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I love our Kubota's.

But ts funny how they could design a loader, or FRONT attachments that can be changed in minutes and so easy a BLIND caveman can do it.

Then the rear attachments are such a PITA it almost takes 2 men and a boy to change them.
Once on there,, they aint going anywhere and they dont rattle or swing around. But damn are they hard to change by yourself. :bangheadonwall: .

My 60 inch underneath ( belly) mowing deck on my 2920 is easy as can be to change.

So its not just you Tango.  :th_thicon_idea: Rear attachments are a huge pita.  :bangheadonwall:

Tactical Shooting / Re: Tacticool Timmy Wants To Shoot Long Range!
« on: March 20, 2019, 11:35:05 PM »
I personally never hunted with any large groups, so I never ran across such "hunters" and i will use that term very loosely! But I have heard of such types over the years from friends and co-workers. Scary group of people to have running around the woods with loaded guns!

Colorado Fish & Game knew exactly what to do with them.

One year a group of ohio state troopers showed up. All arrogant, and all walking around open and conceal carrying their glucks from work.

The wardens went up and told them nicely, not only did they NOT have Colorado permits to carry,, that it was also TOTALLY illegal to carry an SD sidearm either while hunting, or even in the hunting area. PERIOD. No exceptions. They told them they better not see another sidearm while they were there hunting.

About 2 days later,, there they are AGAIN, all walking around carrying sidearms and popping off rounds in the hunting area target shooting. ( ALSO ILLEGAL ) .

We left and went hunting. Since we would ride our horses sometimes 8 to 10 miles in,, we had no clue what went on in camp that day.
But when we came back that evening, the troopers were all gone. Their tent, vehicles, everything was gone.
About 2 days later we bumped into a warden and my buddy ask what happened?

The warden said they warned them nice,, which they did, I seen that. But someone drove to town and complained they were right back at it, and shooting in camp.
The wardens went up, confiscated ALL their weapons,  and arrested them all.
They hauled them all into Craig.
The warden also said they fine each of them over $10,000 and sent them on their way,,,, HOME.
He said they didnt have to pay the fine, and Fish & Game wouldnt go after them for it,, but as long as the fine was outstanding,, they would NEVER,,, EVER,,,,  get a Colorado hunting or fishing license again,,,, Which WAS the whole point.  :thumbsup1:

He said thats how they permanently got rid of azzholes like that.  :thumbsup1:

Tactical Shooting / Re: Tacticool Timmy Wants To Shoot Long Range!
« on: March 20, 2019, 10:47:06 PM »
And another one that I read by some self-proclaimed sharp-shooter some years ago, that had me laughing so hard.

This guy was making claims of shooting, and hitting, coyotes at over 600 yards, with his Mosin-Nagant rifle with open sights.

I replied to him, "Carlos Hathcock would be proud of such shooting!"  :th_nuts:
He responded with, "Carlos who?"

YEAH,, you know,,,, E.J. Lands  buddy,,,,,,,  :thumbsup1:.

Edward James "Jim" Land. One of Carlos Hathcock's commanding officers in Vietnam. Also, served as Secretary of the NRA for many years.

  :thumbsup1:   LMAO.  You coulda really screwed with that guy,,,, :th_thicon_funny:  had you not been laughing so hard.   :th_thicon_lol:

Mr Land was also a collector of 1903 Springfield rifles.  :thumbsup1:

My home pistol range is 25 yards and 50 yards.
Then the 50 yard can also be used to zero rifles, and the family shoots 22 lr's & 22 mags.

I do move up close for some sidearm SD practice & point shooting when I feel I need it.
I DONT EVER do any quick draw crap.

My theory has always been,, do it right, practice it right, stay accurate, stay consistent, and the speed will come naturally when you need it. So will the muscle memory. You will do it without even thinking about it,, which makes speed naturally . Nothing creates speed like muscle memory. Practice SLOW,, and practice practice practice.   Just like they trained us in the Army.  :thumbsup1:

Fast is fine,,,, but accuracy is  EVERYTHING.   :thumbsup1:

Tactical Shooting / Re: Tacticool Timmy Wants To Shoot Long Range!
« on: March 20, 2019, 03:39:12 PM »
And another one that I read by some self-proclaimed sharp-shooter some years ago, that had me laughing so hard.

This guy was making claims of shooting, and hitting, coyotes at over 600 yards, with his Mosin-Nagant rifle with open sights.

I replied to him, "Carlos Hathcock would be proud of such shooting!"  :th_nuts:
He responded with, "Carlos who?"

YEAH,, you know,,,, E.J. Lands  buddy,,,,,,,  :thumbsup1:.

