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General Gun Discussion / Fun time at the range today
« on: February 07, 2020, 07:44:34 PM »
It's been fun since I decided to take a few month's off work. I haven't got to shoot much in the past couple years,but I'm making up for it now.
Been to the range 3 or 4 times in the last month getting back in my shooting groove.

Last night I changed out the inserts in the rings from 0 moa to 10 moa on my 7mm-08. It has a 20 moa rail on it,but with the load that I'm shooting I was limited to shooting about 1200 yards before the scope was maxed out on the turrets. Now,should be able to shoot out to around 1500 yards until I find another powder that will increase my velocities to take it to a mile accurately.

Anyway's,I headed to the range to sight in the 7mm-08,and also shoot one of my 6.5 Creedmoor's,my bolt action 223,and my 260 Remington AR. I only shot at 100 yards today,that's as far as I can shoot at this range. The 7mm-08 got sighted back in,and then I shoot a couple groups around 1/2" - 3/4".

The 6.5 CM barrel is starting to open up some,It's time for a new barrel. It shoots the first bullet about an inch to the right no matter if the barrel's hot or cold. Then puts the other 4 together,but a larger hole than it used to. This rifle used to shoot consistently under 1/2" groups,now they are getting closer to an inch.

The Savage 12 223 always shoots good,I have loads from 55 gr to 77 gr that always shoot sub-moa.

The DPMS LR260H is a pretty accurate rifle. I only shoot one load out of this rifle,and mainly hog hunt with it. For some reason,the scope was off,it was shooting about 3" high. I checked that everything was tight,and also made sure I had the correct suppressor on it - using a different suppressor will give you a change in POI. I adjusted the scope,and reset my zero,the rifle shoots dead on once again.

The range wasn't crowded at all today,at most there were only 7-8 people shooting on the 100 yard range. It was a fun day,and I met a couple other guy's that also like to shoot long range,maybe I'll see them at the 2000 yard range I go to pretty often. 

Rifles & Shotguns / Damn Gun Shows
« on: August 27, 2019, 09:30:00 PM »
Last weekend my cousin Troy wanted to go to the Ft.Worth gun show,so I told him I'd meet him there. The sorry jackass never showed up,so there I was walking around looking at all the gun's that I don't want or need and what did I do? Yep,I bought another gun! :thumbsup1:

Since I mainly carry pistol's in 40 S&W,I figured I needed a carbine in 40 S&W. I've shot a friends Hi Point,and while it performed great,I just can't make myself buy a Hi Point firearm. :scream3: The Ruger carbine looks good,and has good reviews,but I've never cared much for any Ruger centerfire rifle. There are some neat carbine conversion's,but then you end up having to use one of your pistol frames for it,and end up with a high $$$$ kit gun that may or may not perform well.

So what did I buy? A Kel Tec Sub 2000. While there are some things that I don't like about it,there are plenty of things that I do.
Things I don't like -
The heavy trigger pull weight,and the flexible plastic trigger that makes the heavy pull weight even worse.
The charging handle location,and the shape of the charging handle.
The cheek weld is completely weird feeling on this firearm,you really have to smash your face down on the metal buffer tube to get a good sight picture.
Luckily,MCARBO makes a whole slew of upgrades for this weapon that fix almost everything I don't like.

Things I like-
How compact this gun is when folded in half. This gun will make a great truck gun,or excellent for sticking into a backpack for hiking/camping.
How light weight it is.
Uses Glock 22 magazines. It comes with a 15 rd,and I bought several 17 & 22 rd mags for it.

I also bought a really well made carry case for it. A seller at the gun show makes them,and it holds the weapon folded along with a pouch that holds 4 magazines. It looks like a laptop case,so it's discreet to tote the weapon around with you.

I ordered a bunch of stuff from MCARBO fo this gun,so I probably won't shoot it until I get everything installed,and then figure out what type of red dot on it.

 :rocknroll2: Ever since Springfield started making the 1911 EMP 4 series of pistol's,I've wanted one,but just wouldn't cough up over $1k for one. Finally today,I won one on Gunbroker,and even after shipping and the transfer fee I'll save over $350 on what they sell for at a gun store/gun show.

