they could to take care of me on it. But I MUST bring it in,, because if I run it, I could tear the tranny to pieces and they WONT warranty that. So I take it in.

I was going to change the fluid at home,, so I already had spent the $50 on filters, and gave them to the shop. But AGAIN, they assured me they would make it right if I brought it in.

Now comes the REALLY good part that has me pissed beyond belief.

So we go and pick it up. On her drive home, the wife said the clock in the radio all a sudden didnt work when we got it back.
So I look at it. NOTHING wrong, I just reset it.

This means they had the battery disconnected at the tranny shop.  :thinker:
Im thinking, WHY would you disconnect the battery for a tranny job.
So I open the hood.

The 900 Amp Diehard  ( $150 ) I had in the vehicle is GONE, and they put some cheap POS from tractor suppy in,, ( $40 battery) , and just to add insult to thievery,, they didnt even bolt the damn thing down.

Now this got me to pulll the vehicle in the garage and run it up on ramps.
The tranny bolts and crossmember still have road grime on everything.

So they NEVER took the tranny out in the first place.

But charged me $350 for a new torque converter,, which they NEVER installed.

All they did was changed the fluid, used MY FILTERS, AND STOLE MY GOOD BATTERY.

I would like to drive the 40 miles over there tomorrow,, but Im afraid someone might get poked in the nose because Im really that pissed off.  They took care of me alright. They screwed me both coming and going. .

So whats that leave,, filing a court suit  and making me TRY and prove something thats probably hard to prove?  I also dont have  a clue WHERE the receipt for the battery is. 

So now what ?

Politics, Gripes, Complaints / scaramuchi goes by by.
« on: July 31, 2017, 09:39:01 PM »
Well he certainly didnt last long.   :thumbsup1:

I knew General Kelly would in no way shape or form put up with a power hungry moron like that.

Sander's said that EVERYONE will go through the Chief of Staff, including the kids and inlaws.

Maybe Kelly can put an end to the never ending circus act coming from inside the Whitehouse.

I think the leaking is going to stop with prebuis departure. I NEVER trusted that guy.

Politics, Gripes, Complaints / Thanks once AGAIN john mccain.
« on: July 28, 2017, 02:07:18 AM »
Thanks once AGAIN john mccain.

Once again good ole john mccain votes with the dems.  He had the deciding vote, and according to fox w/ Bret Bair, he knew that going in.  He had a nice long chat with his bestus buddy chuckles shoemmerrrr,, and vote NO.   :bangheadonwall:

So once AGAIN spoiled little rich boy mccain puts it to the working man.

All this bill tonight did was basically remove the penalty's and mandates from the working class and employers and allow people to get their healthcare wherever they wanted. .

It didnt touch the medicaid expansion.

I REALLY REALLY CANT believe the people of Arizona have KEPT this guy in office.   :facepalm:

I cant say I have any well wishes for him.

The faster he LEAVES office, the better, and at this point, I dont really care how.

Outdoors / 820 LB wild hog shot in a guys yard.
« on: July 20, 2017, 01:40:59 PM »
820 LB wild hog shot in a guys yard.

NOT so sure I woulda went after him with a .38,,, but It obviously worked.

Think I woulda been grabbing sumthin a little bigger outta the safe.

General Gun Discussion / D Day. June 6th, 1944.
« on: June 06, 2017, 10:47:20 PM »
June 6th, 1944. D Day.

73 years ago today, U.S. troops went ashore in the invasion of France to defeat Hitler and the Axis Powers..

Both My Grandpap and his brother went across Omaha Beach on D Day.
Neither brother knew the other one was there.

My Grandpap Clifford, who had already fought in North Africa and Sicily, went ashore on Omaha beach on D Day about 11 am in an M7 tank with the US 2nd Armored Division.

His brother, My Great Uncle Floyd , went in the first wave with the engineers. His whole unit was practically wiped out. He told me about 3 years ago, if it had not been for a Destroyer Captain who disobeyed orders, and beached his ship to put direct fire on the German pill boxes, none of them would have survived and Omaha Beach would have been a total US Defeat.

Neither brother knew the other one was there.

The 3rd brother, Levi, was at Kasserine pass in North Africa when Rommel over run the American 1st armored Division. He also went across Omaha Beach, but I believe the 2nd or 3rd day.

All Three brothers seen alot of combat. Clifford and Levi were in the thick of it from The North African campaign, to Sicily, D Day, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany. They met the Russains on the Elbe thus ending the 2nd World War. .
Floyd's, because of his younger age of 18, seen his first combat was on D Day, but he also went right on through to Germany and the end of the war.

Yet they all three made it back home alive. And I am eternally grateful for that. I got to grow up knowing all three men very well. They never talked about the war, but all three were very kind and gentle with us kids.

We should all say a prayer today for those not lucky enough to see their homes , their parents, their wives, children, or their Grand children again.

They made the ultimate sacrifice for OUR FREEDOM, and GOD BLESS them for what they did for ALL of us. We owe them our respect, our thanks and our gratitude.

Outdoors / 1045 PM surprise.
« on: April 25, 2017, 09:47:18 PM »
I just had a pretty cool thing happen.

My German Sheherd started growling. Real low and long growl.

I grabbed the CZ 75 in one hand, the spotlight in the other and walked out on the porch thinking it was a coyote. The neighbor about 500 yards away told me this afternoon he has been having one coming in checking out his chickens.

ummm,,,,, NOT a coyote. 

About a 400 pound blackbear was standing about 8 feet away right beside the porch rail.  :th_thicon_funny:

He turned to run and I gave chase with about  (5)  9mm's shot into the yard past him. That made him pick up the pace a bit.  last I seen him, he was heading out across the hill about 250 yards away.  I suspect he was eye balling the wifes bird feeder, but couldnt reach it as its about 11 feet off the ground. 

IF he COULD REACH IT,,, I would have GLADLY left him have it unmolested.  :P

I found this interesting,, and after the secret service leaks over the years,, believable.

The short of it. hiLIARy got drunk on election night and flipped out about midnight when it was obvious she was loosing.  Her doctor  had to sedate her.   :th_KO:

If so,,, It couldnt happen to a more wicked  witch.  :thumbsup1:

Introduce Yourself / new from central ,PA.
« on: October 14, 2016, 10:42:06 PM »
New member  from central PA.   Stopping in to check things out. I kinda followed this Beretta fanatic I know over here from another forum. ( they know who they are)  :wave1:

I'm an Army veteran and longtime hunter and firearm enthusiast.  Look forward to getting to know the forum and its members.  Im sure I already know several.   

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