Politics, Gripes, Complaints / Re: College Admissions Scandal.
« on: March 19, 2019, 07:36:37 PM »
I could care less about crooked colleges. We cant fix it. Just look WHO is running them.
I wouldnt send any kid of mine to one of those schools anyway.

As far as some wanker paying to play,,
The problem is these liberals have converted that same system into our government.

Which creates a huge problem lining ,,say,, the FBI & CIA with a bunch of unqualified moron liberals who then get to pick and choose WHO gets away with murder, and WHO goes to prison for spitting on a sidewalk. 

ANYONE stupid enough to even live in Detroit,,,, well,,,,,,    :facepalm:

Whaddya expect,,,,,  :th_nuts:

Tactical Shooting / Re: Tacticool Timmy Wants To Shoot Long Range!
« on: March 18, 2019, 07:14:39 PM »
Great story DCD! LMAO!  :th_thicon_funny: :rocknroll2:

The 338 mag part is 100% true. And he has not talked to me since then,, 30 years ago..

He did use hunting as an excuse to go drinking, And his wife did leave him, and took everything he owned. She was a tramp anyway,, but then again, so was he.  :facepalm: :afraid4:

So like I said,, It all worked out for everyone.  :thumbsup1:

When I went to Colorado Elk hunting, every guy that had a big magnum would shoot their mouth off at me for bringing a little 270 win or 30-06.


Me, " yeah yeah,, whatever. "

EVERY year I went I tagged out with both Elk and muley. Never lost an animal,, cause every one I shot dropped in its tracks.

We always had 12 guys. About 6 were hunters, about 6 were drinkers.

7 day season. 6 went to town every night for the first 5 days. Came back plastered @ 4 am. We were up cooking breakfast for ourselves to go HUNTING. Then they would get pissed we didnt have their breakfast ready. We had a few rounds about that. Finally it got to the point they just wouldnt bother even coming to our camper.  :thumbsup1:

They wake up about 2 pm,,,, too late to go hunting now,, back to the bar.

Day 6,, they all panic & go hunting,, but they dont go far enough from camp to see anything.
day 7,,, repeat.

Day 8,, they start trying to BUY deer and elk the other 6 HUNTERS got.
NOPE,, sorry,, PISS OFF.  :th_thicon_funny:

The 6 hunters made a deal,, 1st one to see a LEGAL mule deer buck, takes one for the team and  smokes it for camp meat. ( the 5 others would make it right later giving him meat from ours.  )

We were eatin FRESH back straps with eggs and taters for breakfast ALL week.  :rocknroll2:
Fresh steaks & mushrooms & taters for supper.  :thumbsup1:  :rocknroll2:

Tactical Shooting / Re: Tacticool Timmy Wants To Shoot Long Range!
« on: March 18, 2019, 03:26:32 PM »
Yup. Its certainly a "skill" that cannot be bought,,
ANYONE can buy the "tools",, but not the "skill"
And sometimes the "skills" cannot be taught either.
No matter how hard they would try.

What amuses me is their approach to NOT having any skills in the 1st place.

CANT hit a deer at 100 yards with a 30-06.   :thinker:  Well,, its gotta be the gun.  :th_thicon_idea:
CANT figure out WHY they keep gut shooting, ass shooting, missing or wounding more animals than they would ever harvest @ 100 yards.    :thinker: Gotta be the gun.  :th_thicon_idea:
Cant ever find that deer they shot,,, and have no clue WHERE they might have even hit it. And it runs off of course,, to die a slow painful death from gange green later.  :thinker:  Gotta be the gun.  :th_thicon_idea:
Cant track it,,, not that theres is any real point,, but they lack tracking skills anyway,, so,,,  :thinker: No real point in even going to look if it didnt drop dead in its tracks,, which of course, IT NEVER DOES.  Gotta be the gun.

"OK Im tired of all this crap. I have not put a deer in the freezer in 5 years but my ammo bill is over $1000. Plus $4000 in useless over priced  hunting toys that so and so on you tube says I MUST have.. Enough is enough.

Goes to LGS,, buys a .338 magnum.  Lgs bore sights it.
Takes home,, cant hit a 4 foot square sheet of plywood @ 100 yards.
Takes back to LGS griping,, GOTTA BE THE GUN.
Lgs bore sights it AGAIN,,,  still OK. Dead on.
Takes back home,,, still CANT hit 4 foot plywood. GOTTA BE THE GUN.

I go down,, dig an old winter linned  Levi jacket out from behind seat. Lays it over should,, puts 3 rounds dead center in bull @ 100 yard same target.  :thinker:

I advise he take rifle right back where he bought it, take whatever they offer, and go buy a .243. for deer.