Here's what I won,I can't wait to get it and test it out!

Rifles & Shotguns / I built another AR,It should be my last one. LOL
« on: April 07, 2018, 01:23:12 PM »
I had a box full of parts that I bought for a friend's build but he would never bring me a stripped lower to build it on,so I decided to just build me a new one. I decided to build a 6.8 SPC II this time.

Parts list includes-
Aero Precision lower
LuthAR adjustable stock
Rifle length buffer tube/spring/buffer
Mil-spec parts kit
3# Drop in Trigger
SAA upper
SAA Nitride coated bolt carrier
ARP 6.8 Super bolt
15" M-Lok low profile handguard
18" White Oak Armament mid-length gas Match barrel
QD 1/2" riser
30mm Burris Signature Zee rings - Medium
Weaver Classic Extreme 2.5-10x50 scope

Not wanting another "Black" rifle,I decided to paint this one in Riptile camo. I sanded and taped up everything to be painted,then prepped it for painting.

Before pic-

After painting and assembly-

Rifles & Shotguns / A new play thing
« on: April 07, 2018, 12:31:20 PM »
I was bored last month so I went to a gun show to pass the time. Not really looking for anything,I stumbled across a S&W M&P 15-22 Sport. Priced at $349,I just had to buy it. I also grabbed a couple extra magazines for it.
I love shooting 22's,and have over a dozen of them. I don't think you can have any better time shooting than with a suppressed 22,it will make you laugh out loud at how quiet they can be.

Back to the gun,As with all new firearms there are likes and dislikes.
I like most of the things about this little gun,but what I don't like is this.
1. You can't "Easily" put a solid butt stock on it. The "Buffer tube" is part of the polymer receiver,so you can't swap out a rifle length buffer tube on it.
2. Why do they thread the muzzle for a Rim fire rifle like a Center fire rifle? Rim fire suppressor's don't screw on a barrel as far as a Center feed suppressor,so you need a spacer in order to take up the extra space in order to secure a suppressor down tight on the barrel threads. SilencerCo makes a spacer,but it cost $17!
3.The trigger. We all know how stiff factory trigger's are,and this one is no different,but it's an easy fix since this rifle takes most any AR-15 aftermarket trigger.

What I do like.
1. The M-LOK handguard,you can attach anything you want to it easily.
2. The Magpul flip-up BUIS sights come on the gun. I always scope my rifles,but it's nice to have these in case the optics fail or if you just want to shoot it with open sights.
3. It's just a whole lotta fun to shoot.

I swapped out the trigger with a 3# drop in trigger from Delta Team Tactical,so now it has a nice trigger,and installed a QD riser and my spare Sightron SII 4-16x42 AO scope on it for precision shooting.
This little rifle has eaten everything I've fed it so far,and hasn't had a hiccup yet,I really like this thing!

The spacer/suppressor installed-

The trigger I installed in it-

General Gun Discussion / Shilen Open House & Swap Meet
« on: February 17, 2018, 08:59:56 AM »
Shilen will be having their Open House & Swap Meet on Saturday, April 14th in Ennis, TX. .
It starts at 8am. You can get some great deals on barrels there!

Rifles & Shotguns / Ordered a new Custom Action
« on: January 20, 2018, 10:38:51 PM »
Like I need another rifle.  :bangheadonwall:

American Rifle Company come out with a new action,The Nucleus. It's on sale until 1-28-18 for $850 - A savings of $150. Their taking deposits on them for $250.
It has many of the features of ARC's original Mausingfield action,but is $600 cheaper in price.

I'm thinking of doing a 22 Creedmoor on this rifle,nothing like pushing a 75-80 projectile at 3500 fps and smoking some varmints a long ways off!

Introduce Yourself / Howdy from Johnson County
« on: April 17, 2016, 06:53:23 PM »
I know Shipwreck from another forum,and decided to check this place out. I've been shooting for 45+ years,and reloading for 35+ years. I shoot and reload for about 15 different calibers of firearms,and enjoy hunting,target shooting,and long range shooting.

I'm glad I found my way here. THB

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