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Title: Apex Tactical Forward Set Sear And Trigger Kit
Post by: Domineaux on June 01, 2013, 01:55:59 PM
My M&P Pro 9mm 5" had a pretty good trigger already, certainly much better than standard for Glock/XD/M&P/etc but the hinged trigger safety makes it far from crisp.
After trying the forward set at the NRA Annual Meeting in Houston, I bought it on the spot and have had a friend from my IDPA club (Shiloh) install it since he has plenty of experience installing Apex triggers. He had already spread the word at our club about how great it was before I got to try it out so I had high expectations from others telling me it was amazing.
Their praise didn't do it justice, and nor does mine. I love the Glock style trigger safety instead of the hinged trigger of M&P's and the take-up, break, over-travel and reset are all so short and sweet that even the worst 1911 snobs I know were smiling after dry firing it. I shot it in an IDPA match Thursday and enjoyed it a lot but last night I went to the range just for controlled testing and was absolutely blown away at how much of an improvement it was for me.
Shooting at a 1 shot per second pace completely obliterated the 2" bullseye at 7 yards and rapid fire strings (about as fast as I could point shoot 5 rounds and reload the next 5 round mag 3 times) were kept within a 5" shoot-n-see.
I also tested semi-controlled accuracy by using the bench to rest the grip on for as stable shooting as I could get without a ransom rest and was able to put a 10 round mag into one ragged hole.

This trigger just straight up makes me look good!

If I ever add another M&P to my stable, the first thing I will do is add the forward set trigger to it, and frankly I'm going to be suggesting a Glock version be introduced by Apex to make my Glock as amazing as well.
Title: Re: Apex Tactical Forward Set Sear And Trigger Kit
Post by: Jeb_66 on June 01, 2013, 04:50:44 PM
Very cool man.