"BUT BUT,,, I got $1500 in this rifle. "  :scream3:

ME,, "Yup, and NONE of it matters, since you are flinching so bad you couldnt hit your Grandpaps barn over there 40 feet away. And this rifle is only going to make your flinching  WORSE.  " 
 Nooooooo. Thats NOT true. YOU DONT KNOW WHAT UR TALKING ABOUT  !.:scream3: :bangheadonwall: :scream3: :bangheadonwall: :scream3:

"Me,, " Maybe so,, but At least I can hit the target. There is NOTHING WRONG with that rifle. ITS YOU "  :sick2:

Noooooooooo,,,,, :scream3: :bangheadonwall: :scream3: :bangheadonwall:

ME. " go get your old rifle back, or buy a .243 that dont kick,  and learn how to shoot. You DONT need a .338 mag for Whitetail deer anyway. "

 :scream3: :scream3: :bangheadonwall: :scream3: :bangheadonwall: :scream3:

( OOPS,,, I offended you?  Sorry,, but Im not Willy Wonka. I dont know how to sugar coat shit,, and my PC filter just DONT work. In truth, never had one,, but he should know that by now. So this is kinda HIS fault for calling me. What did he expect ?  A bottle and a binky? )

Dumbazz keeps .338,, still goes hunting like a fool, still cant hit a damn thing, still bitching,,but now,, ITS  GOTTA BE THE AMMO.  :th_nuts:

Buys $75  per box custom ammo for Cape Buffalo hunting,,,   :facepalm: 

Still NEVER kills a deer,,, at least not one KNOWINGLY,  that he got to haul home and eat.

He does know what venison taste like,, since a guy brings some to campp sometimes. Oh,, and he got 2 hind quarters off a road kill one time.  :facepalm: ( told wife he got a deer,, his buddy actually sliced it up,,)  he tells wife it cost $40 to have deer processed,, in truth,, they drank that $40 plus another $50 ,all in ONES that were tucked into G strings.  :facepalm: .

Gets disgusted,, starts telling his wife all the time he is going hunting,, but actually only uses it as an excuse to go to camp,, or sit in the bar and drink all day,,, while telling FANTASTIC tall tales about his hunting prowess and how his .338 MAGNUM can hit a beer bottle @ 1000 yards. ( He seen a guy on you tube say so,,,, its gotta be true. )

After 10 years of hunting, and $25,000 dollars spent,, ( plus a new 4 x 4 pickup) The ONLY picture he even has of him and a deer was taken at Cabelas.

Meantime, back at the ranch. His wife is also disgusted. Her husbands hunting habit has cut into her shopping money big time. And he has NEVER actually killed anything,, at least not knowingly or intentionally,, but thats OK,, at least he is outta her hair while she is off boppin her new boyfriend.  :afraid4: 

So it all works out for everyone in the end.  :thumbsup1:

Ammunition / Re: Cartridge of the Week.
« on: March 18, 2019, 02:36:59 PM »
WOW.  :afraid4:    Nice job there AXXE.  :thumbsup1: Those are sweet.

Ammunition / Re: Cartridge of the Week.
« on: March 17, 2019, 11:53:47 PM »
Ive thought many a time for many a year about taking an 1903 action and having one built into a different caliber.

The real problem is when I find a nice low mileage 03 with a beautiful tight action, , it ends up shooting to well, and I dont have the heart to chop one up.

Thats like sacrilege to me.  :facepalm: 

Ive got a .Winchester model 70 in .270 WSM,, so there is really no reason to do that.
Even with that hard hitting long range tack driver, I still use the 30-06 and .270 win for elk.

Never had a problem. Every one Ive shot has been dropped in one shot at ranges out to 650 yards.

Its ALWAYS been my theory,, that if you can hit what the hell ur aiming at,, you DONT need an artillery piece.

My Brother has a 300 ultra mag. I dont even like shooting that damn thing. It kicks like a mule and I DONT flinch, and DONT want to get to flinching either . ( Like most of the guys I know that use those big magnums,,, they cant hit shit.  :facepalm:  )

Some guys can handle it,  and do great. But thats actually not a very common thing from what Ive seen.

