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My wife's scratch spaghetti with large Italian sausage meat balls, peppers and mushrooms.  :jumping:

6 days w/o rain here is the longest stretch since January. Looking at the radar now it looks like the heavy stuff will track north of us but as the day heats up you never know.

I want to add one more thing. My LEO son came over tonight and I ran the subject of no knock warrant past him. He's, like me, is not a big fan especially for narcotics.
He also told me that he knew the deputy who was killed and that he was a large person. Probably 6'3 and close to 300 lbs. He hit the trailer door twice and was just stepping inside when he was hit with a .308 round in the forehead.

I see the need for no knock warrants under certain circumstances but have no love for them personally. I've read to many horror stories over the years of no knocks going wrong and like the above to many things can go wrong. Five years ago, and Ship probably remembers this, a Sergeant with the Burleson County Sheriff's Dept. served a no knock warrant on a rural mobile home outside of Snook.

From the Washington Post of all places:
"Last December 19th, nine of the 10 members of the Burleson County Sheriff’s Department staged a raid on the rural home of Henry Magee. An informant had told Deputy Adam Sowders that Magee was running a major marijuana grow. They’d find 12-14 plants, all over six fee tall, the informant said. Magee also had, according to the informant, a vicious dog and several guns, one of which had been stolen from the Burleson County Sheriff’s Department.

By the time the raid was over, Deputy Adam Sowder was dead. Magee shot him as Sowder and his fellow deputies attempted to force their way into Magee’s home.  Magee was arrested and charged with capital murder — the knowing and intentional killing of a police officer.

A subsequent search of Magee’s home by the Texas Rangers didn’t turn up any six foot pot plants. According to Dick DeGuerin, the well-known criminal defense attorney who took Magee’s case shortly after the raid, the police found two plants about six inches tall, less than an ounce of dried marijuana,  and several seedlings. According to DeGuerin, Magee had four guns in his home, all of them legal, three of which were locked in a safe at the time of the raid. They also didn’t find the gun the informant claimed Magee had stolen. DeGuerrin says Magee’s allegedly vicious dog barked, but never attacked, even when the officers had Magee cuffed and on the ground."

I didn't know the deputy that was killed but several of the deputies I worked with at the time did and they were pretty upset. The local media said that the raid was conducted by a "SWAT" team when, truthfully, it was just a team of deputies (nine of the ten deputies in the department) assembled and briefed by the Sergeant for the purpose of the raid and although the Post story doesn't state it I am fairly certain there was also five pounds of weed found in the mobile home.

I can see no knocks being issued for people suspected of violent felonies like kidnapping or armed robbery suspects but for marijuana? I don't think so. Catch the guy getting into his car or out on the road on his way to work or something. Anyway the suspect was charged with capital murder and drug possession. No billed by the grand jury on the capital murder charge and served 18 months for marijuana possession. A deputy was killed based on erroneous or fabricated evidence from some low life snitch. There is just no sense in that. None. Since then I don't think a no knock warrant has been issued by any local magistrate and there are several states and municipalities that do not allow them at all.

General Survival Discussion / Re: SHTF Preparedness........
« on: May 16, 2019, 05:07:55 PM »
During the Rodney King LA riots in '92 the merchants and store owners in Koreatown area took a little bit to realize that the police were not going to help and took matters onto their own hands. The following article is a great read about the types of firearms that were used and a couple of comments on the cost of some of them.

I think that any SHTF scenario now would probably be met along the same lines. Armed citizens banding together to protect life and property.

Keep the Toyota sell the Chevrolet.

Politics, Gripes, Complaints / Re: Mandatory Military Service?
« on: May 15, 2019, 08:28:38 PM »
I just took care of that.

Unfortunately, there's a fair number of those incidents in this part of the state.
I'm kinda surprised the guy in the Subaru didn't the machete man double 115gr penile implants...  At least that's what they do on the south side of downtown Dallas.
The driver of the HHR is lucky. He was lucky he didn't bring a machete to a gun fight.

