Author Topic: Ruger LCR .327 with ammo/S&W Model 637/H&R Pardner Pump 18.5" 12ga Pump for sale  (Read 1708 times)

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I also have this listed on a couple of local forums in my area. I am willing to travel 50 miles or so from the Bryan/College Station area for a sale but, due to my work schedule, it would be 10 - 14 days before I could do that. If your in the BCS area I will be free on Wednesday afternoon, 9/20 and most of the day Thursday, 9/21. I will deduct $25 for any Texas Gun Forum member with an account prior to me posting this. Not interested in trades. Face to Face only. Have?'s E-mail
Please excuse if my image host posts my pics upside down or sideways :bangheadonwall:

Ruger LCR in .327 Federal Mag. 1.8" barrel. Six shot double action only. 100 Rds. through the pipe. Like new condition with box, soft case and paperwork. Will shoot .32 S&W long or shorts, 32. H&R Magnum and .327 Federal magnum. I will include over $100 of the following ammo with the sale: Four 20 count boxes of Speer 115 gr. HP .327 Federal Magnum. Speer marketed these for short barreled pistols but discontinued making these a couple of years ago and are pretty scarce. They still make the 100 grain. One 20 count box and six loose rounds in box of Jamison .327 78 grain. One 20 count box of Buffalo Bore 100 grain .32 H&R Mag +P and 13 rounds of Hornady Self Defense 80 grain .32 H&R Magnum . 1 50 count box of Mag Tech .32 98 grain S&W Long and 10 loose rounds in box of Fiocchi 97 grain S&W long.
This pistol is a fire breather with full .327 rounds. Less recoil with H&R magnums although I never shot the BB +P that I have listed here. The S&W .32's are great practice rounds with minimal recoil. I will also include two speed reloading strips.
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S&W Model 637 SA/DA J Frame "Lightweight" five shot .38 Special snub nose with internal lock. Single Action/Double action & Plus P rated. Stainless Steel barrel & cylinder, aluminum frame, synthetic rubber grip Less than 20 ounces when loaded. Exactly 30 rounds fired. No cylinder ring. Like new condition. One speed loader & one 50 count box of Winchester 148 grain Super Match ammo included. Box and paperwork. Great for concealed carry
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H&R Pardner Pump Protector 12 gauge. 18.5" barrel. Synthetic stock and forend. Sling. Heat shield. Picatinny Rail. Bretetac red/green cross reflex sight mounted. Four brightness levels red or green. Push button on. Automatic off. Nylon butt stock six shot shell holder. Will handle 3" rounds. This is a clone of the 870 Remington and most parts are interchangeable. I put this together last year for home defense but recently acquired something else. 20 rounds through it since owned. Excellent condition.
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