Off Topic Discussion (NON FIREARM RELATED) / Re: St. Patrick's Day
« on: March 17, 2019, 11:40:24 PM »
I put green food dye in the hamburger meat!  :rocknroll2: :wave1:

Ya'll got me all excited, and drooling for burgers yesterday, so the grill had to be fired up this afternoon! :wave1:

But seriously, I do live me some good corned beef and cabbage. Just wanted burgers more today. :th_thicon_idea:

Would cookin sum GREEN hamburger WITHOUT dye count  :thinker:   :th_thicon_funny: :th_thicon_funny:

I think I may have some in the basement freezer ,,,,, :facepalm:    :P   :th_thicon_lol:

Ammunition / Re: Cartridge of the Week.
« on: March 17, 2019, 10:54:40 PM »
I agree the 280 was never marketed properly. And it didnt have its own jack O'Connor pushing it either.

When I grew up PA deer hunting in the early 70's,, outdoor life was still a thing. And many a story of Jack O'Connor was read. And at that time, he was pushing the 270.
Guys were grabbing up 1903's and 98 mausers and having them chambered in 270 with a Douglas barrel. I even have a few from Uncles that gave them to me.

As kids, ( age 8 to 12)  we ALL started out with an old family Winchester lever action .32 win spl.
Then came time to "graduate".  :thumbsup1:

The holy grail here for deer rifles back then was to have an 1903 Springfield in 30-06.
( I have 6 - 1903's  right now  :th_nuts:   :th_thicon_funny:
But I bit and also bought a 270 win, then started stacking them up too. 

I love them both, and have several of each in both calibers.

But there is no reason the 280 should not be more popular as its got great ballistics.
I know guys that use them,, same as I use 270 & 30-06,, for everything from varmints to Elk. They can all 3 do it ALL.  And do it well. 

I just think it being a caliber between the already established 270 and 30-06 has really gave it some stiff competition. And also agree that poor marketing didnt help matters either.

Off Topic Discussion (NON FIREARM RELATED) / Re: St. Patrick's Day
« on: March 17, 2019, 10:35:07 PM »
I actually wore an new ORANGE hat today that Cooper Tires gave me,, with a ( not planned) blue and green flannel shirt.

My brother took one look at me and ask if I was out to pick a fight?  :thinker:

It took a minute to dawn on me just how bad I was sticking my finger in the eye of st paddys people. We are Protestant Scottish.

Protestant Scottish, or Protestant Irish,, wear ORANGE on st patricks day,, and the green and blue flannel shirt was the same colors and OUR Scottish clan tartar colors.  :th_thicon_funny:

But we all got together and had a nice dinner at Dad's,,,, with no fights breaking out,,,  :th_thicon_funny:

Handguns and Revolvers / Re: 1911 Project: 38 Super Target Pistol.
« on: March 17, 2019, 10:20:17 PM »
I really like the "super" idea. That would be like having a souped up 9mm.

We shoot the crap outta 9mm. ALOT because of the ammo price. I dont reload, so the $210 a 1K case for CCI 124 or 115 grain is very appealing. ( I burn 4 to 6 cases a year.)  But it also has some great long range accuracy capabilities.

I have several Ruger Convertable 357/9 's. ALL 6,5 barrel and up. It totally blows my mind what they can do @ 150 yards. I like 124 grain blazer brass in the pistols. We shoot them @ 150 to 175 all the time. And the accuracy is outright deadly. And these Rugers are actually NOT a purpose built 9mm barrel. They're .357, not .355.   WHich makes the accuracy even more amazing.

Ive been kicking around buying an extra barrel for my one CZ 75 BD. Its amazing @ 150 yards for a 4.62 barrel. ( I seen a guy at the rifle range consistently ringing a 36' inch gong @400 yards with his stock 75 BD.  :afraid4:  ) CZ custom makes a 6' barrel that you can buy for about $125, and cut it whatever length you want. I think Id just leave it right at the 6' since I dont really EDC it anyway. Its more of a Barbque gun for camp.   :icon_wink:

That caliber of bullet really floats nice at long range. From our experience, the wind does not seem to screw with it much either.

My JR Cabine is great to 200 yards. The 115 grain works great in it.  I have not really   pushed it any further, but there are plenty of vids from guys who have.
One comes to mind was a guy who goes by "Iraqi veteran" on your tube. (He owns a gun shop in Georgia I think) @400 yards. They wanted to see what kinda accuracy & 
 penetration the 9mm was maintaining at long range. So they had a carbine for the 200 yard + test.  @ 400 yards, their big 1 inch plywood target on 2 x 4's was not a problem hitting it.
But they started shooting at the outer edge of the target, where the 2 x 4 was also on edge facing the shooter. The bullets were not only going right through the 1' plywood, but blowing right on through the 2 x 4, ( through the 4' width.) Thats 4. 25 inches of wood @ 400 yards. It looked like a drill hole. So it was clearly still flying correct and maintaining good speed. ( The 2 x 4 is actually 1.75 X 3.5,, and it may have been 450 come to think of it) .