Politics, Gripes, Complaints / Re: Mandatory Military Service?
« on: May 15, 2019, 07:58:57 PM »
I guess Mr. Realitycheck isn't going to "grace" us with any more of his pearls of wisdom!  :th_thicon_lol:

Few trolls with BS for brains do.   :scream3:

Just curious, who is the resident troll here? Most forums usually have a resident troll!  :wave1:

It's Tango. :th_thicon_idea: For some reason he speaks whats on his mind and doesn't care what other forum members think. And rolling up hard at 2nd is AXXE 55. You know, come to think of it, there's four or five of you out there that are suspect. I'll be watching you TXAZ and DCD327, 308 Nato :th_thicon_lol: :thumbsup1: :th_thicon_lol: :thumbsup1:

Ammunition / Re: FYI - Sale at Academy - 9mm
« on: May 15, 2019, 07:46:10 PM »
At Academy today:

Remington 9mm 115 gr FMJ  100 box count $20.56 that's with tax. Bought 2
Monarch Steel case 9mm 115 gr $8.59 for 50 count box plus tax. My CZ Skorpion will run these but my Hi Power and P38 do not like
Winchester White Box FMJ 115 grain 50 count $10.00 plus tax. !00 count box was $20.00 w/o tax.
No Blazer brass on the shelf

Did buy 2x Monarch Brass .38 Sp 158 gr SJHP  at $16.30 a 50 box.

In the beginning. I was a longtime lurker at various forums but never registered. In 2006 I had a problem with the passenger side window in my corvette not working and signed on to a national corvette forum and threw the question out there for a fix. Within the hour I had several answers all the same. Take a rubber mallet and give the door a good rap just above the inside door handle. Although kind of dubious I tried it and It worked. It was some bug with the power window switch that was inherent with that year model.

I belong to a few forums now but only check three on a daily basis this being one.

Ammunition / Re: FYI - Sale at Academy - 9mm
« on: May 15, 2019, 09:41:07 AM »
That's about $4-$5 off their regular price. I'll probably swing by tomorrow. Blazer runs great through my carbines.

You are probably a month too late - I started this thread last month. I don't know if it is still on sale. I have not been back to Academy since that day
And I responded to the original post  :bangheadonwall: I'm going anyway. Need .38 special.

Ammunition / Re: FYI - Sale at Academy - 9mm
« on: May 14, 2019, 05:39:29 PM »
That's about $4-$5 off their regular price. I'll probably swing by tomorrow. Blazer runs great through my carbines.

Off Topic Discussion (NON FIREARM RELATED) / Re: What If?
« on: May 14, 2019, 04:52:06 PM »
After seeing certain movies over the years - I have thought about this. I would not interfere at all.

IF you go back and change some drastic event - who is to say that when you go back to the time you originated from - things might not be WORSE?

Say you eliminated Hitler ahead of time. We DID beat him, despite the horrible toll he took on the world. What if something else happened instead of Hitler, and it was terrible. And, we lost that time.

If you start adjusting major world events in history, things could end up very much worse when some OTHER event happens in its place.
One of the better books on this subject is 11/22/63 by Stephen King. It's a about a high school teacher that is introduced to a time portal in a local diner and goes back in time to try and stop Oswald from assassinating President Kennedy. It's absolutely riveting. It's also a pretty good series on HULU. My son recommended me this book and I was not disappointed. Like most of King's stuff it's a long read.


2 sirloin steaks grilled with Bush beans and potato salad.
That's what I'm talking about!


... makes leftovers from scratch with fresh ingredients only.

Got to think about that one....

She made white rice cooked in  concentrated OJ as the liquid  and green peas thrown in for color contrast.  One bite and it was instsnt leftovers ; left over in the garbage can,that is.
Does your wife have a name for that gawd awful concoction?
My mother was originally from the UK and was big on beets. She used to make all kinds of wretched dishes with beets. After my mother passed my father told me that when they were first married she made a meal with beets in a casserole or something that he didn't care for but didn't want to hurt her feelings and told her he really enjoyed it. So he ate beets and in turn so did his children.
Occasionally, when I go to the outdoor range, I pick up a few big beet bulbs and shoot the hell out of them.

I voted for the weekend of October 4th because, and I know some of you will roll your eyes at this, that's the bye week for A&M football. Weekend of Sept 14th will probably work as A&M plays Lamar which should be an easy win. The other dates are big games, Auburn, Alabama, Arkansas, which I will not miss.
Elkhorn is a two hour drive for me. I could possibly come down for a few hours if the Aggies play a night game and I leave around 4 or 5. But please that's just my preferences and I will live with whatever is the consensus and try and make it work for me.

Nowadays I don't lay my head anywhere there isn't a flush toilet, shower and halfway decent bed. If I'm able to go I'll find a hotel nearby.

i'm interested.

I love Liver and Onions (or, perhaps it's some sort of Iron deficiency..) but I hate cooking it (slimy obnoxious hunks of innards)

so, when I get the urge, there's a little country restaurant up in Quitman that always has it on their menu
Never cooked it myself but I've eaten plenty of it in my life. Wife does the bacon first then cooks the liver and Texas sweet red onions in the bacon grease. MMMMM

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