But YEAH,,, a 38 super sounds like ,,= 9mm on steroids, ,,, faster, flatter, VERY stable bullet coefficient , , so it should be more accurate too. Very interesting project. For me, Id want at least a 5 inch barrel on something like that. I Might even stretch if to 5.5 or 6 if possible.  :icon_wink: But thats just me,, gotta push it to the max range limit   :th_thicon_funny:   :th_nuts:

SPEED KILLS  :rocknroll2:

Rifles & Shotguns / Re: Rim-Fire Target Rifle Project.
« on: March 16, 2019, 10:54:54 PM »
I never got into the whole 17 hmr thing. And with several 22 mag rifles, and several 22 mag convertible revolvers, WHY would I ?
The question to me was , WHAT can the 17 hmr do, that the 22 mag has not ALREADY been doing BETTER for 60 years?   My answer,, NOTHING.

It cost more for ammo,, and I suspected when they 1st came out, that the candle would fizzle out pretty fast. To me it was basically a wild cat expensive round. I didnt think it would STAY.

About 3 years later, the used racks were full of 17 hrm rifles, and they cant seem to give them away here.
They were far to expensive for the boy scouts shooting clubs. Which would have been a huge market IF they could have gotten it to fly. But the ammo price was the real killer IMO. .

I also noticed during the obummer years, there was a severe shortage on 22lr and 22 mag. But there was ALWAYS 17 on the shelf.  :thinker:

That, and the used racks told me something.  :thinker:   :thumbsdown:

I know there are people who think its great, and thats fine. Good for them. :thumbsup1:

But Ive never heard of anyone who had much experience with the 22 mag praising them. And personally, I just never really seen the point.

Its been about the same here.
We had 2 good local butcher shops for years and years that we only bought our beef from. They bought from local farmers. Once in a great while you might get a bad steak. And they would ALWAYS replace it if you went in and told them., They seemed to pay attention to WHO's meat they were getting complaints on, and then would not buy from that source again.
But the past couple years, the one butcher, Ive seen FFE meat trucks in there in the early AM unloading. That tells me that meat is probably coming form the stock yards in Nebraska, or Kansas. Their meat flavor went to crap after that. And some of its so tough the dog cant chew it.
The other butcher still buys local, but its not perfect 100% of the time either. But I think thats due to farmers cutting corners and not graining them up enough. Still better than wally world cardboard though.

Rifles & Shotguns / Re: Rim-Fire Target Rifle Project.
« on: March 16, 2019, 10:19:29 PM »
I had several people, (naysayers!) tell me that a 22 WMR would never be as accurate as a 22LR. Bull Hockey IMO!

For someone to say that,, they obviously know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about the 22 mag, and NEVER shot a good one.

One of the most accurate, lethal and under rated .22 caliber  rounds ever IMO. 

I found Bullet type does matter. Because I push it as far as I can.
To a 50 yard shooter, it just dont matter much.
But you start stepping out to 200 and 250, it does.

I found that hollow points tend to start wandering around after 150 yards.
But CCI TMJ ( total metal jacket) is the best factory ammo Ive found.

In a good rifle like the CZ 455 Varmint, 250 yard pop cans are easy. But I can also consistenly hit a  -2 inch target @ 200 yards. Its actually kinda easy.

Our 455 Americans are also deadly accurate. But with only a 9X scope, I dont have the magnification to see good enough to step out as far as the 16X on the Varmint model.  :th_thicon_idea:.

It sounds like a good build and a fun build. I cant wait to follow your progress.  :wave1:

I like to get a cast iron pan smoking hot.
Drop in a good size 2" thick Delmonico,, and flip it ONE time to medium, with no blood.
 I also put fresh mushrooms in the pan. Gotta have shrooms. Baked tater,, and get that damn salad the hell outta here. WHAT WRONG WITH YOU ?  :th_thicon_funny:

IMO,,, With a good steak, you should be putting any sauce on it.
I wanna taste the beef.

But you gotta find a good cut thats been on a cow thats been grained up then seasoned.

I wont even buy meat at most places. Its frozen instantly and NOT seasoned.
 Ive been told thats why it has no taste. ( like wallyworlds cardboard they claim is beef. )
Luckily, My Uncle raises Beef cows. So if the local butcher gets some with no flavor,, I go see my Uncle. He not only grains them up big time the WHOLE time they are being raised from a calf, he seasons his for a week to 10 days in a meat locker too.
I go help him grind chop all the time. I cant believe how much chop he goes through.

But is sure shows when the cast iron pan comes out.  :rocknroll2:

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